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Knowing What You Know

Updated on April 28, 2016

What is knowledge and how can knowledge blind us to the reality. If you have ever considered this then, let me recommend a very good book to you on this topic of thought and although the author of this book is hardly the first philosopher thinking here, he does take the reader on an interesting journey; "The Problem of Knowledge" by A.J. Ayer.Have you ever been in a situation where you heard or saw something new, the new, new thing? It sounded great and at the same time you wonder can this be true? It is natural to want to connect with ourselves and the freedom that is our birthright. Often we are willing to take something someone says as true and hope for the best. We then become the victims of the promises and claims of others that entrain us to "yes" for a weekend, only to return home to the same old issues and concerns.How is Knowing what you know by the way of experience worth anything today, when anyone can read the shorthand version and put it out there as if they own it? Most seekers will undoubtedly never have the real sweat and tears version,the version that spells out with emotion the process dirty hands and all. The cuts and bruises suffered along the way, the scraped knees of trial and error are the high prices paid for the knowing a story could tell yet don't translate well enough to matter.Sometimes leaders feel they must present an air of ultimate knowledge and infallibility or they will lose the respect of their subordinates. There is a line from the book of Proverbs which states "He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool - shun him." This is exactly what people will do to leaders who either do not realize they don't know, or try to disguise the fact.Soul-driven types are compelled by a different 'hum' in their lives... they know there's something more, they want to make a difference, there is power in their gift that they are driven to share. But sometimes they don't have a grip on what it is exactly that they know!It's time to "stand up" and take credit for your contributions. It means being more assertive and possibly even unlearning some of the things your mother taught you in good faith.Cost Accounting in manufacturing is designed to bring control to costs in order to enhance profits. The procedure, also known as 'costing', gathers and analyzes data from all aspects of production and administration, and reports on where waste is being introduced into the system. Costing can also help to ascertain which jobs are profitable and which are not. To this end, costing is part of an overall lean manufacturing endeavor.Beliefs have the power to change everything about you and your life. It is common wisdom that if someone really believes he can do something he will do it and if he believes something is impossible no amount of effort will convince him that it can be accomplished.Senior Citizens have become a large, important and influential group in today's society. Aging research is increasingly indicating that more and more people are going to live to 100 years of age in the foreseeable future. This is good news for those who can enjoy the mental fitness that will be important during these "bonus" years. This article is a brief introduction to human memory for those who want to preserve and improve it.As you travel through life learning new things, have you ever pondered that there are things in life that you don't know that you don't know? My guess is probably not because why would you think about what you don't know? Technically called Unconscious Incompetence, this is just one state of the natural learning process.The single most common denominator in the trouble people have is that they do not trust their own senses, ignore their better judgment and try to silence that too-small inner voice. This short article will begin to teach you the art of listening.Employee knowledge and experience in dealing with customers can be a competitive edge that can be hard to copy. A business should promote the distribution of customer information throughout the organization.At a personal level, Creative Intelligence can bring you: increased flexibility and spontaneity; clearer vision and values; the capacity to face, use and transcend pain and suffering; a holistic sense of connection to others and to your environment; more mindfulness and self-awareness; more fun, more pleasure, more enjoyment...This discussion explains why we are a beginning civilization, here to learn and grow and to evolve into something more. It explains why we simply cannot know all there is to know at this point in our development, but that we learn from our failures just as much as we learn from our successes....In many situations we act without even knowing why we act the way we do...This is no longer desirable when your organization is changing too often...Knowledge Management is (amongst other aspects) about making the "private" knowledge "publicly" available...So that you can bridge the Knowledge Gap...But your organization was not used to this. Different teams applied different principles...And now what? How to address this new set of principles so that knowledge management is adopted in the primary process?Listen to those around you. Listen to the guidance of the universe and all the voices it uses to speak to you. But always trust yourself. Trust your inner voice. Trust what you know, because ultimately your path will bring you back to that place.

One of email database marketing's greatest benefits is that it allows marketers the opportunity to create beautiful, personalised mailers that caters to the specific needs and tastes of the individual who receives them. Depending on how profiled your consumer email database is you can have a lot of information about your subscribers.Have you thought about writing a booklet on a particular subject, but you didn't follow through because you thought your idea wasn't good enough? It's easy to take your own knowledge for granted.There is a popular phrase that says: "It's not what you know, it's who you know" to describe the way that people get ahead in the worldwide business environment. This statement is typically used as a criticism of the primary and secondary education system since the focus is so squarely placed on the acquisition of knowledge.The gurus, the books, the courses, the self-development experts: they all stress the importance of self management. And they're right. They also tell you about all the things you must know so that you can manage yourself and your business. They're right about that too. But there's one "absolutely must know" that they rarely mention.


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