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Leaking Asylym Seeker boats

Updated on July 17, 2013

Leaking asylym seeker boats from Indonesia to Australia are causing serious loss of life.

People smuggler operators are not really interested in whether the refugees actually reach Australia they are only interested in the money they provide for their passage. Once the money is paid and the refugees packed on a boat then the people smugglers disappear from the scene.

The Australian authorities intercept the boats, the refugees are put ashore and the boats are burned. The crew are sent for trial as people smugglers.

The boats

Boats have been coming to Australia for years on and off. As the boats are burned by the authorities then more boats must be found by the people smugglers. As the crew are jailed, then more crew must be found.

People smugglers must use boats that are old and not needed any more, the boat will not be going back to Indonesia for another pick up. This means that boats must be getting older and older and leakier and leakier as the supply of these old boats dries up.

The Crews

Crews are getting younger. They are often recruited from the villages of Indonesia, and young men are attracted by an actual wage and the adventure. It does not matter a great deal to the people smugglers if the crew survive. It will be a while before they return to Indonesia anyway for the crew are jailed for taking part in people smuggling. There are a large number of teenagers in jail convicted of this offence. These are the minnows of the system not the main proponents.

People Smugglers

Recent terrible tragedies of sinking boats and serious loss of life of both refugees and crew highlight the money grubbing people smuggler operators.

People smuggler organisations are not interested in human rights. They traffic in people for the money that has been hard put together by the refugees. They trade in misery.

The Refugees

These refugees have fled their land for reasons of persecution, fear of death or harm, or just economic refugees looking for a better life.

Many times it is the young men who come. Families struggle to provide that person with the fare. The hope is that the young man will be successful in his bid for asylum, will settle in Australia and then sponsor his relatives for a new life in Australia too.

Often they are families, men, women and children risking their lives to get to Australia.

Many have died on the way.

The Australian Government

The Australian Government is powerless to act to stop the carnage. The inflexible divide in Parliament is serious and both sides will not give way.

Will a new government solve the problem? It will be a hard road.

In the meantime the authorities can only rescue the victims and process them.


The Indonesian Government claims it too is a victim of the refugee problem. The custom is that asylum seekers should seek asylum in the first country they come to where they are safe. Indonesia has so many refugees waiting for processing. The country is used by people smugglers as the setting off point for the dangerous voyage being nearest to Australia.

Human Rights

So no actual political will to tackle the problem means that the carnage will go on. Large profits will continue to be made. The desperation will persist. There will still be no interest in the human rights of these refugees, for whatever reason they are seeking asylum.


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