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Last Of The Baby Boomers.

Updated on June 14, 2016

On Their Last Years.

Time To Step Down.

As most of the baby boomers are dying or retiring, more and more millennials are starting to take their places. Soon the boomer's won't have a choice but to step down. Either by government age limits or forced retirement or regular retirement.

Millennial's are slow shifting into power and thing are changing, and trust me the boomer's don't like change. Therein lies the problem. Boomer's are so used to doing the same things over and over it has ruined the country. We desperately need change whether they like it or not.

Einstein said once, " To do the same thing over and over and keep expecting the same results, is the definition of insanity." We are already seeing it happen around the world. With all the legal marijuana and medical marijuana laws changing is proof that a power shift is on the way.

Not to say the boomer's didn't have their fair share with political and social issues, in which they for the most part handled them well, but now there are issues that need to be dealt with and they are not comfortable with these new political and social issues. We need new eyes and minds on these issues, so the generation that lives with these issues can get things changed.

How The Boomers View Things.

A Change In Rights!

Millennials now more than ever are pushing issues the boomers are ignoring, or just not going to listen to, because instead on being non-biased as they should they put their personal beliefs before the system and push it to the back burner to say.

Today we have gun issues rights, gay rights, transgender, marijuana, and still hate crimes or racism. We have different views on these issues, and have waited our time to have our voices heard, and now is that time. We are not going away and we will not stop until things change.

So either lead, follow, or get out of the way. We are the future whether the boomers like it or not. We think differently than the boomers and want different things from our government and our states. It's time to step down and let us be heard. Soon enough you won't have the choice, by law seats will have to be changed. So why not get on the band wagon with us, and quit being so disagreeable.

None of the boomers have anything to lose. We are the one who may not get our social security. You have had a great run, but let the people who deal with these political and social issues first hand decide on how they will be handled.

To us millennials we feel like the states and government is following their own agenda's, instead of dealing the issues that are right here and now in America. The problem is that boomers think we will mess everything up. Well we may mess some stuff up, but we can't learn if you won't give us a chance.


Do You Think That The People Should Have More Power Than The Government That Approves Bills And Policies?

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What Millennials Want In Our Future

We want what everyone wants, more power! Not to run the nation, but to have at least the power to guide the government how we wish to see how they decide on policies. For instance before we change any policies have an online voting system to where the people can also decide what is important or not.

We want less prejudice. All races should be treated equally. Gays in all states should have the right to marriage. Muslim's should have the same respect for their religion as any other religion, and also treated as equally as any other citizen. Black citizens should be treated the same as any other citizen, without automatically thinking they have done something wrong, or treated as criminals.

The government don't want these changes because it would give people more power. Is that not the reason we created this government? For the people to have some power over the government. They don't live the lives we do, therefore they don't understand, or care about how the millennials think and want.

The things that are disturbing the boomers the millennials are living everyday. What the boomers see as different, we see as life. You see to us being gay or transgender is normal. It's the media and older generation that create hate toward the people they don't understand.

How Millennials Are Stereotyped.

We Are Not Afraid!

There are reason when cities riot violently in a wrongful death of a black person, or when someone burns the U.S. flag, or gay bashing goes on. We want the government were not afraid of them. I agree sometimes it gets out of hand, but it could have been prevented altogether if you would have just listened to the protest in the beginning.

It's lack of listening that escalates things. I mean to say, If police use less lethal weapons, some or most incidents would not occur. Of course police could say they had a gun so I took the shot.
Really? that's the only option. Let me enlighten you. If you use a .45cal rubber bullet and aim for the ribs not the heart you will take a person down.

Why are the police only using lethal bullets? Rubber bullets are just as affective as lead bullets, exception is maybe a life is saved, and riot diverted. Now I'm not say they shouldn't carry lethal magazines. Just keep rubber bullets in the gun and leave the lethal one in the pouch.

Why has no one even suggested this yet or made it mandatory. Less mistakes would be made and more people would live. It's a win-win no matter how you look at it. We aren't afraid the millennials are a even bigger population than you boomers by a few million. We are the largest generation ever, so it's time to wake up and listen because we out number you.

Coming Fast

  • Fact, by 2030 millennials will out number Boomers by 22 Million.

  • Stat. 57% of millennials prefer using cash over credit.

  • Quote from Einstein. "I fear the day that technology outreaches human intelligence, for we will have a generation of idiots." That's you Gen. Z.

Millennial Stats.

We Care About What Happens Next.

We the millennials care about all kind of social issues. Everything from LBGT to BLM movements. In addition we care about the environment, elections, government policies, and government involvement.

The problem is the government don't take us seriously. Even though we out number the boomers by a few million. Maybe if government paid as much attention to us as the boomers we could get some things worked out. It's a fact the millennials are a smarter generation than the boomer generation. If you boomer who don't believe that try picking up an 6th graders school work and try to figure it out.

As I said earlier boomers are having to step down or retire, so sooner than later we are going to take over and we will set politics and social issues that fit our needs and you will not be able to stop it. To you it will feel horrible to lose that power and status, but we will just rightfully taking our place in history. So good luck boomers we'll give you a handshake, and a "at a boy" on the way out.

How Do You Think The Millennial Shift Will Affect Government?

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