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Laity Letters

Updated on September 15, 2011
The answer you seek can be found when you look in the mirror...
The answer you seek can be found when you look in the mirror...

Return Letter to Jeff Adams & Larry Bryant Thursday September 15 2011

Well said Jeff & Larry!

I too had a purpose to help with Disclosure - and the Contact Paradigm - but determined that the bigger picture is hindering truth and transparency, and responsible handling of the many aspects of the Contact issue. The corruption and deliberate deviation from the principles embodied in the Constitution is the root of our many problems. The (difficulty of the) UFO/ET Contact paradigm is a thermostat that indicates the degree to which we have fallen. The globalist agenda affects the lives of everyone and will disrupt and destroy anything positive in ET Contact. The unethical path (taken) to globalism and those who are creating it must be reined in. A globalized world may one day be possible if humanity can complete the awakening and mature responsibly and honorably, but this current tyranny is the comprehensive example of how NOT to do it!

Individual liberty and American Sovereignty of the People is the only obstacle that stands in the way of this new Feudalism emblazoned with financial catastrophe. This is no accident and many (are the) conjunctive purposes behind sending America's best and brightest to fight ground wars in the socio-cultural pit-traps of the middle-east. And make no mistake there is no draw down there...they are sending a friend of mine back there AGAIN in two weeks. How do you break a vibrant people? You wear them out spiritually and that is what this 9-11/post 9-11 world is designed to do while also securing the lone-holdouts from the feudal command and control structure. They are picking off those nations one by one using the only hope this world has of turning the fall of civilization around. If you don't want the Golden Age then you destroy the very people in the eyes of the world who would instigate it, initiate it, and lead it! What better way to do that than what they are doing? This didn't just start at 9-11. It's been going on many many many decades before it. These enemies of the planet are organized in ways that we the people fail to do. They draw on millennia of knowledge and experience within our own history books to do it...and the best the People do is organize 'demonstrations' or argue among themselves over petty internal social issues. The powers we face know not only how to organize but how to take bold action that nets tangible results and they know how to create and institute both (sp) short and long-range plans. They manage their daily lives and these efforts like running two businesses at once. It is time the people start learning the skills of self-management and collective planning & implementation. Knowing what is wrong is not the same as resolving what is wrong. Two different skill sub-sets. Both must be utilized. It is not enough to speak of the problem and the needs. It must be achieved to change the(sp) circumstances so that the problem no longer has a fertile and profitable ground within which to subsist and grow.

"The Hour to try the Firmness and prudence of Man is near at Hand," ~ Samuel Chase

"...try for God's sake and the sake of human Nature, to rouse our countrymen from their lethargy." ~ Charles Carroll

"The Almighty created America to be independent of Britain: let us beware of the impiety of being backward to act as instruments in the Almighty Hand, now extended to accomplish his purpose." ~ William Henry Drayton

...because the British East India Company now "cast their Eyes on America, as a new Theatre, whereon to exercise their Talents of Rapine, Oppression, and Cruelty." ~ John Dickinson

As Arthur M. Schlesinger (See his distinguished monograph, The Colonial Merchants and the American Revolution, 1763-1776) has put it, pamphleteers set out to show "that the present project of the East India Company was the entering wedge for larger and more ambitious undertakings calculated to undermine the colonial mercantile world. Their opinion was based on the fact that, in addition to the article of tea, the East India Company imported into England vast quantities of silks, calicos and other fabrics, spices, drugs and chinaware, all commodities of staple demand; and on their fear that the success of the present venture would result in an extension of the same principle to the sale of the other articles" The result would be, as a Philadelphia pamphleteer signing himself "A Mechanic" warned:

"They will send their own factors and creatures, establish houses among us, ship us all other East India goods; and in order to full freight their ships, take in other kinds of goods at under freight, aor (more probably ) ship them on their own accounts to their own factors, and undersell our merchants, till they monopolize the whole trade. Thus our merchants are ruined, ship building ceases, They will then sell goods at any exorbitant price. Our artificers will be unemployed, and every tradesman will groan under dire oppression."

By 1773, therefore, it was plain that America was to be sacrificed: colonial merchant capitalists were compelled to strike back through the destruction of the tea and the writing and enforcement of the Continental Association.

(Louis M. Hacker: The First American Revolution)

"As there [are] every where awful Tories enough to distract the Minds of the People, would it not be wise for Congress by a Publication of their own to set this important Intelligence in a clear Light before them, and fix in their Minds the first Impression in favor of Truth?" Samuel Adams.

"You will see that their aim is, under offers of peace, to divide and disunite us; and unless their views are early investigated and exposed in a striking manner and in various shapes by able pens, I fear they will be but to successful, and that they will give a very unhappy if not a ruinous cast to our affairs...If your leisure will possibly permit, I should be happy that the whole should be discussed by your pen." George Washington calling upon William Livingston for his support.

"And what can be more provoking than for Great Britain, after acknowledging the superiority of our arms, to propound such a controul over our commerce as we remonstrated against before the commencement of the war; and which would infallibly render us and our remotest posterity the slaves and tributaries of a nation venal, corrupt, abandoned, and rushing headlong into inextricable perdition? But to palliate this ruinous measure, it is sugar'd over with "that the net-proceeds of such duties shall be always paid and applied to and for the use of the colony, %c. in which the same shall be respectively levied;" that is, in plain English, to maintain legions of hungry ministerial dependents, who are to be sent amongst us to accumulate fortunes, and then re-cross the Atlantic to dissipate in luxury what they amassed by iniquity, and thus make room for another set equally penurious and rapacious. For my own part I would rather pay the tax immediately into the English exchequer, as I think it infinitely more eligible to support a number of rogues in London than in America." ~ William Livingston

"Away with your fleets and armies, acknowledge the independence of America, and as Ambassadors, not Commissioners, solicit a treaty of peace, amity, commerce and alliance with the rising Stars of this western world. Your nation totters on the brink of a stupendous precipice, and even delay will ruin her." ~ New York Journal, July 6, 1778

"Our sun of political happiness is already risen, and hath lifted its head over the mountains, illuminating our hemisphere with liberty, light, and polished life. Our independence will redeem one quarter of the globe from tyranny and oppression, and consecrate it the chosen seat of truth, justice, freedom, learning and religion." ~ David Ramsey, Charleston NC; Oration in opposition to compromise and in favor of the benefits of Independence.

Jeff is well spoken to point out that today we reside once again upon the plantation and have neither liberty nor independence. There does not exist representation and the hollow voice of the people is little more than a tool deployed against global factions to be shoved this way and that to illustrate global illusions and capacity for (societal) control. A voice is truly hollow when it bears NO TEETH and employs no hand to rule its OWN HOUSE! Sovereignty is compromised away in favor of SOCIAL FACE VALUES under the heading of propriety and political correctness. Appearance of obeisance to law and globally manufactured social constraints; erose and erodent - fit for a eunuch society, is more important than responsibility and liberty and self-reliance or collective coherence. This is the CHOICE of every American. To be independent one must walk tall and embrace the fearsome unknown and Chance's interplay with individual choices based on principles and goals. Depth of Meaning must be restored to the concept of Independence and Liberty as conjoined twins in the revolution of Mankind's given lifetimes.

Best Regards,


On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 6:26 PM, LARRY W BRYANT wrote:

THANK YOU, Citizen Adams, for this insight and commitment. See my comments, in red, interspersed below. -- OO

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 7:39 PM, Jeff Adams wrote:

The lack of UFO / ET disclosure is a symptom of a much larger problem which is the lack of truth and transparency in the US Govt (the military industrial complex more specifically). I have more or less retreated from the UFO ET disclosure issue and have focused on the larger picture. Once we can defeat the globalist agenda (which we will), all the puzzle pieces will fall into place. I used to think exposure of UFO / ET would expose the NWO folks, but the lack of disclosure is just a symptom of it.

Not sure if you guys had a chance to read this, but it is an article that discusses the two paths for America:

The Two Coming American Revolutions by Silver Shield

Silver Shield is Chris Duane and he runs the Sons of Liberty Academy. Recently, his website has become the target of government attacks and malware. He has upgraded his security, but he (like me), is under scrutiny. It would happen no matter which party was in control.

This isn't about the left / right paradigm, its about individual liberty and American sovereignty in defiance of the PTB. America (and Americans) are the target. If we acquiesce, then the world is lost. As united citizens we must be moral, ethical and principled in this cause.

Central government ALWAYS creates the problem, then offers solutions to the problems they created in the first place. (INDEED so . . . the result is called FASCISM, wherein both our major political parties have merged into one, which fast is approaching a police state with its worldwide tentacles and military power concentrated on preserving the elite's authority. As I've said a number of times: Amerika used to have the best government money can buy; now we have the worst government that money can buy. Heil O'bummer/O'boneher! ~ Larry Bryant)

I am an unapologetic conservative, though in Thomas Jefferson's day my views were defined as classic liberal thought.

In today's world people hate me and call me a racist and say that I want to hang people from trees and say that I want to re-establish slavery in this country.

On the contrary, I maintain that we are ALL on the plantations and reservations now. We have slowly become slaves to a central government that is in our wallets and in our bedrooms. (CAN'T say it any better than that, mon ami! ~ Larry Bryant)

We need to start drawing our lines in the sand and then reverse the encroachments by the central government on our ability to make our own choices and let us take personal responsibility for our own actions.

I could go on for hours about all of this with numerous examples, but I'll stop here.

You guys are the best.


When the government fears the people, you have liberty.

When the people fear the government, you have tyranny.

- -Thomas Jefferson

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

- - John F. Kennedy


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  • RighterOne profile image


    6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

    You are one 'able pen' and I am another. Good Hub - a bit dense for our 'average American reader,' but not bad overall. More paragraphs! 4/5

    Your writing style reminds me of mine, use of dashes and everything.

    Good to meet another Freedom Fighter. I look forward to reading more. Please follow! Cheers!


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