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Kirkland Lake: Cover-up in Death of Mayor Antoniazzi's Sister-in-Law?

Updated on October 9, 2017
Stephen Sinclair profile image

Stephen Sinclair is a Canadian freelance writer who has been publishing professionally for several years.

Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi
Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi | Source

On Monday, June 19, 2017, a publication ban covering the complainants in charges of criminal libel, a law that has been deemed unconstitutional in five Canadian jurisdictions, against me, was lifted, when Crown Prosecutor James Rumleskie stayed the charges, as well as a charge of criminal harassment, in the Haileybury, Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The complainants behind the charges included Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi; his brother, the reported former owner of the Kirkland Lake IDA Pharmacy, Wayne Antoniazzi; his other brother Paul Antoniazzi, the chief executive officer of RT Minerals Corporation, director with Opawica Explorations Inc., and former CEO with Affinity Gold Corporation; their lawyer, Julie Richard-Gorman; and several officers with the Ontario Provincial Police, including Brent Turner and Dave Dube.

Now that this ban has been lifted, I am free to share my wholly unique perspective into the reported suicide of Nadine Antoniazzi on October 17, 2008. To the best of my knowledge, I never met Ms. Antoniazzi personally. Her obituary with French Family Funeral Home appears to indicate that she had no blood relatives of her age or older who lived in Kirkland Lake, a small, fairly remote northern Ontario town, to question the circumstances surrounding her untimely passing.

Kirkland Lake, Ontario

Kirkland lake:
Kirkland Lake, ON, Canada

get directions

Police report

Copy of report to OPP regarding the suspicious death of Nadine Antoniazzi
Copy of report to OPP regarding the suspicious death of Nadine Antoniazzi | Source

Police report: part two

Part two of copy of report to OPP regarding the suspicious death of Nadine Antoniazzi
Part two of copy of report to OPP regarding the suspicious death of Nadine Antoniazzi | Source

Questions swirl around tragic untimely death

Through court testimony I have learned that Ms. Antoniazzi died of an apparent hanging. Testimony has also been presented indicating that Nadine’s husband, Paul, was out of town when she was found, and that he was given the news of his wife’s death by his brother Wayne.

Though I have since become a successful writer, with over one million professionally published words, in October 2008 I found myself owning a taxicab, working in Kirkland Lake. I also had a girlfriend who worked at the Kirkland Lake IDA pharmacy.

As a cab driver, I was aware of Paul Antoniazzi, and an entourage he led that included people like Mike Zapotochny, a manager with Alex MacIntyre & Associates, and several others. From 2006 through 2008, it was my impression that this group spent more on cabs than most other customers in Kirkland Lake.

I have a lifelong interest in the stock market. When my girlfriend began working at the IDA Pharmacy, she told me that Paul and Wayne would discuss stocks with each other, as well as with customers, in the pharmacy. Knowing of my interest, she asked me to look up the companies they were speaking about. I recognized that the stocks Paul Antoniazzi was associated with were of low quality, and not something that I would be interested in investing in, told my girlfriend so, and didn’t think much more of it.

Sometime between my girlfriend telling me about stocks being traded at the pharmacy and the day Nadine Antoniazzi died, I drove Paul Antoniazzi in my cab, alone, in Kirkland Lake. Just making conversation, I asked him about the stocks he was involved with. He was quite intoxicated, but he indicated that if I ever saw him in the bar, I should come ask him and he would tell me everything he knew. At this point, I really had no interest in Paul Antoniazzi, and only asked him about his companies out of polite interest. I would never have considered investing in them; I recognized that they were highly speculative, with no revenues, and no profits.

Then, on October 18, 2008, or thereabouts, Marcel Desjardins, the owner of Co-Op Taxi, with whom I was working as a subcontractor, told me, and others at the cab stand, that Nadine Antoniazzi, a worker at the IDA, had taken her own life. Later that day, I told my girlfriend, who worked with Ms. Antoniazzi, what Marcel had told me.

My girlfriend immediately burst into tears and expressed shock that such a thing could happen. She stated that Nadine seemed “happy.” I held her in my arms for several minutes as she continued to cry.

Then, about a week later, I drove Paul Antoniazzi in my cab, together with Kate Clarke, who has run for Kirkland Lake Town Council, and another woman who I did not recognize. When we dropped Paul off at his house, I distinctly saw and heard him invite only Ms. Clarke inside for drinks, with an expression that suggested to me that he was hoping for a romantic interlude. Ms. Clarke declined his invitation, he walked up the driveway, and inside his house. Apparently, Ms. Clarke also interpreted Paul’s invitation as a romantic advance because she ridiculed him to her companion as soon as he was out of earshot, and for several minutes as we drove away.

Paul Antoniazzi asked a woman into his house for drinks late at night shortly after his wife was found hanging. This was when I first became suspicious about Nadine Antoniazzi’s death. Paul’s seeming lack of loyalty to his dead wife turned my attention to the performance of the stocks issued by companies he has been associated with. What I found has continued to astound me.

Open letter

Open letter to Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi from September 2014
Open letter to Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi from September 2014 | Source

Open letter: part two

Part two of open letter to Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi from September 2014
Part two of open letter to Kirkland Lake Mayor Tony Antoniazzi from September 2014 | Source

Husband's companies' shares slide 90+ percent

I watched the price of the stock of Opawica Explorations slide from near $0.20 down to about $0.005 in March 2013: a loss of over 90 percent. At this point, I made my first formal report to the OPP about my suspicions (see image), and continued my research. Opawica has since consolidated its shares and continued selling more; the stock continues to lose value.

In early 2014, Tony Antoniazzi, the third Antoniazzi brother, announced his candidacy for mayor of Kirkland Lake. In the weeks leading up to the October election, after having given the OPP over a year to conduct their own investigation, I questioned Tony Antoniazzi, via an open letter (see image), with regard to whether or not he had traded in the shares of his brother’s companies and about local labour practice irregularities. I also announced that I was conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of his sister-in-law.

It is worth noting my extensive coverage of Kirkland Lake Town Councillor Todd Morgan and his involvement with Kerr Mines Inc., also discussed here, with Blasting News. Parallels can be drawn between the shares of Kerr and the shares of Opawica and RT Minerals, which is interesting, given that Todd Morgan and Tony Antoniazzi work together on a regular basis.

Tony Antoniazzi has never answered my letter. Further, he has never publicly acknowledged whether or not he has traded in the shares of his brother’s companies, each of which has lost over 90 percent of its value. Those who harbour qualms with regard to asking publicly elected officials about their investments might consider U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and almost all other U.S. politicians, who publicly disclose their investment holdings.

Questioning a mayoral candidate about his investment holdings, particularly in the face of a suspicious death, is the job of journalists, which, quite frankly, this writer is amazed that the local Kirkland Lake newspaper, the Northern News, has not once taken part in, and has, instead, printed articles of a seeming flim flam nature covering stock offerings from companies comparable to Opawica and RT Minerals like Kerr Mines Inc., the stock of which has lost almost all of its value.

I do not believe that the recent retirement of Rick Owen, the writer responsible for many of these pieces with the Northern News, and my arrival on the northern Ontario reporting scene, is a coincidence.

From 2008 to present, companies associated with Paul Antoniazzi, RT Minerals, Opawica Explorations, and Affinity Gold have each offered numerous private placements, to a number of different investors. This writer finds the timing of the August 22, 2008 RT Minerals IPO, just weeks before Nadine Antoniazzi’s death, particularly intriguing.

In my January 20, 2017 report to Canadian Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale, as well as numerous articles with Blasting News, I have detailed how the issuers and distributors of the stocks of companies which go on to lose most of their value may be faced with motive to commit nefarious acts.

For example, one hypothetical, though plausible, scenario, among many, could have seen Paul and Wayne promoting RT Minerals or Opawica Explorations shares to customers of the Kirkland Lake IDA Pharmacy. If Nadine Antoniazzi were to intentionally, or inadvertently, expose, or threaten to expose, the nature of the shares that went on to lose most of their value, Paul, Wayne, and possibly others, could conceivably be seen with motive to conceal this, plausibly by murdering her. It is also conceivable that Nadine Antoniazzi took her own life out of simple disgust with her husband’s business dealings.

Further, the reported makeup of the staff at the Kirkland Lake IDA Pharmacy at the time of Ms. Antoniazzi’s death is nothing short of eyebrow raising. In addition to Nadine, the pharmacy employed Cassandra Turner, an Antoniazzi relative and wife of Brent Turner, an OPP officer; and Kore Sullivan, the partner of Dave Dube, another OPP officer. Today, Cassandra is employed with Ms. Richard-Gorman’s law firm.

Cease and desist letter

Cease and desist letter received from lawyer representing Mayor Tony Antoniazzi
Cease and desist letter received from lawyer representing Mayor Tony Antoniazzi | Source

Cease and desist letter: part two

Part two of cease and desist letter received from lawyer representing Mayor Tony Antoniazzi
Part two of cease and desist letter received from lawyer representing Mayor Tony Antoniazzi | Source

Cease and desist letter: part three

Part three of cease and desist letter received from lawyer representing Mayor Tony Antoniazzi
Part three of cease and desist letter received from lawyer representing Mayor Tony Antoniazzi | Source

Coroner's report remains private

As the coroner’s report into Ms. Antoniazzi’s death remains private, this writer has been unable to ascertain the name of the coroner who handled her case. One doctor who has served in the coroner’s capacity in Kirkland Lake several times is Dr. Mark Spiller, who almost certainly knows many of the individuals associated with this case, which include the current mayor and a former pharmacy owner, on a first-name basis. This writer calls on Paul Antoniazzi to release the coroner’s report into his wife’s death for public inspection.

In response to my open letter of September 2014, leading up to the Kirkland Lake mayoral election, Mayor Antoniazzi hired lawyer Julie Richard-Gorman’s firm to send a cease and desist letter (see image), which I published on my blog, and ignored, knowing I had done nothing wrong. The letter instructed me to send all correspondence with regard to the matter to Ms. Richard-Gorman’s office. Over the following six months, I sent Ms. Richard-Gorman three emails, lobbying her and the mayor.

In March 2015, after reporting the above facts on my blog, Yvan Godin and another OPP officer traveled about 250 km from Kirkland Lake, to my new residence in North Bay, and charged me with criminal harassment, and then again, with criminal libel, a charge that has been deemed unconstitutional in five provinces, according to Canadian Lawyer Magazine. Correspondence I have viewed between Detective Godin and Ms. Richard-Gorman has led me to believe that they are personal friends, as they address each other on a first-name basis.

Most incredible is the fact that almost no members of law enforcement appear to be aware of the source of motive presented by those who issue shares that go onto lose most of their value. Instead of investigating what appears to be a suspicious death, the OPP have instead focused their efforts on arresting me and attempting to prevent me from telling the truth about the circumstances surrounding it. How many other unexplained deaths, or murders covered up as suicides, involve un-investigated motive to conceal stock losses? The police appear to be completely oblivious.

To summarize, Paul Antoniazzi is closely associated with at least three revenue-less companies that have issued stocks that have gone on to lose more than 90 percent of their value and were distributed in a manner that this writer has compared to those employed by convicted U.S. swindler Jordan Belfort, upon whose life the 2013 film, The Wolf of Wall Street, was based.

Suddenly, Paul Antoniazzi’s wife committed suicide. Paul Antoniazzi: whose brother reportedly allowed him to talk up customers about stocks in his pharmacy; whose brother employed at least two wives of police officers; whose relative is married to a police officer; whose other brother would later be elected mayor; and when running for mayor, when asked fair questions about his possible investments in his brother’s companies, instead of answering, Tony Antoniazzi hid behind a lawyer and used an unconstitutional law in a successful bid to hide the truth for several years: Nadine Antoniazzi’s death is as suspicious as they come.

Further, discussion of Nadine Antoniazzi has been blocked from the Facebook page for CJKL, Kirkland Lake’s only radio station, which is owned by Rob Connelly, who is reported to be married to a member of the Antoniazzi family. Questions about Nadine Antoniazzi posed during the 2014 Kirkland Lake mayoral race were removed from online Northern News articles (see image), while similar questions were permitted to stand with the CBC and the Timmins Press.

Deleted 'Northern News' comment

Questions about Nadine Antoniazzi's death were removed from the 'Northern News' website.
Questions about Nadine Antoniazzi's death were removed from the 'Northern News' website. | Source

© 2017 Stephen Sinclair


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  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    Kirkland Laker and KL Survivor: I really don't have the time or inclination to get into how many views I have and whether or not I am a professional writer. If you want to take me to court, I can show that I've made over $20,000 and published over 1,000 articles with several professional publishers. Not all of my work is on the web.

    Here is a link to one of my better performance reports with 'The Inquisitr.'

    Here is the founder of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, sharing one of my articles. There are several others.

    You can see that my writing has been used as a source in Wikipedia, as well.

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    Kirkland Laker: When you're talking to Mr. Belfort, will you ask him when he's going to get on the $100 million he's been ordered to pay the investors he bilked?

    "I want to vomit when I see these pictures." — Alfred E. Vitt

  • profile image

    Kirkland Laker 

    3 years ago

    Yes...means, motive, and opportunity certainly seem to be you, and only you.

    You are piecing together scraps of nothing and desperately attempting to come up with something.

    For argument's sake, even if the stock situation may be such as you describe it, that doesn't mean that the suicide was a murder.

    That's a dangerous allegation to make when there is zero evidence pointing towards that.

    A widower making a pass at another woman in no way suggests that he had a hand in killing his wife. That's absolutely ludicrous. That's borne of your imagination only. It's not a source of motive.

    I think you're just hoping to be the next Erin Brockovich, have a movie made about you, and have Julia Roberts play you.

    Oh, and as you suggested, the next time I see Jordan Belfort I'll most certainly ask him about his motive for murder (which he didn't act upon....and neither did the person in this case)....but Jordan and I will have fun nonetheless.

    (Do these words count towards me being published, by the way? I hope so....I'm working towards my million words too. Then I'll really be someone!)

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    Kirkland Laker: In your esteemed opinion, how are the stocks sold by companies run by people like Todd Morgan and Paul Antoniazzi any different than those used to bilk elderly people by convicted U.S. swindler Jordan Belfort?

    If you watch the film, the 'Wolf of Wall Street,' which Jordan Belfort is proud of, you can see that he had motive to murder his first wife. He didn't, thank goodness. Ask him, ask anyone, they would agree.

    It would seem that Paul Antoniazzi held similar motive, and his wife is dead. In addition, I saw him make romantic advances on another woman, shortly after his wife was found hanging. This represents two sources of motive.

    The principles of means, motive, and opportunity form much of the basis for investigative journalism. If Paul was simply running a corner store, not selling stock down 90%+, and hadn't made moves on another woman, I would agree that this scrutiny would be unwarranted. Means, motive, and opportunity appear to exist with regard Ms. Antoniazzi's tragic death. Even without my personal recollections, means, motive, and opportunity appear to be present.,_motive,_and_o...

  • profile image

    Kirkland Laker 

    3 years ago

    It's no small wonder that you were charged with criminal harassment. You're nothing but a wannabe journalist hoping to make your mark by blowing a non-existent murder case wide open. You're spouting nothing but speculations and invented "motives". You have exactly zero actual facts. That's quite the warped imagination you have.

    Luckily most people sharing this "article" on Facebook see you for what you are, and are ridiculing you, rather than supporting this nonsense. I was actually embarrassed for you while reading your verbal diarrhea.

    You're neither a true journalist nor a successful writer. The fact that you point out that you've had over a million 'words' published simply reeks of desperation.

    What you have written here is not journalistic whatsoever. You have uncovered zero truths or facts. All you have done is throw around the names of several Kirkland Lake residents whom you believe to be interconnected in some made-up way. You have invented a motive based on nothing but your personal opinion and wild imagination.

    It's no surprise that people have ignored your letters, blocked your comments and deleted the highly inappropriate questions you've posed. It's not because you're onto's because you're clearly out to lunch.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    Good job on exposing possible crime undertakings in a small town.Regardless of what some people will say about this report.I think it's necessary and our duty to investigate all suspicious undertakings no matter who is involved.Too many crooks and shady swindlers getting away with crimes just because some people don't want to know the truth.cudos Mr.Sinclair.

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    Interesting theory, but it's just that - a theory. Everything listed is circumstantial. Unless you have evidence, I would be careful about the claims you publish.

    Speaking of publishing, you mention you are a successful writer, having published more than one million words since 2008. Being a professional writer, you would know that the standard measure is not the number of words published, but rather the size of your readership, and where you've been published.

    I'd like to learn more about your investigative writing credentials. Please tell us where you have been published and feel free to share links to your works.

  • John McKnight profile image

    John McKnight 

    3 years ago

    Google Todd Morgan,Charlie Angus, as far as the Clarke girl, she was seeking the support to run for mayor, myself and 2 old Goats decided to have some one else run at that time. Little Town with redneck thinking ,this all make for stupid reading .

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    northern place: Thanks again for the compliment! I plan on doing my future writing, here, with HubPages. However, my old blog is still up at:

  • profile image

    northern place 

    3 years ago

    I would love to follow your blogs but don't know where to find them

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    northern place: Thanks again. Another thing to try is right clicking on the image and selecting "Save image as..." With PCs, often this defaults to "Desktop". You can then open the image with Paint or another photo-editing program, which will allow you to zoom in. There are the copies available on the blog, too.

  • profile image

    northern place 

    3 years ago

    I did try to make them bigger and they would not open. I totally understand where you are coming from I feel a lot of things are hidden here. and it's sad.

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    northern place: Thanks so much for reading and for your words of encouragement. I'm not sure if you're aware, but if you click on the images, a larger version appears. The police report and the open letter are also available on my old blog:

    Open letter:

    Police report:

    If you have a real need for a copy of the cease and desist letter, let me know, and I'd be happy to forward one.

  • profile image

    northern place 

    3 years ago

    I enjoyed your article I think you are great to expose these issues. . however I couldn't read your attached letters

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    Klgirl: Perhaps you could explain for my readers how stocks sold by Paul Antoniazzi's companies are any different than those used to bilk investors by convicted U.S. swindler Jordan Belfort. There not only appears to be financial motive, many questions remain unanswered.

    If Paul was operating a corner store that didn't sell stock and bilk investors, and he wasn't making romantic advances with other women, I would agree with your point of view. The way it stands now, this situation is a disgrace to Canada.

    Readers: Don't let them get your or your loved ones' life savings.

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    As a follow up, Ms. Cousins: There appears to be an employee of former CEO Todd Morgan's Armistice Resources (now Kerr Mines) named "Jane Cousins." Is this you?

    How much Kerr or Armistice stock have you sold? How much did you make?

    For my readers, I have covered Todd Morgan extensively in the past:

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    Ms. Cousins:

    Apparently trying to cover this up, the Antoniazzis have already taken me to court, and lost. An innocent women is dead!

    "I have never read anything with less merit. A load of crap."

    Perhaps you could explain for my readers how stocks sold by Paul Antoniazzi's, Todd Morgan's, and Amanda Kasner's companies are any different from those sold by convicted U.S. swindler Jordan Belfort and why you believe such seeming ripoffs do not provide motive for nefarious acts.

    Means, motive, and opportunity.,_motive,_and_o...

  • Stephen Sinclair profile imageAUTHOR

    Stephen Sinclair 

    3 years ago from Canada

    An innocent women is dead, seeming financial motive remains, and this issue, and the shameful coverup, remain unreported in local media. I believe the Ontario Provincial Police, the 'Northern News,' and the Antoniazzis should be ashamed of themselves. How many investors have Paul Antoniazzi's companies fleeced of their life savings? Why won't he release the coroner's report? What stocks have MP Charlie Angus and Mayor Antoniazzi traded in?


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