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Updated on August 3, 2012

"... or forever hold your peace".

For Sen. Harry Reid, the Majority Democratic Leader in the United States Senate, to double down on his accusation that he had ample information or Mitt Romney evading taxes for ten years, is a serious matter.

The Senator has said, referring to Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican candidate and challenger against President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, thus,

"The word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years," he said. "Let him prove he has paid taxes because he hasn't." (CNN, 8/03/12).

However, the response to that (accusation) by Romney himself looked too mild and presumptuous that he has something to hide, and that the Senator "... must put up or shut up," because the fervent answer to such a charge would be one that would sound more convincing.

As it was common practice for presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns over a period of time span, Romney should have done so long ago; or especially, when the Obama campaign brought the issue up some few weeks back.

Sen. John McCain, who had vetted Romney for his vice-president in 2008 has come to his aid, and said that Sen. Reid might have "gone over the line." with his assertion.

The simple fact should be for Romney to reveal the tax returns that he had before 2010 and 2011 that was in the process of a late filing; then sleeping dogs would "lie".

Yet, nothing of that sort was happening, except for denials from Romney saying "put up or shut up," on a Sean Hannity radio show, and one of his senior campaign advisers, Eric Fehrnstrom, who responded with some choice words as, "shameful, pathetic, baseless and untrue" to the Reid report.

He, Fehrnstrom, pointed out that Sen. Reid, with the help of the Obama campaign was engaging "in McCarthy-like accusations about Mitt Romney,"

Nevertheless, wouldn't it be nice for his boss to put out the tax returns that he has for the media and the public to stop jumping to conclusions that Romney was trying to hide something in his past? That would bring the matter to a close or put it to rest within minutes of their (tax returns') publication.

The American people would urge Romney in doing so without delay, for the sake of his own candidacy; and also for the actual truth to come out.

P.S. This Hub does not pick on people; it writes about personalities.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi Conservative Lady,

      How long ago did you watch the news?

      African American ministers and church leaders are threatening to boycott the 2012 presidential election, due to the fact that President Barack Obama supports "un-traditional" marriage.

      FYI; 90% of African American voters, who helped to elect him in 2008, were against it (un-traditional marriage).

      So, what do you think? Or, do you want somebody to force the mainstream media news on you?

    • Conservative Lady profile image


      6 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      You assume so much - how would you know what the only thing that people do not like about Obama is? Do you have any factual basis to any of what you have stated?

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hi Conservative Lady,

      Most of President Barack Obama's proposals are geared to eradicating the National debt. "Big Government" as you call it, has no place in those proposals.

      However, as a civilized nation, the disadvantaged has to be taken care of; hence, welfare, food stamps, and such.

      The entitlement programs are too many and too large, we all know that; but they have become so through poor social conditions.

      In other words, they (programs) have to be there to deal with problems that "The system" has created; and so, the government becomes the only source of help for those in need.

      Obama is in the process of transforming "the system", so that there will be enough funds for the under privileged.

      Eventually, all those programs will be delegated to the States, and the size or man-power of the Federal government will be drastically reduced. (No more "Big Government").

      The wealthy in the country are afraid of the "change" to "the system", in that it benefits them more; and that is why they are opposing Obama's policies.

      He will change the present tax code for everyone to pay his or her fair share in taxes.

      Mention the word "tax", and the rich take cover; however, he is saying that you cannot build a strong and equitable society on that basis.

      They (the rich) paying their fair share will enable the government to run the country better and efficiently.

      Now, what is wrong with that, Lady?

      The only thing that people do not like about Obama is that he is involving himself in the culture of marriage.

      Most Americans believe that marriage must be between one man and one woman; period.

      Any other relationship has to have another name; simple.

    • Conservative Lady profile image


      6 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      I am very good at hearing and processing what President Obama is saying and I am not buying what he is trying to sell. We do not need Big Government and we cannot afford Big Government. I work hard and do not want to pay more to Government to support the massive increases in unemployment and welfare benefits that have occured since Obama took office. If you look at the actual numbers instead of listening to the liberal media you too make realize what the truth really is.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Conservative Lady,

      You are one of those people, who are hard of hearing. You have been listening to President Barack Obama for a very long time, but you have not been hearing his message.

      Besides, Mitt Romney is not "squeeky clean" as you are suggesting; at least, not for the business he is in.

      One couldn't be honest in the private equity industry, even if one tried.

      The economy has seen more improvement, since Obama took over. Check that out.

    • Conservative Lady profile image


      6 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      I personally think the Obama team is focusing on Mitts tax returns because they have nothing else to go after. Mitt is squeeky clean. It was also my understanding that most candidates provide 1 to 2 years of recent tax returns for public view and no more. Why are they pressuring Mitt for more - cause he is squeeky clean. If they don't keep Mitt's taxes in the spotlight then people might start looking at how bad the economy is under Obama or that the unemployment numbers are creeping up.


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