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America~Home Of The Brave

Updated on December 1, 2016

A Brave Native Stands Alone

A lone tribesmen sitting on his trusted stead looks upon the approaching, opposing forces one day during the many long months of protesting the Dakota Pipeline and the effects it will have on the surrounding people, land and water.
A lone tribesmen sitting on his trusted stead looks upon the approaching, opposing forces one day during the many long months of protesting the Dakota Pipeline and the effects it will have on the surrounding people, land and water. | Source

No Peace In Sight

The Dakota Access Pipeline has been controversial regarding its potential impact on the environment. Native Americans were not happy at this prospect and so the Meskwaki and several Sioux got together to protest and formed a group organization, in August 2016, on the Standing Rock Reservation, known as ReZpect Our Water. The organization delivered a signed petition to sue for injunction to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in Wahington, D.C. hoping that they would get the neccessary help that they would need to fight this developement from destroying their water and land. Members from the Dakota and Lakota tribes began to show up at the pipeline site in 'protest' of the pipeline and the effects it could have on the environment, especially the water. Since then, thousand of members of the Sioux and Meskwaki tribes, as well as other people from across the country have gathered in support of the Native Americans who have been beaten, and pepper sprayed, attacked by police dogs, and blasted with ice cold water hoses and dragged off to be arrested for 'protesting and hindering' the process to go forward with the Dakota Pipeling construction.

Territorial Wars

Child holds sign saying, "How Can I Live With No Water?!"
Child holds sign saying, "How Can I Live With No Water?!" | Source
Police enforce with attacking dogs
Police enforce with attacking dogs | Source

Stand Up With Standing Rock

These are 'Native American' people! How much more land ownership and rights should they have to give up to greedy, lying, treaty- breaking big shot government officials and big wig conglomerates?! Dakota Access, LLC, a subsidiary of the Dallas, Texas corporation Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. proposes to wrip apart the sacred ground and lay an oil pipeline that is 1,172 miles long which runs through four states. From Stanley, North Dakota Passes through States of North Dakota , South Dakota , Iowa , Illinois ending near Patoka, Illinois (oil tank farm) . The Native people have given up much in the past and have suffered greatly for it. Today, they stand together against the 'white man' fighting for the preservation of their sacred water and land. They are fearful for their future, the future of their children, of the plants and animals and ultimately, the effect it will have on their water supply. Many Americans celebrated 'Thanksgiving' together with their families, in a warm home, with plenty of food. Most Americans did not give a thought to the real 'American People', the people of Standing Rock Reservation, who amidst all these things to be thankful for, continue to stand in the heat of the blazing sun, in the parched dirt left by developers, holding hands....praying to the Great Spirits to hear their plea, and save them from the powers that be, who relentlessly press on in their effort to beat back the 'savages' and lay down their pipe line, regardless of the cost and destruction it leaves behind in it's wake. Mother Earth must surely be crying.


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