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Updated on October 21, 2011

Enjoy! Libyans.

It was President George W. Bush, who initiated the trend that dictators must go. It was not Reagan or G.W. Bush, his father; although, he was the one who removed Noriega, single handedly, from power in Panama.

Yet, W. Bush went about it the right way, by going through the U.N. to get rid of Saddam Hussein; though, some would argue differently that Iraq should not have been attacked after 9/11. In many people's minds, he did it to make the Middle East safe, as well as bringing peace to the whole world.

Putting it another way, it was for the protection of world peace.

President Barack Obama has followed in his (W's) footsteps to accomplish another victory for all peace loving people around the world, by causing the ouster of a despot, who was up to no good. Had he have had his way, the whole world would be in turmoil, if not in ruins, by now.

Gadhafi was, in actuality, never a world leader; he was a slave master, with the enslavement of the people of Libya as his prize, and that country as his treasure trove. When they tried to free themselves, he threatened them with all forms of unimaginable misdeeds, such as torture, imprisonment and even death.

Though, Obama and W. Bush were on the opposite sides of the political aisle, they have achieved the same goal for all humanity; that dictatorship was not fair, as it restricted liberty and human dignity. People were not free to express their opinion on matters that directly affected them, and that was a form of cruelty, which must not be tolerated in a so called civilized world.

If the United States continued that part of its foreign policy, dictatorships would be in the past; and any persons, who would put fear in his or her own people, would certainly think twice before they acted in that manner.

Gadhafi was such a dictator, and he had to be met with the military force and might of the U.S. and its allies in NATO.

It was also an action that leaders of places like Syria and Iran must pay much attention to, that if the rest of the world was united against a nation, who was undermining world peace, the outcome would not be favorable for whatever that nation was or would be.

Obama and his allied friends acted swiftly, to liberate the people of Libya, and to save the world from a massacre, whose carnage would have been unimaginable, as millions of Libyans would have died needlessly.

Gadhafi's departure, and how it happened, should be a lesson to all who practiced a dictatorship form of government; and so depriving their own citizens from achieving their individual goals in life.

Just like animals, who nature has made to roam freely, so should human beings, who have the same propensity to behave as free men and women; to use the potential they have without restrictions, except under acceptable laws.

America should not be the "policeman" of the world; but without its influence in world affairs, the world would be like a lunatic asylum. A freed Libya has been a great achievement, and credit should be accorded Obama; and W. Bush as well, of course.

With Gadhafi gone, the world was a much safer place today than it was yesterday.

Bravo, U.S and allies.


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