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Updated on January 21, 2013




As Lois Allen passed a cotton gin mill on September 25, 1961 he witnessed a crime being committed. He saw Herbert Lee, a black man, being killed by a white, powerful State Legislator named E. H. Hearse. This horrific crime took place in Liberty, Mississippi. Around the Civil rights movement there were over a hundred blacks killed and not many to hold accountable for their slayings. There was Wharlest Jackson killed in 1967, Willie Edwards Jr., in 1957 and Emmett Till, in 1955, whose name is given to the bill passed by the Senate to investigate these murders. Most of these cases have been opened back up by the FBI, however many will remain unsolved due to lack of evidence, witnesses have died, moved away or just refuse to talk or get involved.




After Allen and others witnessed the murder they were threatened and told to lie by saying that it was in self defense. Allen refused to lie. He told his wife and Julian Vonn, a black man from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, who was in town to register other blacks to vote, what really happened. Allen went to the FBI and the Civil Rights Commission. The FBI passed the information on to the local police that Allen was in fear of his life after telling them the truth.Unbeknown to the FBI that the local sheriff and many others were one in the same who were out to quiet Allen. Jones and his father were both believed to be members of the Klansman. Government documents from 1961 and 1962 showed proof that Daniel Jones, the sheriff of Liberty, was out to kill Allen, yet nothing was done to protect him or his family.

JIm Crow

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On January 31,1964 Mr. Lois Allen was found by his 17 year old son. Allen was shot twice in the head by what are called deer shots. It is believed that Allen was ambushed while he was opening his cattle gate on his property. It's rumored that Sheriff Jones and a black man named Archie Weatherspoon were there at the time of the killing, however Weatherspoon had told his father-in-law that he did not pull the trigger, leaving the crime in Jones' hand. The Sheriff is accused of telling the family that if Allen would have kept his mouth shut he would still be alive. There was never an investigation by the sheriff for he said there was no leads or evidence. The FBI found exactly nothing to prove that Jones did any kind of surveillance, questioning of any suspects or taken any finger prints from the crime scene.


The FBI are pretty certain that Daniel Jones murdered Mr. Allen and they do intend to find out who is responsible for his death. The Ex-sheriff of Liberty still resides there but refuses to take a lie detector test or to speak too much on the subject. He pleaded the fifth when asked if he was a member of the Klu Klux Klans. Its been nearly fifty years and no one has come forward to share the truth of this senseless murder.

Mr. Allens' family needs to have closure and for some one not to tell the truth, after so many years, it is believed that they are dead or they are still afraid of the killer because he's still around, probably right there in Liberty, Mississippi.

There has been a few cases solved, but not many. Some people feel that since it happened so long ago that everyone should just forget it. How can a boy forget his father, forget finding his father lifeless body and not being able to explain to his children why such a heartless undertaking is still all he still thinks about.






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    • profile image

      Wahid 3 years ago

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    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 3 years ago

      "Around the Civil rights movement there were over a hundred blacks killed"

      Well, sometimes , as we all know , people will writ things without doing due diligence. There was not "over 100" black murdered by white people during the black man's plea for integration rights (circa 1960 to 1968) into white males political & economic environments. I wrote a hub and gave a complete list of known black victims - known black victims i= six. Yup. The grand total is 6.

      Also, Emmett Till was NOT a compulsory integration victim i.e. he did not participate in ANY black BULLY marches to make white males submit to integration. Till was murdered by white males angry over the fact he at behaved very inappropriately to a white female (the white female's boyfriend was the instigator in the murder).

      No one, and I mean NO ONE...was preventing the black race in America from building their own cities, towns, industries, tax bases, political environments. Black were a completely free people prior to compulsory integration (civil rights laws). They chose compulsory integration for their people on their own volition - only people in human history to ever do such a thing.

      And white males submitted... I wonder if the author will write about any of these victims of the societal anomaly that was created in 1964?


    • profile image

      Mylen 3 years ago

      Holy shinzit, this is so cool thank you.

    • profile image

      Armena 3 years ago

      That's an astute answer to a tricky quoeitsn

    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 3 years ago

      Of course , before white Christian males granted the black race their cherished and much pleaded for integration rights (in 1964 & '65), blacks were FREE to build their own towns, their own cities, their own industries, their own tax base and their own political environments. Blacks instead sought out white communities... It is NOT the fault of white people that blacks DEMANDED an end to white people's desire that the black race achieve self-reliance. No people in human history had EVER submitted to another distinct people and granted them across-the-board integration rights into THEIR status environments - and even their residential communities. Only white Christan males of done this! For a variety of very sound reasons...WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES SHOULDN'T HAVE, BUT THEY DID.

      There was NOTHING morally or legally wrong with a color line.

      Because blacks pleaded and pleaded and marched and did civil disobedience for their integration rights (not "equal" rights or "human" rights), white Christian males granted the black race their DEMAND to not be a separate and self-reliant people. Blacks wanted total attachment, to be provided for by the white tax base or white businesses from cradle to grave. White males, incredibly, gave it all to them - their political and economic arenas and the residential communities - and with no QUID PRO QUO. WOW indeed!! Would blacks hv done the same for white people? Yeah, LOL.

      Since 1964, Blacks have become the biggest BULLY race in all of human history (geez, just google black-on-white crime, plus title 7 shakedown lawsuits)). Since 1964, of all violence In America that crossed racial lines and where there was death or serious injury, blacks have committed 98% percent of these types of racially motivated crimes. And their exclusive targets? White people. Compulsory integration needs to end. Blacks need a homeland in America.

    • profile image

      Gloria Brooks 3 years ago

      This is sad, I was born that year(1964), Mr.Allen lost his life because refuse to lie and only want to do the right thing. Sadly things haven't changed that much since then. Whether he finds justice i this world or the next one thing for sure whoever took his life still has to answer to the Great Judge of all mankind. Mr. Allen may you rest in Jesus!

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      Hello, roshall,

      This is a powerful hub and served to remind me of some events that I have not thought about in quite some time. When Lois Allen was murdered, I was in my last semester of junior high school and many of the people in my L.A. neighborhood were very upset over it, largely because many of them were transplants from Mississippi and Louisiana.

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 6 years ago from Ohio


    • junko profile image

      junko 6 years ago

      I'm glad you decidered to try writing here on hubpages.

    • roshall profile image

      roshall 6 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for commenting. I very much feel the same way, that's why I had to write about this.I was born in '64 so what i knew could fill a thimble.I had to learn about this because I wanted my grand kids to know what happened back then.

    • TheListLady profile image

      TheListLady 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for this hub. Until we all address this part of American history - we will remain the savages that made this all happen.

      It is never too late to open a murder case. It is done all the time. The latest news is a cold case from the 50s in a white community and it is all over the news. A child killed by a member of the community. Yet here we know what the deal was.

      Of course the present administration is responsible for making this happen - addressing savage murders that folks would like to forget. We too quickly want to forget the brutal past which is not really the past - this is still happening and still in our minds. I was alive during these horrors.

      The problem is we are not talking about thousands of years ago we are talking about in my life time and I am only 62 now. Didn't someone say 'the truth will set you free' -I suspect reasons for the delays is because the people who are responsible for this brutality are still an active part of the community - as well as their sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, grands etc. who think they are 'entitled' to forget the past, because well, they weren't there (maybe) - although they have reaped the benefits - while the victims must...what? Get on with life?

      Rated up. Thanks for this reminder.