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Updated on May 14, 2011

National Security.

The legality of Osama Bin Laden's death has come into question among both legal experts and "commoners"; whether it was lawful for the U.S. Government to order a raid on foreign soil to get him pulverized.

How that should happen boggled the mind, because we all knew that the leader of Al Qaeda was a fugitive, if not from law, but from common sense.

It was common knowledge that he had organized and financed the 9/11 attacks, which had killed nearly 3000 people in Washington D.C. and New York City; an atrocious act, collectively, that went beyond the pale, as far as crime was concerned.

A special unit had been formed by the CIA to search for him; and former President W. Bush had vowed to get him "dead or alive" for his part in those attacks.

From then on, the search for Osama Bin Laden has become an obsession of the U.S. Government, because if he was not caught in time, he could do it again.

He has been languishing in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and there was no sign of his whereabouts, neither by the governments of both countries nor the U.S. Government.

All his messages from his hole in the mountains, where everybody thought he was hiding, were threatening to America and its allies, to say the least. They were, at one point, in constant broadcast by the Al Jazeera news network, and quite visible on Islamic websites hostile to the U.S.

He had become invisible to a certain extent; however, he was still influential in recruiting new blood into his organization by his broadcasts and other connections; thus increasing the support for his heinous plots against the U.S. in the Arab world, particularly, among the youth, who, he knew, would continue with his nefarious schemes even in his absence, for "now or hereafter".

The search had continued under the Obama administration, until it became clear that he was living on a million dollar compound at Abbottabad in Pakistan, and not in a cave in the mountains.

After that, the person, who had become a compelling anathema to the U.S. national security was a sitting duck; hence, President Barack Obama ordered his immediate ouster.

The whole world, including the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, was aware of the fact that Bin Laden was a wanted man; and not only that, but he could be dangerous if cornered. He also had body guards and couriers protecting, surrounding him, and doing his bid. Therefore, any attempt to flush him out of his hide out in that fortified compound would not be easy.

It was then that the U.S. Navy Seals moved in to take him down, on the orders of their Commander-in-Chief. They had gone there fully prepared to capture, and if need be, kill Osama Bin Laden, a sworn enemy of the U.S., who thought he was invincible.

Moreover, so long as he (Bin Laden) had committed a crime, the law was on side of the U.S. Government. It had legal right, and therefore, it needed no permission from anyone to obliterate Osama Bin Laden, a common criminal that he was.


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