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Labour Victory in Oldham By - Election.

Updated on December 5, 2015

Mixed Fortunes For Jeremy Cobyn's Leadership.


A Vindication Of Corbyn.

Oldham in the north west of England is a safe Labour seat and probably there was never any question that the Labour party would win. 'This Week' a topical political programme fronted by BBC's Andrew Neil carried on until the early hours of the morning covering the by - election as it happened.

UKIP were the one party hoping to win the seat or at least pressurise Labour into getting a smaller majority. Labour's candidate Jim McMahon is a local man 35 years of age and the son of a lorry driver.

UKIP hoped the white English working class voter would turn to them in droves but on the night it did not transpire like that. Labour had a thumping victory and newly elected Labour MP for the area Jim McMahon described the victory as "Staggering".

To celebrate McMahon's victory were Jeremy Corbyn himself and Corbyn's number 2 Tom Watson. Corbyn has had one of the toughest weeks so far in his short tenure as Labour leader with 66 of his own MPs voting with David Cameron in Parliament for the RAF to launch air strikes on Islamic State in Syria.

However Corbyn thanked all those that delivered this victory for Labour and stated the Labour candidate was elected as a reaction to Cameron's austerity. However Corbyn's opponents in Labour said McMahon had won because he was a moderate candidate and not an ultra left winger like Corbyn.

Of course this is just one by - election victory in an area where Labour were likely to win so is it really the good news that Jeremy Corbyn and his followers paint it as.

Nigel Farage With Supporter.


UKIP Say Labour Election A Fraud.

UKIP have alleged that the Labour victory in Oldham has been fraudulent and have asked authorities to investigate the by - election and their evidence is a box arrived with votes in it that said on it '99 % Labour victory' and this alleged box is what has made UKIP suspicious.

As stated above UKIP wanted to snatch the white working class vote and threw everything at defeating Labour or at least making sure their victory was not so overwhelming but something some where went wrong for the anti - E U party.

During the general election this year 3.8 million voters voted for UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) which had the British election system been more representative of other parties it was reckoned UKIP would have had 80 MPs in Parliament instead of just one.

UKIP have stated that becausee Oldham has a large Muslim population they were the ones responsible for the fraud and certainly would never vote for such an anti immigrant party as UKIP.

Their leader Nigel Farage is an MEP and is very charismatic and seems to connect with many ordinary people who consider themselves to be true British and who are mostly anti - EU and anti - immigrant.

Whether UKIP saying Labour victory in Oldham was a fraud is just sower grapes on their part or they are genuinely onto something one cannot say. However electoral fraud has happened in the past particularly with postal votes in ethnic areas so if fraud has occurred as UKIP suspect then it would not be the first time and probably not the last in a western democracy like the UK.


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