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Updated on November 27, 2015


To be able to witness part of the struggle has become oh to real for me lately. As I have grown and analyzed everything that has been put before me the more and more it looks like a program that has been created by a higher power other then mere humans. As soon as we get here we are told what to do, who to believe in, how to dress, how to eat, and so on...As a child my favorite hobbies were writing short stories and poetry, drawing, and singing. But, because we are programmed to train our children I was told on numerous occasions that I could not sing, that I was too fat to ever model, and that I could not write poetry. Coming up I lived in a lot of shelters from the age of 13 to 16. My Dad threw all of my poetry away, people called me the next Mia Angelo, so my writing was Great!!! When the most predominate figure in your life tells you what you can and cannot do you follow their program until you can leave the nest. I call it "THE BLACK SHEEP SYNDROME." For too many years I have heard the down play on black sheeps.Being that that is one of my many labels I have discovered it all. Black sheep's are the one's who brings balance and order. Black sheep's view things for what they are and asked a lot of why's because we do not just except any answer. We want in-depth facts pointed out not to mention wisdom,knowledge, and experience when it comes to different belief's in things that make no sense what-so-ever. Due to the programming that many may follow can cause Us to fall into a struggle without no way out until we began to look within ourselves.

What is the face of your struggle

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The Face of Meye Struggle

This face and this hue of colour has placed me in the struggle due to the judgmental mentalities that plague our Earth. This face is what my parents saw, this face is what they did not wish to emerge into this world. Many black sheep's have been molested do to the misunderstanding and under education of the Indigo Children better known as Latch Key Kids. We are the black sheep's that bring balance and order and many are put in our path to detour Us.I was always the one asking why because nothing never made sense. There were always unanswered questions and wrong guidance. Up until the age of 13 I barley remember anything good,it wasn't until this age that I began to fight for my freedom. Running away had become my strong suit. As I grew I enrolled in Psychology and In medical programs to learn myself and to heal myself. I am here to share with you that your struggle is beautiful and it crafts you to your original state. Everyday I walk out in public I am stared at and sometimes even plagued with the evil eye glares. Someone is always asking me questions like," Are you Muslim, or you from Trinidad,or my hateful favorite or you mixed?" Jobs do not give me a reply when I tell them I am indigenous or as soon as I shoot them a photo. The struggle has taught me to pursure the things that are a passion to me. I wish to share some techniques that you can use to keep focused until you overcome your program(struggle). I am here to tell you to embrace the face of your struggle and continue to stand out and share your messages to the world.

Playing Victim

Have you ever been asked if you are tired of playing the victim? Being victimized can be quite hard to deal with and some individuals even began to create a comfort zone through victimization. There comes a time when you must stop playing the victim and move on with your life's path. This should be the number one focus during your deprogramming stages. Let go of your past hurts and/or current and began to come up out of the struggle that is apart of your programming. You do not have to keep rethinking things about your past because you can change those negative situations or past hurts into good. Began to share what you have been through with no shame as you owe no one comfort but yourself. As black women we are pushed into the struggle because of the judgmental characters that run the world. It's like a bad virus that seems like many partake in. From now on walk with your head held high and do not be ashamed of your strong features or what others may think about you. In order to come up out of this program you have to keep going until someone says yes. We have recently began to accept even the transgenders and the like, now it is time to embrace the Indigo Women and their healing techniques for all. After you have stopped playing the victim it is time to put in major work and research. Studying who I am has became a major part of coming out of my struggle. Some asked," After its all said and done do you feel like you have became the very people you speak about?" My answer was no ,but I could see how dealing with a judgmental society can have you acting just like the aggressor. It takes a strong individual to live in a society who places judgment on you because of events that took place thousands and thousands of years ago. It is sad to see so many living off of information that was dug up out of someone's grave. It is time to live in the now, present time. Now ask yourself are you apart of the judgmental society that creates programs of struggle towards a certain group of individuals? Just remember that we know the struggle is real, but we also know that you can come out from amongst that struggle created by judgmental mentalities.

Coming out of Your Struggle

There are many ways to do this. I have provided a list of things to aid in your deprogramming from a judgmental society as a whole.

(1)Stop playing victim.

(2)Seek professional help, a psychologist,therapist, and so on...

(3) Begin a daily journey about your feelings,thoughts, and wills.

(4)Find out your passion ,your purpose,your path.

(5) Meditate


(7)Diet Change

(8) No Moor Perms(the chemicals mess with your brain cells) Be Natural!!!


These are a few things to start with and can be very lifestyle changing. One must take care of themselves as a whole in order to come up out of a struggle that has been programmed just for you. You are the creator of what happens in your life and its about time to take a stand for yourself because after all you are Wombed-Man!

Unemployment Rates Effect Woman of Color the Most

I wanted to add in the fact about our current unemployment rate. According to Jenn M. Jackson, the unemployment rate is at an all time high for women of color, and has been plummeting sense Bush left office so many years ago." As someone whom they wish to label an African American woman many of Us are currently in fact experiencing low income. After you have put aside the fact of becoming comfortable in your own skin you have to deal with the facts of living on Earth and the affects of it do to judgmental society's. Why is the world afraid of sophisticated women who are not your MeMe's in today's society?Social media has given the black woman a terrible name and continue to do so with these characters they display through social media.Jenn states," 3.6 million will have been affected in 2014 in unemployment rates and it still declines amongst a certain groups of individuals,the black women",(Ebony, January 4,2014)." We can overcome this economic status quo and began to heal from within in order to aid in healing our sisters. I AM MY SISTERS KEEPER!

Even though we may go through the most we must began to stand strong for one another and began to issue out love among the Earth to heal an entire nation who refuses to stop glaring through Judgmental Eye's. Where you see bad you always look for good. Say for intense the positive side of black women is that they are great nurturers and have healing hands.We carry the womb between our thighs and create every living human vessel on Planet Earth. We're very misunderstood because you can not study Us we are not your human crocuses to experiment on,as has been implied upon Us sense the beginning of time. Not only are women of color being inflicted upon it other ethnic groups as well. We as women are all capable of giving life. You can come out of the statistical struggle that they may want to put you in.There are people out here,as myself, that have invested in their future more then once only to be economically knocked down within and without the governmental system. This my friends is a program that Cleary states you must began to search for the answers within to come up out of the program that they wish to put you in.Even though they stare through judgmental eyes we will Rise!


Stating The Facts

Stating the facts can sometimes be a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is. No one really needs an elaborate explanation filled with information that no one can inner stand or read. The struggle is real for many of Us. This is a silent struggle that seems to go unnoticed as kidnapping of black women and children have increased over the years. As mothers are being pushed into a governmental systems who barely has them surviving on a poverty level. While the guiders of the world misuses and abuses it's on laws holding certain people back due to their minimal background that was forced upon them as soon as they arrived here on Planet Earth. The system has failed a whole race of people due to gender and her not knowing who she really is,a human Goddess. Time for meye Seas-Stars to rise! Contact me on my site to build and heal.


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