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Larry Kudlow Your Sick Nature Reveals Itself

Updated on February 26, 2014
bgamall profile image

Gary opposes Libertarianism and has published the ebook, Libertarianism, the UK Big Bang and How They Ruined America, found on Amazon

Update: Kudlow Remains Such a Predictable Liar

Kudlow wants to deflect taxpayer fury away from ponzi lending and theft by banksters toward anti union sentiment. What people need to realize is that the bank bailouts are massive compared to the small benefits union members get in government employment. It is necessary that unions make cuts because the global economy requires it. But cutting collective bargaining is simply wrong and will take even more money out of mainstreet economy down the road. Kudlow actually wants taxpayers to pay a little less for government so that they will pay much more money in the form of inflation and taxes toward bankster loan guarantees. And Kudlow already wants Wall Street to make huge fees off of social security.

When people realize what this Wall Street apologist is doing to not only boomers but to all members of society going forward then I think there may be a reassessment. Workers who are younger will have fewer rights going forward, and that will benefit bankers as easy and dangerous credit will drive more and more profit towards Wall Street from an impoverished and ever larger underclass.

As Paul Farrell has said, Wall Street is setting itself up for revolution by the continual scams they want to use. From US citizens paying too much for gasoline to more ponzi bad loans, Wall Street is out to get you, and don't ever forget that. And if the banksters can deflect anger off their bad behavior by dividing mainstreet and blaming unions, they will play that game for as long as we are stupid enough to believe it.

Larry Kudlow is a Liar. His Nature Is One of Deceit

Hear my rant. Larry Kudlow is a liar. Along with his other liars, Santelli, the Tea Party leadership and the shills that were on his show after the Obama town hall, Kudlow has conned the American people once again. Once again, a majority of Americans, 55 percent, are stupid. 10 percent of Americans control 93 percent of the assets. For 55 percent of the American people, Kudlow is right and we should give tax breaks to those bubble makers who robbed us! 55 percent are stupid. That is what you are America. The theft will be in your price at the pump and prices for food. You wait, it is a theft that will hit you stupid morons in the pocketbook.

I can't help you Americans. You are dummies. You are stupid and you are being taken. Don't you realize that a tax cut for the rich will increase the deficit? Don't you realize that the banksters want your social security in order to bet more and spin more trades? Don't you realize you are being robbed, robbed, robbed? You Americans don't know what you want and you don't know how to go about getting it. You are stupid. You are moronic.

Quit letting the richest 1 percent steal from you. If you want them to have more money they will come in and buy your real estate and lend with ponzi loans, so your children can't really own anything. Are you so immoral and greedy that you want risky transactions and more no-money-down and more securitization in order for your pathetic investment, your house, to rise artificially so you can get out before it crashes again? You greedy pigs. How about putting America first for a change. Kudlow doesn't really want 20 percent down as he says daily. As you will see if you continue reading, he didn't want a strong dollar when it got too strong. He is a liar. You are putting your trust in Wall Street pigs and their shills. I am sick of it and I am sick of you. You are stupid, stupid, stupid. I can out rant that paid shill Santelli any day.

It is going to be jobs with commodity inflation, if you let these people get away with it. Jobs cannot come with inflation baked in, because they don't pay enough. So, creating jobs in an inflationary, speculative way, in a way that costs you more and more for everyday things, is stupid. And there is no guarantee that jobs will created as commodities rise anyway. It is a play to make money off you. These people want you to part with your money and invest in stocks, and then, bam, they will take their profits with no thought to your nest egg, just like in housing. You watch and you wait.

To the 45 percent of you who oppose tax cuts for the uber-rich, I hope this rant has strengthened your position. Stand your ground.

Mr Kudlow You Really Don't Want a Strong Dollar

Larry Kudlow, of CNBC, is always saying that he wants a strong dollar, and wants free market capitalism. But in reality, Kudlow doesn't want a really strong dollar and doesn't want a free market. He wants a crony capitalism market and he wants a weak dollar, and more international trade. Now he is scared as people pile out of the Euro and into the dollar and gold because of Greek debt and economic uncertainty intensifies.

Kudlow raised concerns about deflation. I personally believe that a little deflation is not bad. Our standard of living has been artificially inflated for years and years. There has to be a retrenchment. Kudlow is a CNBC New World Order guy who defends the illegal and immoral actions of the banks and international trade at the peril of sovereign control by governments that protects the individual citizen.

You have "exposed yourself", Larry Kudlow, and the discovery is quite unpleasant. We have always known that Kudlow is a CNBC "bulltard", pumping the market up no matter what. We just thought you really wanted a strong dollar, Larry, but you don't.

And Larry, your defense of banks that conspired to offer liar loans and sell them in the form of bonds throughout the world to unsuspecting investors is shameful. It is not an assault, as you say, on the economy or investors to want banks to be HONEST. What is wrong with you Larry? Have you NO SHAME?

Be sure to scroll down to read more about Kudlow and about his metaprogramming techniques that are nothing more than brainwashing.

The video showing recession was produced last year, but things are not much better at the Port of Long Beach this year. Sales receipts for states are bad, and in general there is no really significant economic growth.

Larry Kudlow is a Moron. Joe Stiglitz is a Genius

Larry Kudlow says the same things. Cut business taxes, and the private sector will get the economy going. But the problem is, this must be targeted. Stiglitz says the truth about this, that tax cuts should only be made to businesses that actually invest.

Kudlow says cut government spending. Stiglitz says that we should increase spending in technology and education and cut military spending because producing weapons that don't win wars is a waste of production, a misplacement of capital. But investing that money into technology is what will get our economy going.

I side with Stiglitz, a thoughtful guy, and view Kudlow as a walking commercial and talking point for how not to think or reason.

Larry Kudlow We Can Bypass Wall Street You Know

We can bypass Wall Street. Before people are cowed into fear by Kudlow's fearmongering about what will happen to the poor, poor, too-big-to-fail banks, I suggest that you would entertain the idea of sanctioned state banks. The Ellen Brown view of banks is sound. Deposits from the broken up TBTF banks would be placed with these state banks as the big banks are broken up. We already have one state bank, found in North Dakota. It works and would work elsewhere with tight controls on the activity of these banks.

I say we should prosecute the banks and their officers, like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein and Dick Fuld vigorously and see where it goes. And if we can clawback money from the banks and bonuses for the treasury and taxpayers then we need to do so.

Larry Kudlow is an idiot when it comes to BP

Larry Kudlow is busy harping against any president that dare touches any big corporation. Kudlow almost seems against BP paying for the spill and getting an escrow account set up before BP commits bankruptcy.I can't believe that CNBC apparently is behind Kudlow's stupid statements.

Kudlow is a New World Order guy who wears expensive suits because he defends big banks and big oil. Big banks and big oil are the enemy of the people, and they are the enemy of capitalism. Crony capitalist bailouts of these crony corporatist corporations is not supportive of mainstreet or of true capitalism. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him. He would be breaking up all these massive companies whose web of derivatives can destroy the world's financial system, or so they say. For me it is more like a hostage situation where the captives (mainstreet) should call their bluff.

I would rather start over than bow to international banking and oil cabals. I am sick and tired of their CNBC shill, Larry Kudlow. It is almost sickening to see this paid shill back off his phony v shaped recovery babble. In fact, the only v shaped recovery had nothing to do with the wounded consumer, nothing at all.

Larry Kudlow and Metaprogramming. Sly Like A Fox Is Kudlow

Larry Kudlow is the king of metaprogramming, which I explain here at Seeking Alpha. Three phrases that he uses continually are spoken in efforts to program listeners.

1. One phrase is "Drill,Drill,Drill" which shows his desire to establish more offshore drilling. Now that we have the big oil spill in the gulf by BP, he hasn't been using it.

2. Another phrase he uses is "Glass Half Full". That one is an effort, similar to the first to get folks to buy more stocks. It is always about the stocks.

3. The third metaprogramming phrase is "V shaped recovery."

I have argued at Seeking Alpha that there can be no V shaped recovery, and certainly Kudlow knows there will be no such thing, yet he programs folks to buy stocks based upon this phrase as well. Watch this guy, he is sly like a fox.

Other metaprogramming tools used by Kudlow include:

1. "Class Warfare", even though class warfare came from the top, not the bottom, as kudlow alleges.

2. "Socialistic Attack On Banks", which of course is a distortion. What is happening is that real free market capitalism is trying to attack the corporate socialism of the big banks and their bailouts. Ron Paul and even Democrats know what is going on in this little word scam.

3. "I Believe In Free Market Capitalism", which of course is not what Kudlow believes in. He believes in the crony capitalism where the banks make bets, keeping the profits if they win, and being made whole by the government when they lose.

What Can a Strong Dollar and Lack of Wall Street Speculation Do For You?

A strong dollar is important because it increases mainstreet's purchasing power. If the dollar is ravaged by inflation, then it will result in a lower standard of living. Since the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913, the dollar has lost most of its value. But even more than a strong dollar, speculation done by Wall Street banks has eroded the standard of living in this country by driving up commodity prices.

The reason that governments inflate is to lessen the impact of debt already accumulated. But it does not help the average Joe except to make his debts reduced. I have advocated walking away from debt, the immoral debt that comes from high usury interest rates and ponzi loan rates. If people would walk away from their debts and free up their balance sheets, they would combat the high cot of living, if they don't rekindle their old credit habits. This would be good for America in the long run. But of course, this is not financial advice, and I am not a financial adviser nor am I an attorney.


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    • bgamall profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Anderson 

      10 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Yeah Billy, bought and paid for as you can see by the suits he wears.

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      10 years ago

      Larry Dudlow or Thudlow? Take your pick both are appropriate :)

    • bgamall profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Anderson 

      10 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Well, we have the reserve currency. But we have shaken investors. And investors have been scammed by Wall Street too. That is a big problem.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      10 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting read of information but I can't comment because of living in England.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      10 years ago from Guwahati, India

      The country is on economic crisis, no body will like to see its economy defends on the illegal and immoral actions of the banks and international trade at the peril of sovereign control by government that is obliged to protect the individual citizen. China is rising; dollar is losing its value. US must do the needful to protect its interest. Some improvement in economic front is shown by the present government. But this is not all. US were the number one state in world-economy, it must remain so, and the citizen wants to see so.

    • bgamall profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Anderson 

      10 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Hi Sandy, yes, we need to know that the big financial players do not have our financial interests at heart,often working against our interests.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Interesting hub on Larry Kudlow.

    • bgamall profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Anderson 

      10 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Ralph, I think the state bank is a concept that would be good. For example, if Citibank went under, without state banks, JP Morgan would likely get the deposits. That bank would be way, way too big.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 

      10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      One of the candidates for governor of Michigan, Carl Bernaro, is advocating a state bank along the lines of the one in North Dakota that has been working very well for many years. I'm not a fan of Larry Kudlow either. Nor do I like Jim Cramer.


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