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King Cotton

Updated on May 11, 2012

Says it all

Time and again

Looking at my e-mails, I cam across one from HubPages announcing I had now been on-board for two years. The e-mail further read that a suitable gift for a two year anniversary would be articles made of cotton. Cotton? I thought about that for a second or two and realized how much pain and suffering had arisen from cotton and with further thought, I realized how much pain other pursuits, when sought for profit, have caused pain and suffering elsewhere.

For many years this country (USA) was the leading producer/exporter of cotton in the world and through that exportation and some exploitation, arose the wealth of many families and a nation.

All that is good and all that is bad, that comes from industry, grew right alongside of the cotton. The worse of this bad was and continues to be to this very day, slavery. Slavery still exists in other countries, including Africa. Forced to leave their homes and live in a far away land, these patriarchs and matriarchs of today's African-American descendants, were subject to brutality at the hands of many and sometimes through perverse mean.Treatment such as this was regarded by some as inhumane, but yet it persisted for two hundred years and all in the name of money.

Sometimes things don't really change, sometimes only the players do. Look around today and you will see slavery in many forms and in some people too.

Wherein many have found themselves as slaves to all sorts of things. The biggest of these are oil and drugs (legal and illegal) these have become our new masters and we have let them do so. Where is our abolition from these things that control not only us, but our country through such practices?

The new "Scream"

This one's on you!


Have we lost our way?

In this day and age, why has it become a day to day financial struggle for us, the us being the middle class? Those who are less fortunate financially and socially, have pretty much given up on ever seeing real change come about, albeit for talk, we would have nothing new at all. The upper classes and I mean primarily the uber rich, though I have not much an idea of how hard it must be to amass and then hold onto such big fortunes, I have wondered how one might actually feel if brought into the reality of their less fortunate peers? Would they be shocked, could we even garner respect from them as to how we have managed our meager finances?

Judging by these latest rounds of reality TV shows such as "My Super Sweet 16" and "Cribs" what sorrow I feel for those who watch and for those who live these lives. For those that watch religiously, outside of a normal and healthy curiosity, there is not much we can gain from continued watching, but perhaps feelings of envy or jealousy.

To those who live these lives and especially for these who are so young, such as 16, enslavement in having excessive amounts of material things may eventually lead to feelings of entitlement and just plain selfishness, just as prevalent during those days of big cotton.

Just another gripe session?

Perhaps that is all we are able to do, maybe we have been reduced to complaint after seemingly endless complaint. I know that expressing our concerns over these matters and especially those concerns that take on negative tones, usually find themselves falling on deaf ears. Instead of just complaining, I have offered what I believe are solutions. One of my hubs, Phart Car, list an alternative fuel that is readily available, cheaper, cleaner and will help us rely on no other country, for what reason this source has not been touted more vocally is unclear to me.

I'm terribly afraid that the governing bodies of our nation have become or have always been, corrupted by greed. I know that is a harsh statement, but when we as private citizens have been forced to lay-out and in complete transparency our own credit histories, in an effort to secure a federally backed loan. I wonder why we can't hold our nation's elected officials and their spending habits to that same transparency, when it comes to managing the budget of this country to that same accountability?

At the beginning of this recession, more like a depression for some, there were bailouts, golden parachutes and the like. The banking industry, of whom I lay co-equal in blame for this current recession, was the largest benefactor in this current economic climate and with only a slap on the wrist from our government. Yes, we do have more checks and balances as a direct cause of their greed, but look at the path of destruction cut through America's heartland, it is like a F-5 tornado and now the citizens, not the banks, not the government are left to clean-up the aftermath.

The solution is, that unfortunately we all must bear the burden of these inept decisions. The non-decision and a potentially dangerous one at that, was and has been to print more money.

Classic !

Idiocracy,bureaucracy and mediocracy/ IBM

The acronym above, could be the weapon of mass destruction that invokes the new world war that already seems to be unfolding.How can we stand and be passionate about others, this country and others, through complacency

Can we find a Savior? No more lies, no more empty promises and no more telling us what you think we can handle. A common occurrence in this current day, is that of we can't do much to bring about change. This is exactly what those who are in opposition to equality and prosperity for all who are willing to work and share in the blessings would have us believe. We must push that animal overboard, we must act corporately in order to invoke real change and not false hope.

Are we headed here?


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