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Learning To Enjoy Life

Updated on March 6, 2014

Living a happy life is an important factor for our survival and in present struggling times its significance has taken up a greater value. Life is not presented to anyone in a golden plate and every person has to seek his or her own personal path to happiness and satisfaction. From the big to little things in life everyone has to find the bliss, the peace which can turn into a true source of happiness. The question here in concern is how to settle ourselves and truly enjoy even in the most trying times. The answer to this is simple. All we have to do is to adopt a new approach towards things and bring about few little changes in our lives that can ultimately lead to a much more easier, enjoyable, and happy life.

The great essentials of enjoying life are staying positive and being thankful.When we learn to look at life from a positive aspect,we automatically start appreciating all the good things that life has to offer to us.
The great essentials of enjoying life are staying positive and being thankful.When we learn to look at life from a positive aspect,we automatically start appreciating all the good things that life has to offer to us. | Source

The Must Do Changes


If you are looking forward to enjoy life, then you really have to start from understanding one thing that you need to be grateful and thankful for what you already have or possess. This is very important to know that you are blessed with so many things and there are many people who desire and crave for what you already have. Make yourself understand that you are at a better place than many others and you should be thankful for that.


The importance of staying positive cannot be denied. Your optimistic approach towards things will automatically fill you up with confidence and you will take the things in an easy way. The faith in your good hopes will give you a satisfaction which is enough for you to feel good about anything. True, fears are there but then again it is all about your approach towards things that helps if they are thought out in a positive way.


Confidence is the key to your happiness. If you have faith in yourself and your abilities you will understand that you can deal with anything in your life coming your way. You have to be confident in your approach towards things and in the steps that you take in your life. You have to put your own faith in yourself and move ahead. Don’t pay heed to what others will say to you. Don’t care when others try to put you down. Just always carry that confidence in yourself that you can deal with anything in your life and can draw out your personal satisfaction from it. Having faith in your abilities relaxes you enough and then you start to look at the pleasure giving things of life.


Learning things is important to enjoy life. Just look around and you will discover many things to explore and observe. From books to television or even the online world there are many things which you already do not know about. Try to look and learn from them. It is indeed a very interesting task and you will ultimately benefit enough form it in the good sense


The true enjoyment of life also comes from understanding that change is a good thing. You should stay open to change and be ready to try out new things. This way you can have little life adventures which will not make you learn only but you will enjoy too. Staying at one place or doing the same things over and over again makes the life dull and boring. You have to learn to do something different from your daily routine and ultimately you will find it as an interesting way that leads to happiness.


Sharing is a good thing. Learn to share your thoughts. If something bothers you share with your loved one or even if something you are happy about also tell it to someone. That really helps to feel good and relaxes you enough. If you don’t have someone around with whom you can share then try to think over it and do your self talk. That also helps a great deal in opening yourself up and relaxing you.


The very simple and an easy way to enjoy life is to involve yourself in what you like the best to do. From breakfast in bed to even sleeping for long hours, from going out to some place to having some good time out with your friends or family, listening to music, watching movies, cooking; do anything that makes you feel good. Happiness comes to a relaxed mind and whenever you will indulge in some favorite activity of yours you will get happy and will enjoy it to the core of your heart.


Another important thing that can make you feel good is to organize yourself. That really helps to avoid all the confusion and fuss in your life. You will feel much happier and it will give you enough satisfaction to know that you have a control on your life.


It is said that laughter is the best medicine and it is true to a great extent. People who stay gloomy and negative cannot open up to the good things in life. You have to learn to appreciate the things around you, take things lightly and try to smile or laugh as much as you can. You will discover the great hidden relaxation in laughter and you will enjoy in the true sense of the word.

Learning to enjoy life is a very important and much desirable thing these days. Surely there is enough seriousness in our lives but we must learn to cope with the problematic situations and try to look at life through a different angle as well. Just by trying and changing our mindset towards many issues we can learn to live the life to its fullest and enjoy the beauty in it. A little bit of self improvement can make wonders and not only we can enjoy but can make other people’s lives enjoyable too.


To be a better person is not a hard thing to do.All you require is a bit of effort on your part in your way of self improvement.This article focuses on the ways that can help you to become a better person!!!

Staying optimistic and hopeful can turn your life into a bliss.Don't let pessimism get you down.Check out what steps should be adopted to let go of your inner fear and the pessimistic approach.

© 2011 Saadia A


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    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 5 years ago

      Thank you Sanxuary for appreciation and dropping in your comment.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 5 years ago

      True and excellent with change being the hardest but most important thing to do.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 5 years ago

      Thanks mmsu for leaving your very nice comment on the Hub. I appreciate!!!

    • mmsu profile image

      mmsu 5 years ago from Pakistan

      You are right everyone needs to live their life by being happy as all we have is one life which can go away in a matter of seconds so we should cherish every moment and stay happy.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 5 years ago

      Thank you starstream for your comment and appreciation.It is the thought that counts so why not have happy thoughts, be happy and enjoy life :)

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      Yes, your hub is awesome. Many changes bring us new decisions every day of our lives. Why not decide to be happy and to enjoy these small delights which lives brings to our vision.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Thank you Gracenduta for coming by and your comment :)

    • Gracenduta profile image

      Gracenduta 6 years ago from Kenya

      Staying positive is the best part, thanks for the hub

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hi jeyaramd...Thank you for your wonderful comment,your appreciation and your votes. :)

      It is true that laughter is a great source of decreasing your stress levels,learning about how to embrace change and sharing the issues that disturb you with your loved ones is something that really helps on many levels.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving your feedback.I appreciate!!!

    • jeyaramd profile image

      jeyaramd 6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      These are great ways to enjoy life. I think humour plays a important role in dealing with life. If we can laugh it out; we most certainly can handle anything. Its so true that change is certain in life. Its important that we embrace change. And sharing will heal a lot of your worries in life. I think when we share we gain a lot from the sharing. Its good for the soul. These are great tips to live a fulfilling and rewarding life. Awesome hub. Voted up on many levels.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Thank you for stopping by nextgoodthing.I am glad you liked the Hub :)

    • nextgoodthing profile image

      nextgoodthing 6 years ago from Miami,Fl

      This hub is absolutely wonderful. WE often take life for granted while we should enjoy this blessing every day! Thank you for the inspiration

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Thank you so very much for your kind comment Nicole :)

    • Nicole 75 profile image

      Nicole 75 6 years ago

      Interesting, always come up with new things learner365. Thanks for sharing such things ....

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Thank you for liking and voting up tarajeyaram :)

    • tarajeyaram profile image

      tarajeyaram 6 years ago from Wonderland

      Very nice hub. Thank you for sharing. Voted up and useful.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hi fucsia....I am grateful for your so much appreciation.Thank you for stopping by :)

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      I very like this Hub! I adore this Hub!

      Thanks for sharing your energy!

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hello Born2care2001,

      Your appreciation is much appreciated.Thanks a heap for that :)

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Jlava73... Your kind words and your always appreciation motivate me to write more.Thank you so much for that :)

    • Born2care2001 profile image

      Rev Bruce S Noll HMN 6 years ago from Asheville NC

      Hi Learner,

      Excellent Hub and I couldn't agree more! Great points to follow for anyone who just wants to enjoy being!

    • Jlava73 profile image

      Jennifer Vasconcelos 6 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

      Your Hubs always offer inspiration and encouragement.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Sankari.nayagam...i am glad that you liked it.Thank you for your appreciation and encouragement :)

    • sankari.nayagam profile image

      sankari.nayagam 6 years ago

      Excellent hub! simple thoughts explained very well! Keep writing such motivating hubs!

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Thank you Kris Heeter for your appreciation and sharing it with your followers.I am glad you had a nice start of your day :)

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 6 years ago from Indiana

      A great way to start the day off - thanks! I will share it with my followers:)

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hi Deborah Brooks...It is indeed really very significant to enjoy whatever you do.Only then you can know the good things this life has to offer also.

      Thank you very much for your encouragement and appreciation :)

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      I totally agree with you.. It is so important to laugh and enjoy and to do what you want to do.. I am writing,.. I am having the time of my life.. I am enjoying life. Thank you for the most positive Hub. I have seen yet. I voted up and awesome.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      starstream... Thank you for your appreciation and stopping by.I am also glad to be around you all and grateful for your positive feed backs :)

    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 6 years ago from Northern California

      Laughter is sure important. Thanks for all your positive energies. We are so glad to have you here.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Your appreciation is much appreciated mathira.Thank You :)

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 6 years ago from chennai

      Complete and excellent hub about the ways of life. Thanks, learner365.

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Thank you so much Beata Stasak for stopping by and your appreciation :)

    • Beata Stasak profile image

      Beata Stasak 6 years ago from Western Australia

      Great hub with an important message hidden there...especially for our festive season:) There is something you can not buy...

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hi Kaitlincolee..Thank you very much for your appreciation :)

    • kaitlincolee profile image

      kaitlincolee 6 years ago

      Beautiful post on how to enjoy life. Being thankful is a great tip to feel happier about ourselves. Cheers!

    • infoforum profile image

      infoforum 6 years ago from Universe

      You're welcome!

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hi Infoforum....Your appreciation is much appreciated.Thank you for stopping by!!! :)

    • infoforum profile image

      infoforum 6 years ago from Universe

      Yeah! So true there's always something to be thankful to GOD! Nice hub! Well written! Voted up! Awesome!

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hello Katyzzz....Laughter is the best medicine of good for you :)Thanks for coming by and appreciation :)

    • learner365 profile image

      Saadia A 6 years ago

      Hi medor...Thank you so much for the appreciation.I am glad that you got a good start of your day :)

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      At least I got laughing right, great hub thanks

    • medor profile image

      medor 6 years ago from Michigan, USA

      Very good early morning read... thanks... I couldn't agree more...


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