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Updated on October 24, 2011

Should it be necessary?

The massive amount of pressure that the United Nations and some International civil rights groups were putting on the new Libyan authorities, the NTC (National Transitional Council) to investigate the circumstances in which Muammar Gadhafi died, was improper, to say the least. It (pressure) was too excessive.

He, Gadhafi, was a wanted person; a fugitive, whom the ICC (International Criminal Court) was in pursuit of, to file charges of crimes against humanity on him.

He was so dangerous that he has been waging a civil war against his own people; but for the sympathy that the United States and its NATO allies have had on the situation, a massacre of millions of Libyans, men, women and children, would have occurred needlessly.

That story has been unfolding before the eyes of the whole world for the past six months; and then finally Gadhafi was caught hiding in a sewer in his hometown of Sirte, and only a closed knit of trusted associates, including his immediate family could go near him.

The television footage and videos showed him being beaten and manhandled, which was really sad for any person to wish on another person; however, it was a war scene, and in such a situation, anything could happen.

His people, the pro-Gadhafi forces, would naturally try to steal him away, while the rebel forces would resist; and so, there was so much confusion, in which Gadhafi was shot and killed.

Now, the U.N. and others were trying to open an investigation on Gadhafi's death; and for what reason, not many could tell.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to such an investigation, and there was no denying that President Barack Obama concurred, that some inquiry be done into the death of the Libyan dictator.

There would eventually be an outcome of the investigation, or many outcomes, if there was more than one. However, who would be found guilty of any civil rights violation(s), with respect to Gadhafi's death? Would it be the NTC or those, who were at the scene?

Dr. Othman el-Zentani, who conducted the autopsy of Gadhafi was mum, and he "would not disclose whether findings revealed if Gadhafi suffered the wound in crossfire or at close-range," said a CNN report (10/24/11).

There was a milling of a crowd, 60 or 70 men and women in number, with weapons, tugging on Gadhafi's person, and a gun might have gone off to hit him in the head, where a wound that killed him was found.

Was it an accident, or was it done by the rebels, or was his own bodyguards deciding to get him out of his predicament; the pain and suffering? Or was it Gadhafi, who shot and inflicted the wound on himself, and thus committing suicide? Remember, he was armed; or perhaps, somebody would have given him the gun to finish himself off. It would be a good idea; wouldn't it?

There would be too many questions; but only a few possible or sensible answers could be found for them in the end; and even that would not "let sleeping dogs lie".

What Libya should be doing now would be to find a way to thank the U.S. and its allies, who came to its aid in time of need. Its people were free to govern themselves; and that the U.N. was waiting to receive Libya into the International Community.

The NTC was in the process of forming a new Libyan government, and it needed all the help it could get. The country has been through a strife that it never expected. However, liberty has come to its shores, and its people should be very grateful.

It also should allow the crude oil it, Libya, has in abundance to flow to the nations, who assisted its people to gain their freedom, as a goodwill gesture.


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