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Killings in Kashmir & Congress is Cool.

Updated on February 9, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Dream of all INDIANS no more.

Kashmir is not Negotiable - You Got it in your Towel Head.

India the country of numerous places,palaces,cultures and population. the place which everyone should visit atleast once in their life is the PARADISE on EARTH Kashmir.

KASHMIR is Not Negotiable.

In an era of international politics that is marked by territorial claims and expansion of power, it has been a long and hard battle for India to retain control over many of its territories, and Kashmir is in the eye of the storm. For many Indians, the problems of Kashmir are linked inevitably with Pakistan and POK is viewed as every reason for India to wage a war with Pakistan.

However, many Indians overlook the fact that when it comes to Kashmir, Pakistan is not the only taker. More than 50,000 square kilometers of Kashmir's territory called Aksai-Chin lies with China. The media and the west have consistently downplayed the role China plays in the future of this once beautiful region.

This fact becomes crystal clear in the light of the recent HM's visit to Pakistan when he said that Intentions are good but events are yet to be seen or something like that.WE can go on with talking but nothing will solve the basic issue of this INDIAN state whether it is a HINDU STATE or a MUSLIM state.Can we create a Muslim state.? - IN INDIA.

That is Impossible for us so what can we do.?

Can we hand over Kashmir to Pakistan NO - Why,because there are many HINDUS in Kashmir.If that is the problem can we hand it over to CHINA

Indo-Pak tensions have reached new heights. With visits by high delegations each passing from side to side.More from India than Pakistan.Pakistan has a NEW PRIME MINISTER elected democratically but he has not programmed nor our PRIME MINISTER has,to visit each other.They send none we send a Arrogent Intelectual.  

Who is really on India's side? Who should India depend upon at this hour? Is China really the deciding factor or is West the best option?


Yes we are doing it in so many ways.Our Prime Minister goes to Pakistan by BUS.There Dictator visits TAJ MAHAL. We run trains,we did play Cricket and the people of Pakistan visit the Darga at several places in India our people visit temples or other holy places in Pakistan.However there is no co operation by the rulers of Pakistan.Their talk is very very Sweet but actions are Sour all the time.America can fight in Afganistan but we can't fight with Pakistan to stop the KILLINGS of our Muslim brothers by MUSLIM Rulers of PAKISTAN.

When we had a big problem with refugees of East Pakistan,the then Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi asked our Late Army Chief Gen.Sam Maneksha whether he was ready to go to War with Pakistan he said " Anytime Sweetie " and we won the WAR.

Now there is no " Dam Sam " or " Dam Sweety ".



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    • profile image

      Saleem 6 years ago

      Killing of Kashmiris in IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) & Whole world is silent why ?

      Why Pakistan and Afghanistan r blammed for Terrorism ? When Dramatic India will stop blamming lie on Pakistan and Afghanistan ?

      Why Azad Kashmir is Blammed for Afghan, Pakistani and Kashmiri Jihadi region ?

      and Why Indians r using this Joke word POK for our Azad (Free) Kashmir ? it has been always PAK (Pakistani Administrated Kashmir/Pakistani Azad Kashmir)