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Updated on June 21, 2011

Slow down, House of Representatives.

The Libyan war is said to be weird; however, instead of it remaining in that state, it is becoming weirder and weirder still, with the U. S. House of Representatives literally ramming the War Powers Resolution down the throat of the Obama administration.

The Resolution demands the president to consult with Congress before an act of war can be declared against any nation, enemy or entity attacking the country.

"The heart of the challenge to the constitutionality of the War Powers Resolution rests on differing interpretations by the two branches of the respective war powers of the President and Congress. These differing interpretations, especially the assertions of Presidential authority to send forces into hostile situations without a declaration of war or other authorization by Congress, were the reason for the enactment of the Resolution."; CRS Report for Congress.

There happens to be clear cut conditions that constitute an act of war in the Resolution; however, the present involvement of the Obama government in the Libyan revolution is not one of those. Therefore, Congress must relent its pressure to defund America's effort in that conflict, if the president does not comply with the Resolution, per se.

It is a fact that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will use brutal force against any opposition to his tribal regime, and many people will die, if nothing is done to forestall a complete massacre in the recent uprising the Libyan government is dealing with.

The U.S. has joined forces with its European allies to handle the situation on humanitarian grounds; to protect ordinary and innocent civilians from being slaughtered, in the face of a monstrous dictator resisting a common, grassroots, political upheaval to remain in power.

The role of American special forces there is limited to giving logistical support to NATO, which is not fighting on the side of the rebels, but to ensure that the Libyan security forces engaged in the act of war to quell the rebellion must not turn their arms on those who cannot defend themselves; and they include women and children, who may be caught in crossfire situations, for example.

If America disengages its part in Libya, the alliance with the European countries participating in the hostilities to avert a much serious consequence will fall apart. The idea to remove Gaddafi from power will fail. That chance will be lost, and the rest of the world will be the final loser. His actions have been treacherous from time immemorial; and his presence is not conducive to peace and public good.

In short, the Libyan crisis is not a war as described or identified in the War Powers Resolution, and therefore, Congress must refrain from forcing an issue, which will actually avail to nothing, between itself and the White House.

Getting permission or not by the government will not change anything. It will rather embolden the aggressor, as the U.S. government and Congress take time to deliberate on the matter.

Besides, Republican Conservatives warn the House Representatives not to pull the rug from under the Obama administration in connection with the Libyan mission.


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