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Lack of consideration for others

Updated on January 4, 2012
Woman yelling at cashier
Woman yelling at cashier | Source
Ladies First
Ladies First | Source
After you, sir!
After you, sir! | Source
Stephanie Tanner from Full House says, "How Rude!"
Stephanie Tanner from Full House says, "How Rude!" | Source

is downright rude

Whatever happened to all the manners and norms of the past? You know, like "ladies first", or "after you, sir"? In this day and age, people always seem to be in a hurry. They keep moving and don't stop even for their families sometimes. They don't even stop and smell the roses anymore. They don't seem to have the time or consideration for other people like they used to. It is a little frustrating for me, a person who was brought up with good manners, and having the sense of consideration for other people (I may not use them all the time, but I was reared with these values).

For example, today while I was driving in the right lane of the highway, the person in the furthest left lane chose not to use their indicator and swerved into the exit on my right. The person was literally right in front of me (not even one car length away), and we could have had a serious accident. Does that person not realize that there are other cars on the road behind and around? That was such a dangerous move I was surprised that person made that kind of decision to do that. It was a little scary!

Another example was that when I got home today, I wanted to park in a spot next to or at least, close to where my husband had parked. However, there was this car parked in the middle of the driveway of my apartment complex, and I was not able to go around it nor park anywhere near to my husband's car. This car was literally in the middle of the road so to speak. The person saw me but made no attempt to move over to the side of the driveway.

My last example was when I went to the store one day to buy some essential things like milk and other groceries. When I came to the checkout lines, I found a shorter line as I only had 6 small items. This lady came up behind me and started complaining about how the store is so understaffed and had no cashiers every time she came up to checkout. She then complained to the manager about it. The manager called for more cashiers to come up to the front of the store to help her. Even then, she kept on complaining about how she hated shopping at that store and that she would never come again.

I have other examples, but won't bore you all because I am sure you get the drift. Why are people like that? Why can't people just relax in this day and age? I miss the olden days where everyone was polite to each other and didn't shout or yell at others for no reason. They also seem to have a lack of consideration for other people. Why is that? It's a little frustrating for me when I see or experience these things and wish that the younger generation was instilled with the good values of the past that do not seem to be ingrained into them.

Any comments, thoughts and ideas are greatly welcomed.


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    • rlaha profile image

      rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      SandCastles 5 years ago

      Thanks, you too :)

    • rlaha profile image

      rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

      Hi SandCastles.

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, people can be rude, but I try to see the good side of everyone. However, sometimes things can get to me and therefore, as you have read above, I tend to vent. Yes, safety should be first and foremost. That is very important in this day and age. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • profile image

      SandCastles 5 years ago

      You make good points about basic courtesy. I don't think people were more polite in the old days though. I think people have been cruel throughout the ages; man's inhumanity to man.

      I've noticed that some people are very polite while others are rotten. I used to let the rotten people get to me and in doing so, I didn't properly recognize the good people.

      Also, having manners can not be put above safety. Some people exploit others by using their good manners against them. If someone approaches your car, you don't have to wait for them to reach you to be polite. Some people have been attacked because they put politeness above their own safety. ie: A woman being attacked when she dug in her purse for a quarter to give to another woman who needed change for a grocery cart.

      I do agree basic politeness would be nice, especially when driving.