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Kudos To Jose Rodriguez - The Operative Who Ran Our Waterboarding Program...

Updated on April 28, 2012

Kudos To Jose Rodriguez – The Operative Who Ran Our Water-boarding Program

I am mindful that I am a professed Christian and I am also acutely aware of Jesus’ Sermon-On-The-Mount, especially the part about how to treat an enemy - but the Gospel is not suicidal and I for one will defend life and even engage in pre-emption if doing so will save lives. It is from this perspective - that I bring Jose Rodriguez, the C.I.A. operative who thought up and ran the Water-boarding program… which caused such angst and still does for Democrats - to those of you who peruse the blogosphere’s attention. Come this Sunday, if God spare my life, I will be tuned in to watch Leslie Stahl question Mr. Rodriguez about Water-boarding/torture… for me Mr. Rodriguez is and always will be a patriot and I thank him in advance for his valor and service to a grateful country, and, moreover, a grateful western world.

On the average, perhaps once a month, President OBma will look at the Threat Matriix and after listening to his advisors, gives his assent to rain down terror on suspected terrorists on our wanted list, during times when they are at home with their respective extended families. Sad to say, but during our drone strikes... usually children, grandparents, and wives are killed, along with the wanted terrorists. The innocent collateral damage and blood that are shed are part and parcel of the-war-on-terror, yet no one is clamoring to prosecute President Obama - nor should anyone, but can we say that Mr. Rodriguez use of so called torture/waterboarding on mass murderrers is worse than President Obama's sanctioning of the Drone strikes... with the President knowing that innocents will die. Like the Old Testament God, President Obama and his advisors must tacitly, like Presidents before him, chalk up the innocent collateral blood who succumbed in our drones strikes to be on the backs of the converts of terror incorporated.who themselves signed up to maim and kill the innocents.

It is an old adage that the C.I.A. and its operatives like Mr. Rodriguez seldom get public praise for what they do everyday, but is instantly in the negative spotlight when things go wrong. But for all the terroristic acts that were thwarted because of Water-boarding or torture, I once again say that I am forever grateful. We may have now become complacent, perhaps, because of the superb job like what Mr. Rodriguez is doing to protect this nation... but there always will be those who are ungrateful – permit me to digress, but what I am about to convey seems fitting... it was this week when we heard that a boss, who was a recipient of Kidney from one of her employees… but who then subsequently fired that same employee who had given her the Kidney - ungratefulness in a nutshell!

Lest we forget that on that fateful September morn, on one of those airlines, if I recalled correctly, that little school girls were coming back from taking part in a spelling bee when they were summarily blown out of the skies, slaughtered like many among the other hijacked airlines. I have written before that there are no Jihad clauses in the Gospel, but this same Jesus who gave us the Sermon-On-The-Mount also inspired the great King David to write in Psalm: 139:22I hate them with a perfect hatred… and so it is when those like Mr. Rodriguez are combating the internecine plague that is Islamo-Fascism….


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