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Kosovo and Serbia

Updated on May 19, 2013


Hashim Taqui on left, mediator Lady Kathrine Ashton, and prime-minister of Serbia: Mr. Ivica Dačić
Hashim Taqui on left, mediator Lady Kathrine Ashton, and prime-minister of Serbia: Mr. Ivica Dačić | Source

In meantime

Last two rounds were really dramatic. At the the 9th round of negotiations, unnamed sources were stating that some "higher intonations" were coming from the room of the trilateral meeting.

After short "argue" and few hard words exchanged, from the side of Mr. Vučić the vice-president of Government and Minister of Defense - the sides were separated. Serbian side on one side, in one room, the Kosovo* 's side in other room.

- The reason why in 9th, as announced "final" round, failed was because Serbian side refused the phrasing of 3 points of agreement. About North part of Kosovo, and making the Entity of 4 Provinces, Police and Law Enforcement on North, as well as Justice.

10 Was The Number!

Ten rounds of negotiations, with mediation of High EU Representative- Lady Ashton, were crucial to reach an agreement that gave two countries new opportunities to develop.

The so called "Brussels Agreement", after paraphrased by two prime-ministers (Serbian: Ivica Dačić, and Kosovo* : Hashim Taqui (Tachi) ) in Brussels - after 10 rounds tough rounds of negotiations.

- From the perspective of Serbian citizen, and someone that was among those "skeptics" of this newly elected Government in May 2012, that Serbian state-core reached maximum at the given moment. The same, from my perspective, Core from Pristine was telling that they've done maximum at the moment.

Reporter at the EC for Enlargement Stefan Fule, was waiting to finish the last paragraph about negotiations with Kosovo. Mr. Fule was awaiting last hour to implement the last recommendation for giving date for opening talks with Serbia. In meanwhile, in newspapers in Belgrade, as well as in Pristine, political analysts were giving an voice of Vote Up for signing of Agreement between Belgrade and Pristine Delegations. But...

- High representatives of Serbia, as well as Kosovo*, were reading the agreement as they would like to, and they were giving statements to media that raised tensions. But, agreement was finally passed ratification process in Parliament, in both - Serbian Parliament and in Kosovo's* Parliament.

This all was great thing, as Serbian people is fed-up with "Kosovo", "Kosovo", and "Kosovo" topic. Politicians were even winning elections, promising that they will regain Kosovo* status as it was in 70's and 80's.

- What now remains is to implement the agreed, and signed, and ratificated. Without at least a law for implementation of agreed, German coalition party - CDU - stated that there is no ratification of date for starting negotiations with Serbia without at least a law about bounding that what has been agreed at Brussels, will be implemented.

Serbia's Policy of Wisdom


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Effect of Brussels Agreement

Serbia will gain date for starting access talks with EU, after Brussels Agreement:

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- Brussels Agreement meaning -

This is one "hell" of the topic. But, it has to be discussed. Pretentiously I've made this hub to discuss how people see this Agreement.

Agreement made in Brussels means the beginning of end. This should represent the end of one hard era for Serbian people, that weren't even asked - do they want that era of isolation, wars, and poverty or not. Nobody have ever asked, us, ordinary people. Nevertheless, again, no one asked us do we agree with this, but it was obvious that we all want the era of pointing out Kosovo* as problem "numero uno", when it's not.

- Intepretation of this agreement, when you look at daily journals, weekly chronicles, in general - media, you'll see that everyone is now an "certified interpreteur of Brussels Agreement". What is more interesting, high states officials are stating that this Agreement is recognition of Kosovo* as an independent country. Others say that we traded "date for opening negotiations" with Kosovo*, third parties and some are calling for big protests and so far... People, that are fed up with Kosovo* question, and its blocking of Serbia's prosperity, were a bit scared and the scare of big demonstrations, like the once on Kosovo*'s independence declaration could be felt in the air.

... The biggest opposition demonstration was called-up, by (so called) Democrat Party of Serbia (DSS) with their leader Vojislav Koštunica, were counting some 1670 people ...

After couple of days, of interpretation of Agreement however and whoever wanted, passions calmed. After the day when European Commission gave recommendation to European Parliament to start negotiations in July this year, due the success of Serbian-Kosovo* talks, a lot of good news came.

- Lot of investors suddenly started investing. Some 2billion came from Eastern partners, 1 billion from Russia, and over 800 mil's were payed out from the Paris Club. Unemployment rate has stopped after years of constant growth of unemployment, the public debt of country decreased by 1/4 and many indicators showed an significant increased when it comes to good country markers. Serbia became "Balkan Tiger", and tax-free market. Serbia continued good business cooperation with U.A.E and a lot of investments came from there. From Western countries, some 1bilion EUR were recorded, but still - Serbia is on the bottom when it comes to Health Care system. The 47th place, from 47 countries - is alarming signal, is something that Serbia has to resolve in future.

People right of declaring of being unsatisfied. Protests against Brussels Agreement.
People right of declaring of being unsatisfied. Protests against Brussels Agreement. | Source
Serbia's policy is toward  EU oriented
Serbia's policy is toward EU oriented | Source

The Newborn: Kosovo

- To be honest, nobody looks on Kosovo* as on some relevant factor in this region. Only scaring fact is that the story about Big Albania that would have in it's borders Albania, Kosovo, and North part of F.Y.R Macedonia. Kosovo* is about to happen...

It is almost irrelevant now, but nobody as Albanians, thought on the future. The huge colonization of Albanians first on South then on North (which was unsuccessful) of Kosovo* made Kosovo* practically a part of Albania, with some majority of 90% of Albanians. Almost ethnically clear area, and Serbs are prosecuted for ethnic cleaning on Kosovo*? This is a bit scaring fact, where ICY (International Court for Yugoslav wars) in Hague failed to see the real truth, and status "on field".

- I would really like to know, how it is possible, to conduct an ethnic cleaning in war, on Kosovo* but in same time to have only 10% or less percentage of ethic Serbs. So who conducted what at there?

But, also, Normalization of Relations with Kosovo* - even though Serbia haven't recognized it as Independent country. Nor did 5 members of EU, and some 90 countries of UN.

- Anyway, all people in Serbia, want to start living normally! We don't want to go with policy of "Everything of Kosovo*, Kosovo* for nothing". That transparent, is and was something that more and more normal, ordinary people want to implement into conscious of people.

The Kosovo in UN is still a dream of Kosovo Albanians. That won't happen as long as Russia has Ossettia, as long as Germany (the one of the biggest EU allies) has Bremen, and as long as Spain has it's problem with A.P Catalonia.

- So, I would like to ask those who are against the policy of Serbia's recognition of Kosovo especially for those in USA.


So, for all those who will say: "Let's face it finally, Kosovo is Albanian..." , yes - de juris state is that, but de facto thing is that nobody would accept the independence of territory where whole history of Serbian Civilization (at least older, and among oldest nations in Europe) is on Kosovo* - the cradle of all civilization and history of Serbianpeople.

So, in general, I gave a perfect compare of situation, of Indians in America and Kosovo*-Serbia relations.

Serbia should:

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