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Las Vegas Police Report Says Victims Found at Hooters and Tropicana

Updated on January 29, 2018

[Update: AP has reported that Brian Fraser was taken in a wheelbarrow to the Tropicana. The report states:

"While others around him ducked for safety, Fraser looked around to try to spot where the shots were coming from so that he could shield his wife. He died doing just that, said his son, Nick Arellano. Fraser’s friend ushered their wives and friends to safety before rushing back to perform CPR on Fraser. A doctor and several nurses in the crowd came to help, eventually loading Fraser into a wheelbarrow and taking him to paramedics."]

Adding a new level of intrigue to multiple witness reports of shootings and mass panic throughout the night long after Stephen Paddock was dead, the LVPD's newly released report on the October 1 mass casualty event states that victims were found outside of Hooters and the Tropicana far away from the concert venue. One witness, Joe Napoli, who was at the concert, has said that he saw brass casings from spent rounds strewn in the parking lot of the Tropicana.

Listing the victims whose bodies were recovered at the venue and the "exterior perimeter," the report states somewhat enigmatically:

"Seven additional victims were located and recovered from the exterior perimeter. Their body positions and locations suggested they had been placed at these locations."

This language has been taken to mean that the nature of the injuries of the seven victims were such that they could not have walked to where they were found. The report then goes on to list the victims who died later, in the days after the shooting.

A map is then included in the report which shows the locations where the deceased were found.

Page 34 of Preliminary Report, body recovery.  Number 30, Brian Scott Fraser, outside of Tropicana, number 31, Tara Ann Roe, outside of Hooters, north of the Mandalay Bay.
Page 34 of Preliminary Report, body recovery. Number 30, Brian Scott Fraser, outside of Tropicana, number 31, Tara Ann Roe, outside of Hooters, north of the Mandalay Bay. | Source

The Las Vegas police scanner record of that night, shootings are reported at the Tropicana, Hooters, and the Bellagio. Witnesses such as Gio Rios describe scenes of panic as crowds stampede in one direction or another.

The report, entitled "LVMPD Preliminary Investigative Report, October 1 Mass Casualty Event," presents a timeline in which Paddock, within a couple of minutes starting at 10:05pm:

- Fired shots into the crowd at the music festival below,

- Picked up a drill and started drilling a hole in the wall, either for a camera or a rifle port, according to LVMPD Sheriff Joe Lombardo,

- Fired 200 rounds through the door at security officer Jesus Campos, the number of rounds reported by Lombardo in a previous press conference.

- Returned to fire approximately 100 rounds at the crowd below.

Oddly, the report states that, although he had had rounds fired at home through the door, "Campos advised the security dispatcher he had been shot in the leg with a BB / Pellet gun and was injured."


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