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Kim Jong-un's Dominant Masculinity over Donald Trump

Updated on June 24, 2017

It looks like Donald Trump likes to use Twitter as his primary form of diplomacy. Trump employs inflammatory rhetoric to any country, individual, and even celebrity that disagrees with his administration or his own perceived self-worth. This type of Twitter diplomacy has permanently damaged and strained the relationships between the United States and its allies.

Trump and his administration believe that tough rhetoric demonstrates strength and resolve towards a multilateral world that is programmed in eliminating their competitiveness in the geopolitical world. Russia has dug their heels and consolidated their grips in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Now amidst sanctions, they are stubbornly pursuing Western Europe to develop economic clout and stability for their nation.

Russia has determined an unequivocal distain and weakness in the American President. American foreign policy is based on shared values symbolizing global leadership and the free world’s role in determining the sequences of democratic values in the progression of masculine unitary vision.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel set the tone for Western Europe by stating, “The times when we could completely rely on others are to an extent over.” The real geopolitical discourse created a paradox that the united Europe would comparatively rely on European leadership to export democratic ideals rather than Donald Trump.

Europe will now influence values and attitudes that will shape their respective economies and corporate internationalism to bolster globalist foreign policies. Traditionally, US foreign policy was to integrate Germany as a bulwark against Soviet expansionism. Many international leaders are bewildered at Trump’s diplomatic tweets that endanger the world and international relationships that correspond to the conscious level of his own fulfillment and stature.

The Oval Office has become estranged to the diplomatic issues that threaten the national security of the United States. The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently ridiculed President Trump by sarcastically mimicking some of his remarks. “I have this Russian guy. Believe me, it is true,” stated the Australian PM.

The real problem is how the Australian PM vituperated Trump’s rhetoric. This solicited an effort to show Trump’s weakness and vulnerability. The Australian PM gave a signal to the world that Trump’s personality and configuration is simply compartmentalized with himself rather than how the geopolitical world really works.

Trump avoids detailed work regarding Presidential matters, he is deeply detached from everyone except his family. He appoints men and women that pander to his ego and rarely interfere with his diplomatic tweets. Trump resents his own senior staff that is built on the backs of political elites rather than the swamp that elected him.

Even though Americans prefer strong leaders that exhibit courage, confidence, and a sense of entitlement, Trump has now become the epitome of a flip-flopper and liar. Trump is not the type of President that the world can praise for keeping his word.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was considered egocentric. However, towards the public he was gregarious and compassionate which allowed his political clout to elevate during political crises. Roosevelt was able to successfully establish political and industrial support to win wars and get America out of the depression. What made Roosevelt an effective President was his ability to turn his weaknesses such as paranoia and deception into a winning formula during these national crises.

What world leaders are looking at is how North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un undermines Trump’s administration. The historical sequence does tell a story towards a mathematical order and how game theory is applied in geopolitics. Trump again indicated to the world, “North Korea is a brutal regime and we are able to handle it.”

So how will Trump stop Kim Jong-un’s series of tactics in his effort to dominate the Korean Peninsula? Kim Jong-un is using Trump’s weaknesses to obtain more political clout and to show China and Russia that Trump fears them more than any other individual in the world.

There are striking similarities between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Both men feel persecuted beyond their wildest delusions. What’s self-imminent is that it compliments their own world that pleads to themselves upon their own ego to dominate the Korean Peninsula.

Both leaders suffer from delusional persecution and a feeling of personal insignificance and worthlessness. They are both charming by incorporating paranoia and narcissism. However, that narcissism is similarly constrained by their own paranoia and first-strike capabilities that rely on one individual losing and the other winning.

Geopolitical scholars are now accusing the Trump administration of vacillation and weakness by using China to enforce compliance and behavior modification with North Korea’s nuclear activity and rocket-firing close to Japan’s territorial waters. The aggressive stance of Trump and Kim Jong-un may be a way to compensate for qualitative inferiority. Pyongyang’s vantage point is to exercise military masculinity at Trump’s considerable expense of international prestige.

Trump showed immeasurable weakness when he decided to engage and tell the world that he would meet Kim Jong-un in order to rectify their differences. This undoubtedly gave South Korea anxiety and a feeling of a diminished position with Washington in their dominance of the Korean Peninsula. It also aroused South Korea’s nationalism that inadvertently propelled Trump’s belief in propping up a communist regime rather than an ally that systematically pledged their royalty to the US.

North Korea uses nuclear weapons to induce a cooperative willingness for Russia and China to supply them with economic aid. Russia and China do not threaten countries seeking nuclear proliferation with economic and political isolationism even if the leader displays irrational international behavior. Russia and China are more susceptible to influence their own predisposition by prioritizing dominance rather than American exceptionalism.

Trump and his Twitter diplomacy became a dialogue with China in order for the mule to move by showing them the carrot. Unfortunately, the carrot made the mule completely stubborn. North Korea was not about to be bluffed, nor will they comply with Trump’s misguided masculinity in the geopolitical world. North Korea realizes that the threat of military force was no more credible than sanctions. For Trump to twist China’s arm in negotiating with North Korea only displayed weakness by boxing in Donald Trump and promoting reckless alternatives to diplomatic deadlocks that became a paralysis.

Trump’s administration is built primarily on the rich elites that are closed-minded and mimic the President’s unpredictability and irrationality similar to the North Korean regime. Whatever foreign policy Trump has with North Korea has become its own worst nightmare in its failure to deal with a rogue regime filled with alienated people exacerbating a President’s patience and judgment. Even military scholars are sober enough to understand the bottom line: that going to war with North Korea would amount to at least 1 million dead, trillions of dollars in estimated industrial damage, and lost business.

Trump continues to use Twitter diplomacy, and by this he has allowed the swamp that elected him to plead their case to one of the worst presidents in American history.

The titled image of this article clearly shows who is stronger. Trump bows his head like a child; he showed North Korea who the weaker link is, it’s unfortunate that the swamp elected him.

I’d like to thank Michael Ambrozewicz for his contribution to this article.


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