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Kyle Rittenhouse and Jacob Blake: A Kenosha Disaster

Updated on August 31, 2020
Victim 2
Victim 2
Kyle's bravado
Kyle's bravado
Jacob Blake
Jacob Blake

Imagine if you will, a 911 call. Two women fighting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, about some silly dispute. The keys of a vehicle owned by one woman is lost in the fray and Jacob Blake arrives on the scene. He picks up the keys. The woman calling 911 indicates this man is trying or will steal her vehicle. The police arrive and try to sort out this mess. They see Jacob Blake and after running his name through their database find out he has a outstanding warrant for sexual assault (maybe on one of these women). Suddenly, this elevates. Police focus on Blake who does have a knife of some sort. Now, the situation elevates further. Police try to apprehend the guy who, like a criminal, refuses and avoids. The police taze him twice and with no impact (which, in itself, amazing) as Blake attempts to reach the driver seat to escape? Get a weapon? The police did have some opportunities to apprehend the guy but perhaps held back because of the knife Blake had. They finally attempt to do so as Blake is on the driver side of the vehicle seemingly looking for a weapon but maybe just trying to get in and get away. In any case, one officer pulls out his gun and fires him in the neck area at point blank range. Not once, but SEVEN times! Why? Once was enough anyone would think...

This Blake event now exploded in the news cycle on both the right and left political spectrums. BLM really jumped on it because of the skin color, but had this Blake guy been any other color, the same sort of outcry should have happened, but maybe not. Seven times is just overkill and shows the officer was unable to control his emotion in the moment.

Some 20 miles away, in another state, a white kid named Kyle Rittenhouse, who has secret longings to become important, seizes upon the moment to justify his pursuit of justice and meaning. Kyle is a 17-year old who was rejected by the USMC recruiters and by the local police department when he tried to enlist. He is a high school dropout, worked as a lifeguard until Covid ended that. He is a Trumper and was at his rally in January and Blue Lives Matter devotee. He somehow got a AR-15 automatic rifle even though it is outlawed to anyone under 18. His FB pages show him parading it in photos with a manly bravado.

The Blake incident took Kyle to another level and then he traveled 20 miles, crossing the State border, to defend and protect America and his fellow policemen attempting to control the rampant rioters and peaceful protesters over Blakes near death, which did not have to happen. None of it had to happen.

Kyle's mindset was one of helping his fellow men in blue who seemed to be overwhelmed in Kenosha. Brandishing his AR-15, Kyle took to the streets and amazingly was never stopped by REAL policemen in uniform. Obviously, neglecting their duties by not disarming this teenager, which had no business being there pretending he as a "undercover" cop. When rioters noticed his weapon, many were avoiding him but some actually took it upon themselves to try to disarm him. It was during the first scuffle that Kyle murdered the first victim. Kyle may have been scared shitless, but his life was not in danger from another weapon at this time. He panicked. Kyle's second victim was more along the lines of "reckless, wanton" action rather than intentional, pre-meditated, murder. Kyle had been attacked by a guy with a skateboard, which clearly freaked him out as he was knocked down. But it was not deadly force, regardless, a scuffle for control of the gun ensued and the skateboarder was killed. Kyle's last victim, was just Kyle overreacting and shooting another in the arm, as Kyle's paranoia got worse.

That said, the most stunning thing was that Kyle, a white kid, was never arrested by police on the scene! In fact, they allowed him to get in his car and drive home for a goodnight sleep. He was arrested the next morning. This conveys so many things:

  • Did police allow him to go home after the shooting because he was white?
  • Did police not know Kyle had killed two men?
  • Were police so overwhelmed that night in the chaos that they truly were unaware of Kyle's actions?
  • Did the police not believe those protesters of Kyle's actions?
  • Why did police not disarm Kyle when they first encountered him before any killings happened?
  • Did police think Kyle was a real undercover cop?

It just boggles the mind as to why Kyle was even allowed to be there armed, let alone, allowed to go home after he had shot two others!


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