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Local Government Units: Not a good way to start a career

Updated on June 10, 2016

Local Government Units in the Philippines

The enactment of the local government brought challenges and inspiration to Filipinos all over the country. But the promise of attaining better life of the common people of RA 7160 was never achieved.

After I graduated college from a known university in the country, equipped with idealism and commitment to serve the Filipino people, I decided to apply for a local government pose. Since the approval of my appointment as an agricultural technologist of a municipality in Quezon Province, It has been a make believe that my position will be an avenue for me to share all my knowledge that I have learned.

But all was in contrary to what I expected. Local governments are not good avenues for you to explore and share.

Evidently, majority of the appointees (so called political appointees) are not qualified in the position they were assigned to. Most of them are appointed not because of their qualification but because they contributed during the election campaign of the current local chief executive.

One thing is for sure, everyone can be appointed to any position in the local government, regardless your age, degree, eligibility and competency. These I think are prime reasons why out of 1,490 municipalities and cities across the country, only few prosper. Employees with great potential and capacities to move the town forward are being eaten by the system more importantly by politics. If the LCE doesn’t want to appoint you even of you have the highest eligibility and competency, your talent will end up nowhere.

I don’t blame Filipinos for seeking greener pasture overseas, I must say that people who manage the system are to blame. We are experiencing brain drain, not because talented Pinoys want to leave the country for their family’s sake but the government cannot provide opportunity to cater these talents. ‘Poor’ poor Pilipinos, left out with ‘poor’ public servants.


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