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Voice from the Crossroad of Living

Updated on January 6, 2010


I am retired now and find that I have more time to observe, reflect, and think. In observing the Run for the Presidency I have noticed that Republicans are moral people. Their morals seem to have more to do with the Laws of Moses(Ten Commandments & related behavior proscriptions) than it does with the Teachings of Jesus. They seem to think that their Values are Absolutes that should be written into and enforced by Law. Power & Prisons make stable Society.

Democrats (on the other hand) seem to think that morals have something to do with the Teachings of Jesus. Things like Loving thy Neighbor. The Golden Rule(Do unto others--)seems to have a greater effect on their Game Plan for America. In the Gospel of Matthew 25th Chapter around the 30th verse, Jesus talks about Feeding the hungry, Clothing the naked, Shelter for the Homeless, Helping the Sick and those in Prison and he was speaking to the Nation. Democrats have this idea that government is meant to Serve the Citizen.

I tend to be an Independent Democrat. I believe that every person should contribute his best effort to be a productive citizen. It is what Communist would have called "from each according to his ability". The rest of that slogan is "to each according to his needs". Republicans like to label Democrats "Spend & Tax Left Wing Liberals". There is, after all, no free lunch and and Republicans don't want you eating off their plate.

I have lived long enough to know that the Greed Factor is what makes the Capitalist Systems so efficient and makes America the richest nation on earth. To try to eliminate it would bring America to the same fate as those Evil Communist. But if we fail to find a way for those who have the most to help those who have the least, the country will become increasingly divided into Rich and Poor and our Middle Class will wonder what happened to the Good Life. God help us if our Prison System continues to become our largest growth industry as our Medical Delivery System and our Educational System becomes "One for the Wealthy" and "One for Welfare" and never the twain shall meet. I sometimes have the feeling that a Compassionate Conservative is one who believes that it is alright to let the Poor live as long as the Rich live better.

I do believe that those who contribute the most should have the most. Just be careful that you don't slam the door in the face of the servant. After all, Jesus said: "Those that would be First will be Last, and the last shall be first". He liked to call Himself "The Suffering Servant" As you did it unto the least of these, You would have done it unto Him.

With the Presidency of Obama we have the chance to make Social changes in the practice of Government and Politics in general. This deep recession we have found ourselves in might allow changes in what we do as a People that will be as profound as those under Roosevelt and Kennedy/Johnson. We need to preserve the operatunity and rewards of a Capitalist Economic System. We also need to remember we are democratic Society and have the obligations of the Big Village.

Cherish the Moment
Last Hand Willie 

copyright © William Hodge 2009


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