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Updated on August 30, 2012

The world community has tried to express its ambition of a world order where peace and prosperity prevail and individual freedom is maintained through formation of the League of Nations and then through United Nation's Charter but could not effectively execute the ideologies. It has been observed that 'to be powerful' and simultaneously 'to be obedient to a rational pattern' are two non compromising qualities. The super powers wished to be obedient but could not discipline themselves to be so.

One World One Government

In recent history we once again came across the phrase 'the new world order' but instead of support to such ambitions there arose skeptic versions of its interpretation. According to the conspiracy theory this 'order' was meant to control the entire world polity through a vast and complicated web of authorities so as to replace all the existing national governments and power networks. Its goal was to reduce world population to one billion mark through forced birth control and then constitute a uniform world community where only one high-tech government ruled and the entire world obeyed.

Checks And Balances

We all wish for a peaceful co-existence when we are weak. As soon as we get some leverage we are bent to move the entire set up in our favor and become unconcerned of who is being crushed underneath in doing so. In good old days such an endeavor was considered to be immoral. To do good to others, to be considerate regarding the ethos and pathos of others, to wish for others what we wish for ourselves and so on were the major components of all religions. But as soon as we have excluded the religious and spiritual values from the social and political systems to make way for the secular patterns of our social existence new theories have crept in to fill the gap. Scientific theories of evolution preach of 'survival of the fittest'. They encourage for the 'struggle for existence'. Modern economics is based on competitive enterprise. It is competition that makes us perfect and not the co-operation. It is not the moral lesson that makes us behave properly but 'checks and balances' provided within the system which discipline us. In such an atmosphere it seems that any new world order we formulate must needs be based on curbing the atrocities instead of promoting the philanthropies.

It occurs to us that instead of searching a 'new world order' we should take refuge in the old world order.


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