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Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens . . . The Media is Lying To You, So What Is the Truth?

Updated on November 9, 2016

Old World Order

Is this the symbol to the Old World Order or New World Order?
Is this the symbol to the Old World Order or New World Order? | Source

The Media Can legally Lie

In 2003 the US Supreme Court ruled that Television News Stations were NOT required to tell the public the truth. Not one TV Station in America covered the story. In all fairness there are many subjects that the mainstream media is forbidden to talk about and in this article Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens . . . The Media is Lying To You, What Is the Truth?, we will discuss a few.

One News story that doesn't get much attention is the fact that the Federal Reserve is being sued to the tune of 1 Trillion dollars, Hmmm?!

Did you know that more American service men and women committed suicide in 2012 than died on the battlefield. This same startling statistic holds true for 2011 and 2010, perhaps killing people and watching your friends get killed and maimed is more unsettling to human psyche than we are lead to believe.

Another interesting News story that does get a lot of attention, just not the truth is the amazing amount of large Ocean going vessels that seem to be running a-ground all over the World. One would think in this day an age with (GPS) Global Positioning Systems and computer technology they would be able to tell how deep the Ocean is.

The continuing World wide flooding due to Polar Shift has the mainstream media using creative ways to explain the wide range of escalating disasters, of course the most effective way is to simple ignore the topic and hope that no one notices.

The increase in natural disasters are usually covered by local media outlets but as these disasters increase it shows that the Earth is experiencing a Global Climate Change and yet greenhouse gas from industrial pollution still gets the blame. Why, because The Powers That Be want the public to be able to point the finger and blame some one so that we can continue to play the role of the victim an have the need to ask the government to save us. Oh, and so we won't look for the real reason behind Global Climate Change.

Some of the disasters that are increasing but left unreported are earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. This is done because The Powers That Be do not want the common man making the connection between these events and the ongoing Polar Shift fearing that then they will discover the cause.

  • Earthquakes that are releasing large pockets of methane gas that is deadly to fish and birds (earthquakes).
  • Volcanic activity both above and below water (volcanoes).
  • Bridge collapses from stretching and rising and falling land.(earthquakes)
  • Ruptured water and gas lines (earthquakes).
  • Cable lines snapping causing internet delays (earthquakes).
  • Collapsing buildings and mudslides are occurring regularly (earthquakes).
  • Dams are leaking, cracking and bursting (earthquakes).
  • Trains are derailing (earthquakes).
  • Ferries and other ships are capsizing due to large unexplainable waves (tsunamis).
  • Ocean going vessels are running a ground due to rising and lowering Ocean levels (earthquakes).
  • Sinkholes are emerging (earthquakes).

Supposedly all this activity is coincidence, solar flares or just bad luck and negligence.

So not only is the mainstream media lying to you, but it is doing so legally and because society is unable or unwilling to see the complete picture through conditioning so this disinformation goes unexplained. That and The Powers That Be fear that we may panic if we know the truth.

Could it be that if we really knew the truth, The Powers That Be and the government would be in big trouble because then everyone would know we have been lied to for a very long time?

So what is the truth?

The truth is that a wide variety of misleading information is constantly programmed into television news cycles to mislead, confuse and misdirect the public's attention. This done by design to make sure the public is distracted long enough to simply miss the real news that would shock them to the core.

False Flag Events are used most often to direct the public away from criminal activity happening elsewhere.

One the most effective tactics is too dangle a positive carrot in the public's eye and then use excuse after excuse to justify why this carrot has not become a reality.

Dragon Family Investments

What most of America and for that matter the World is unaware of is that, China (The Dragon Families) were responsible for the capital investments that lead to the Industrial Revolution in America and Europe in the Early 1800's to early part of the 1900s.

The Transcontinental Railroad constructed in the United States in the late 1800's was built largely by Chinese workers, because the Dragon Families didn't trust Americans' to get the job done correctly, of course our history books portray this vast work force as the laborers, to save face.

In the early part of the 20th Century after the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the Dragon Families provided the FRS with vast assets of gold and silver to support the American dollar. In return they received a variety of Notes, Bonds and Certificates, which is the sole responsibility of the Federal Reserve System.

Many wealthy American businessmen opposed this system and were invited by JP Morgan himself to discuss the matter, aboard the ill-fated Titanic on its maiden voyage, their opposition went down with the ship . . .

Still think the Titanic hit an iceberg?

By the way, JP Morgan unfortunately missed the boat and now you know where the term 'Women and Children First' came from, as these very same businessmen were prevented from boarding the life boats at gunpoint. Ever wonder why on a ship the size of the Titanic they didn't carry enough life boats for all the passengers.

The Titanic was sunk on purpose to get rid of any opposition to the Federal Reserve System and collect a huge insurance settlement (very hard to prove fraud when it is at the bottom of th Atlantic Ocean), so what if a thousand other people had to die to get the job done.

The New World Order gets Sued

Since the collapse of the Twin Towers, America and the West has been bombarded by the mainstream media into believing that terrorism is the greatest threat known to mankind. In Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens we will discover the undeniable evidence that the true enemy to mankind are those spreading this Big Lie and those behind it.

A little known 111-page legal complaint ( lawsuit ) was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on November 23, 2011 by the party of Neil Keenan to the tune of 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS.

This lawsuit claims that the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Office International Treasury Control and the Italian government conspired with a host of others to steal more than 1.1 trillion dollars in financial instruments intended for humanitarian purposes.

Some of the more interesting organizations named in the lawsuit are (but not limited too) Vatican Illuminati, the Masons, the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission, and of course the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Keenan claims that he was entrusted with U.S. Federal Reserve notes worth $124.5 billion, two Japanese government bonds worth a combined value of $19 billion and one Kennedy bond worth $1 billion by an organization known as the Dragon Family (Asian conglomerate of families).

This Family entrusted Keenan with these notes to provide humanitarian aide for impoverished nations of the Third World. The suit seeks the return of these instruments, punitive damages and court costs. He is represented by William H. Mulligan Jr., with Bleakley, Platt & Schmidt of White Plains, N.Y. For more information visit Courthouse News Service.

If this sounds to you like a large amount of money to be entrusted to just one person, then you would be correct. The fact that he was carrying this on his person was leaked to The Powers That Be in the hope that they would then try to steal it. True to form TPTB couldn't resist the temptation and the Dragon Family and their allies were not disappointed as they were indeed stolen.

This was part of an elaborate sting operation conducted by the Dragon Family and their allies, which include 117 different countries tired of being fleeced by the criminals behind the Federal Reserve System or (New World Order).

The media has been prevented from revealing this story to the public because The Powers That Be fear that the public will learn the truth.

Bogota, Columbia

The Rena

Are trades routes used for centuries no longer reliable?
Are trades routes used for centuries no longer reliable? | Source

Costa Concordia

Are we to believe that ship Captains all over the World have suddenly become incompetent?
Are we to believe that ship Captains all over the World have suddenly become incompetent? | Source

Dublin, Ireland Flooding

A direct result of the Earth's increased Wobble as the North Pole is pitched about on a daily basis.
A direct result of the Earth's increased Wobble as the North Pole is pitched about on a daily basis. | Source

Sheng Neng 1

When most ships run aground they, stop but this huge tanker was dragged for two kilometers.
When most ships run aground they, stop but this huge tanker was dragged for two kilometers. | Source

When Natural Disasters are Blamed On Weather

In the last year the mainstream media has reported many natural disasters that have been blamed on bad weather, mostly torrential down pours of rain which have caused flooding. Yet when they show pictures of the flooded regions the skies are always blue, with no rain in sight.

So what is the truth?

It is easy to conclude that this is the aftermath and yet, where is the rain? Why is it that regions from Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia to Bogota, Columbia, Chile and parts of Mexico all are flooding and yet the water is not receding. In all of these areas the same reasons are being given as torrential rain.

One of the reasons left unsaid by local news outlets is that prior to these floods the region is struck by a sizable earthquake, this information is not being shared with the public.

Another reasons not being shared with the public is the increase in the Earth's Wobble that is being experienced on a daily basis. This causes Ocean levels to rise dramatically, which in turn prevents rivers from dumping their water into the Oceans at the river mouths. This causes rivers to back up and breach their banks.

Because the Earth Wobble is being experienced on a daily basis this causes flooding to happen very quickly and dramatically.

Dublin, Ireland not known for it's flooding has experienced the worst flooding in recent memory and yet many people in Great Britain, one of its closest neighbors, are unaware of this event let alone the rest of the World. This event was caused by rising Sea levels and yet because it coincided with a recent thunder-shower it was easily blamed on rain-fall.

I have scanned the internet for pictures of these floods and very few show any rain at all, just large amounts of water, with the same excuse that rivers are overflowing because they have nowhere to drain.

Why can these rivers no longer flow into the Ocean?

Because Ocean levels are rising due to the increase in the Earth's Wobble.

Why has the Earth's Wobble increased?

Because of the presence of Nibiru or Planet X in our solar system.

The answer to both questions is that the Planet Earth is experiencing a Polar Shift due to Nibiru or Planet X being in our solar system. It is causing the tectonic plates of every continent to shift, some rising and some sinking.

Because this is happening and the media of every country is forbidden to talk about it, it has caused much confusion.

Just recently a rash of shipping disasters have occurred World Wide, but mostly in the Pacific Ring of Fire, are we to blame this on incompetence? Shipping routes are all well established and have been used for centuries, are we to believe that within the last year ship Captains are becoming more careless. The most recent disaster of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy offers no reasonable explanation. The Rena off the coast of New Zealand would have us believe the ship was fifty miles off course.

The Sheng Neng 1, didn't just run aground but was dragged for more than two kilometers along the bottom of the Great Barrier reef off the coast of Australia. These and many other shipping disaster World Wide would have even the most skeptical among us scratching our heads.

So what is the truth?

Regardless of what you believe or are being told one thing is certain and that is that the media is lying to you and has the legal right to do so. This fact is frightening in it's essence, because in the digital age disinformation can be spread at an incredible rate of speed.

One must learn to decipher the truth for themselves by learning to read between the lies and find alternative sources of information. Remember that every source of information has its own agenda.

Also remember that to convince anyone of a lie often a little bit of the truth is mixed in to make the story believable.

Remember that Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens . . . The Media is Lying To You, So What Is the Truth?

Solar Activity or Polar Shift

Are all these disaster due to Solar activity or Polar Shift?

See results

Picture After Picture & No Rain


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