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ADHD'ers Are DaVincis

Updated on August 12, 2013
ladydeonne profile image

Deonne Anderson is a retired Child and Family Therapist, Free Lance Writer, and Motivational Speaker who lives in Florence, SC.

Leonardo DaVinci Portrait

DaVinci Portrait
DaVinci Portrait | Source

DaVinci's The Baptism Of Christ

The Baptism Of Christ
The Baptism Of Christ | Source

Eagle Soaring Through The Sky

Soar like an eagle
Soar like an eagle | Source

Garret Loporta's Davinci Method

This article will explore the theory espoused by Garret Loporta in his book,The Davinci Method published in 2009. We will begin by defining just who is a Da Vinci? What are their personality traits? You will learn about a newly discovered gene that is unique to them You will learn how you can determine if you or your child is a DaVinci, and if so, what does that mean? The Da Vinci Method is a mode of therapy that is designed to be used with individuals who are diagnosed with ADHD. The author, Garret Loporta is one with ADHD.

As a preamble to our discussion, the following story is presented as a way to introduce the concept of DaVinci. It is a metaphor for a DaVinci or for one who has ADHD.

Once upon a time an eagle's egg was found by a farmer and mistaken for a chicken egg. The egg was placed with the other eggs in the incubator at the hen house.

Some weeks later that egg hatched. The baby eagle was born and raised as a chicken with his chicken peers. He was taught to peck and scratch. He was taught to scurry along the ground like the other chickens. He was sternly warned against flying, because chickens don't really fly, they flutter and fall.

This eagle made a miserable chicken. He didn't scurry well. He didn't peck well. He was always hungry , because the chicken feed just wasn't satisfying to him. The other chickens found him disruptive.

After years of struggling to be a normal chicken, this poor eagle's self esteem was pretty low. He hated himself. "Why am I so big and awkward and unusual looking?" he would wonder. "Why can I not find satisfaction in those things that satisfy the other chickens?"

"Is this all there is to life?" he agonized, "Where's the thrill and excitement?"

He began to do more and more disruptive things just to get a little bit of excitement. He was starved for action and adventure, so he tried to make up his own thrilling dramas around the chicken coop. Other chickens caught on to his discontent and called him selfish, disordered, and a troublemaker. The poor eagle took it all to heart and became depressed.

One day, high overhead the young eagle saw another eagle soaring high in the sky. It took his breath away. For that moment he felt a surge of recognition. He felt something stirring and he felt more alive than he ever had.

In his excitement he told his family of chickens what he saw and they scoffed at him. "Flying is risky, irresponsible and impractical," the chickens warned. When will you grow up and join the pecking order of this chicken coop. Why can't you be more like your peers?"

The young eagle was shamed and disheartened. He felt hopeless and alone as he fell to sleep that night.

The next day, to his delight, he spotted that same eagle soaring up above. And this time the soaring bird let out the cry of an eagle.

.The moment the young eagle heard this cry something unexpected happened. The young eagle raised by the chickens found his body lurching and his throat contracting. Uncontrollably his entire being responded to that eagle's cry with his own majestic eagle cry.

He was astonished. "What Had just happened?" "Did that glorious sound come from me? Chickens don't make that sound! ....Only eagles do....Wait!....Only eagles do!"

The young eagle, fully aware of what he truly was, stretched out his wings for the first time and flew. He was no longer imprisoned by the chicken coop, because he was no longer imprisoned by the idea that he had to be a chicken.

Nothing could contain him anymore.

A chicken coop can only coop chickens; it cannot stop an eagle from soaring when he hears his call.

Have you heard your call?

Maybe this is it.

This story appears in Loporta's book, The Davinci Method.

The American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle - Taken at the Hoogle Zoo in UT
American Bald Eagle - Taken at the Hoogle Zoo in UT | Source

Are You An Eagle In A Chicken COOP?

The eagle story reminds us that when we pretend to be something or someone other than our true selves, we will be unhappy, depressed and feel bad. Those of us with ADHD should embrace our differences, capitalize on our strengths, and if necessary seek the help of a Mental Health Professional.

Just as the eagle needed to be out and among his own kind, we need to seek out individuals who are accepting of us as we are and who realize that we have talents and gifts....that we have areas of competence that offset our areas of weakness. We are "different" but wouldn't this be a boring old world if we all were the same? We have to stop trying to fit our square pegs into round holes.

Like the eagle, we need to heed our call. We need to find our genius and run with it! We need to engage in those things that we are passionate about.

Many individuals with ADHD have the ability to do what's called hyper-focus. This ability serves us well when we use it correctly. As a young child, though I was hyper and over the place. I could sit or lie down for hours and hours reading books I liked. I still can. But......put me in a boring staff meeting, I am chomping at the bits and need to get up for several bathroom breaks or to get more coffee.

What is it that you can do for hours on end and never get tired or bored? Hyper-focusing is positive in one sense and negative in another. It is negative when it causes a distraction. It is positive when you are productive and engaged in a targeted task.

So if you are sick of trying to be something that you're not and struggling to just fit in, STOP! There is a place for you....a place where you fit. If you need some assistance in finding your passion, see:

DaVinci Flying Machine Invention

DaVinci Glider Airplane
DaVinci Glider Airplane | Source

DaVinci Invention - Submarine

DaVinci Submarine
DaVinci Submarine | Source

What is a DaVinci?

DaVinci's are named for the greatest one of all times, the infamous Leonardo DaVinci. Leonardo DaVinci was of course a great artist. The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa are among his most widely known paintings. He personifies the Renaissance Man.

DaVinci was a man of many gifts and talents. He mastered many disciplines. He was an artist, an architect, an inventor, an engineer, a scientist, and a leader. DaVici was his own man. He signed on to do numerous projects but often left one project to pursue another. Whether he tired of one and just went on to another project or if he had a fear of completion is not known. He was tireless and had a racing kind of mind.

He was known for not completing his works. In all of his years as an artist he only completed (17) works. It was one of the things he said that he regretted while on his deathbed. His notebooks containing thousands of pages on his scientific explorations, anatomy studies and technical machinery drawings were his greatest contributions to the world. He left detailed drawings of a helicopter, concentrated solar power, a bicycle, a war tank and designs for a flying machine.

DaVinci was a genius who thought outside the box.

Loporta defines DaVincis as change agents of society...the world's greatest leaders...artists....entrepreneurs....inventors ....writers.....rock stars......creative people....

They are the ones who know first, who sense earliest the disturbances in the fabric of human affairs...the trends, the patterns, the fashions, the revolutions that are afoot, the common ground swells of popular demand.

They are light bearers and leaders. They are the proverbial canaries in the mine shaft. DaVincis are often the most sensitive of our population the most creative, and potentially the most destructive. Garret Loporta

Researches have found that DaVincis share a common genetic polymorphism, the DRD4 xon III, 7-repeat allele. (Don't worry, I don't have a clue as to what that means either). All I know is that some brilliant scientists have discovered a new gene and that DaVincis have it.

This gene supports risk taking, novelty seeking, increased alpha/theta brain wave patterns, susceptibility to addictive behavior, ADHD, bipolar disorder, a propensity for genius level problem solving and creativity and gives one what it takes to be a charismatic political leader or million dollar salesman, rock star, movie maker, artist or rebel billionaire.......

Those DaVincis are "hot stuff" aren't they. And... guess what? Yours truly is a DaVinci! I qualify because I have ADHD and the personality traits of a DaVinci. Chances are that if you are reading this hub you too are one.

Lets look at some of the personality traits of a DaVinci.

Da Vinci's - The Last Supper

The Last Supper
The Last Supper | Source

Da Vinci invented Bicycle

Who built the first bicycle?  DaVinci or the Wright brothers
Who built the first bicycle? DaVinci or the Wright brothers | Source

Death of Leonardo DaVinci

The Death of Leonardo Davinci
The Death of Leonardo Davinci | Source

Personality Traits Of A DaVinci

  • DaVincis have very little self-repression. They are sort of "what you see is what you get" kind of people. They are only really happy when they are operating at the100% threshold of their physical mental, spiritual or emotional capacity with little or no self-repression holding them back. They have a need to be be themselves, not what society or someone else wants them to be. DaVincis are non-conformist.

"Normal" people are happy living about 30% of their capacity. They concern themselves with being correct and proper. The worry about what their neighbors and communities think. They are okay with the status quo and don't want to rock the boat. They are conformist.

As lack of self-repression is unacceptable to the 90% "normal" people, DaVincis often force themselves to be like them and as a result hold everything back until there is a crisis. This gives them the excuse to throw themselves 100% into a situation.

Some DaVincis create a crisis situation so that they can be happy and going on all cylinders.

Many of them also shut down. They go inside of themselves rather than risk negative feedback from their community for being too spontaneous, impulsive, uncontrolled and different.

"Normal" people with regular self-repression do not have to concern themselves with the rush of unconscious ideas and impulses that fill their consciousness like DaVincis do. They are usually unaware of all the unconscious material that their brains automatically repress without any conscious effort on their parts.

"Normal" people rarely experience their unconscious ideas, thoughts impulses or desires consciously. They don't have to block anything. So they appear "normal" but stilted or boring.

  • DaVincis who are behaviorally repressed can suffer from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, addiction, compulsiveness, procrastination, dishonesty and a lack of success.
  • Most all Davincis have addictive personalities. "Davincis are," says Loporta , "sensation seekers and natural born risk takers. They love living on the edge. They love bulking the establishment.... they love to experience that high, that rush."

When they can't achieve that high in their day to day lives, they find surrogates to artificially create that experience or resort to self destructive ways to suppress their desire for it.

Since they only make up approximately 10% of the US population, the other 90% are often intolerant of them, their temperament and approach to life. Our society is structured to suit the best interests of the "normal" people.

  • DaVincis think differently. They challenge the norm, question authority, and work outside of the rules. They do this because they are brilliant out-of-the-box thinkers.
  • As children, they sense the lack of genuine intimacy in their communities. They feel the void of spontaneous expression from others. They begin to see the lack of true honesty and integrity in the authority figures in their lives.
  • They learn at a young age that authority figures cannot be trusted with their deepest sensitivities and their truest impulses.
  • DaVincis are brimming over with unexpected ideas and behaviors. When they are shamed, ridiculed or condemned many young children internalize their feelings which can lead to behavioral problems and personality disorders.
  • One of the most common disorders that results from internalizing feelings of shame ridicule or condemnation is ADHD. Depression, bipolar disorder, narcissism, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and addiction are also the result of internalized hurtful feelings.
  • The above mentioned disorders are the result If you are a DaVinci and are not playing to your strengths. If you stick with your passions and follow your heart, the above conditions will not affect you.

With the DaVinci gene you will either be "in the flow" with your God given brilliance or you will be struggling to fit in - trying to be like the other 90% of individuals in America who are called "normal." Garret Loporta

Now that you've learned that there is a hereditary component that is responsible for the symptoms of ADHD and that individuals with ADHD are DaVincis, you are ready to figure out if you are a DaVinci if you have not already. Let me just point out that you don't have to have been or need to be diagnosed as one with ADHD in order to fit the profile. However, if you have been diagnosed with ADHD, your chances for being a DaVinci are greatly increased.

Perhaps you know someone who has ADHD and are exhibiting all of the negative or the dark side symptoms of the condition and are saying, "There's no way (Jane Doe) can be a DaVinci. She is such a screw up. No way she is a genius!"

Well I'm here to say that even Jane Doe has some redeeming qualities. She has some God given gift or talent that, once discovered and used can bring joy to her life and those around them. If you are feeling as though you can't possibly fit the DaVinci profile refer back to my article on talents.

Please look for my next hub, Famous Davinci People in a couple of days.

You will begin by taking a survey to discover if you are a DaVinci. You will then learn just who some of them are and what they are accomplishing.


Loporta, Garrett,The Davinci Method (2009)

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Count on it Benny. But you'll have to wait till after this weekend. I'm all tied up penppirg for my big event this on Sat. Hope to see you up there if possible.peace gaR

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanx Dr. X! I am also thinking that the precjotionism was a missing link for me to better portray the power of abstraKtion and assemblage aRtformz to peepholez at my live events. I know you woulda been there if'ya could. The good news is eYe will be doing a very similar set at my aRt show on June 7th.ur paL gaR

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      5 years ago from England

      What a fascinating hub! Never heard of it, but as I was nodding yes to most of it then maybe I do, slightly, have a Davinci syndrome! lol! well there you go!

    • My Mind Speaks profile image


      5 years ago from Long Island N.Y

      This hub was absolutely amazing. It actually started to make me tear up a little bit because of how much I can relate to it and how well it was written and transpired. People are quick to either be dismissive of adhd or make a joke about it (I usually have a pretty good sense of humor so I don't mind it much.) However, people forget about how alone and "different" you can feel most of the time. People tend to think you are lackadaisical and actually enjoy being disruptive or worse, think that you crave attention. Sometimes, it's so much better just being in our own little world, where people aren't constantly criticizing and making judgements. Thank you so much for writing this and giving a voice to those of us who are different from everyone else and walk (or march, jump, and run depending on the moment) to the beat of our own drum.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      5 years ago from Singapore

      Hello, Lady Deonne, am sharing this again!!

    • ladydeonne profile imageAUTHOR

      Deonne Anderson 

      5 years ago from Florence, SC


      Forgive me for just now acknowledging your comments. I have been busy working on articles for another project. am happy to be back with HP and the HP community. I am thrilled to meet such an accomplished ADHD'er and fellow DaVinci. As writing is your passion, you have found your genius. I wouldn't be surprised if you were a genius in some other areas as well.


      I also have Clinical Depression and Anxiety. I have put in place some interventions that have proven to be successful. It has to do with learning to control our thoughts and quieting our mind via meditation and self hypnosis. I am also the world's biggest procrastinator, but yet again I have figured out what works for me. Did you rad my hub on procrastination? Though it pertains to business, the suggestions provided can fit any individual who has problems with procrastination. You are a genius as a writer. I love your hubs on Japanese culture. Welcome to DaVinci land.


      Thanks for reading my hub and for your comments. you're absolutely correct that other people may not analyze enough. Has your over analyzing been a hindrance or a positive thing for you. If it has been a hindrance, you have to break the habit. Being aware of what you're doing is the first step in making it a positive thing. you don't have to change anything about yourself to fit in with or suit the 90% "normal" people. You are a genius at writing.

      Outbound Dan,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my hub. it's good to meet a fellow Davinci. You are an adventurer, a risk taker, a thrill seeker, fearless, energetic, a non-conformist, etc, all attributes of a DaVinci.

      You have found and are living your passion and genius. It is apparent that adventure is your passion. I loved your articles on cooking spam and cooking an omelet in a freezer bag. You are an excellent writer who engages your audience. You remind me of Sir Richard Branson, the greatest adventurer of all times. He will be spotlighted in the hub I will publish on tomorrow. Be sure and check it out.

    • ladydeonne profile imageAUTHOR

      Deonne Anderson 

      5 years ago from Florence, SC


      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my article. It's always great to meet a fellow ADHDer. Welcome to the world of the



      I just reviewed your bio again. You have indeed found your genius and are living your passion. As a small girl you realized your love for animals and started training them. Though I love animals, it is not my calling or passion to train them. You are a certified Professional Animal Trainer. You are a professional writer as you do dog articles

      for several publications. As you write about dogs, you are a genius in writing about and teaching others about dogs. You were an animal

      trainer before you received any formal training. That means that your talent is a gift from the universe. You are also a genius at writing.

      Being a genius does not mean that you have to be a Leonardo DaVinci, or a Thomas Edison. So, accept and celebrate that you are a genius and a DaVinci.


      You are so right! Why do we have to fit into the mold of the 90% "normal" people. your behavior is "normal" for the 10 % of the population who are DaVincis. Once we accept our differences, we are then free to live our lives unhindered by the expectations of 90% normal people.

    • Outbound Dan profile image

      Dan Human 

      5 years ago from Niagara Falls, NY

      Ahh, so that is why I am a non-conformist. It also makes me think of the time I built a handglider as a kid to try soaring through the country side. It never took off, but I did run around the backfield quite a bit trying.

      Very informative Hub!

    • angryelf profile image


      5 years ago from Tennessee

      @ alexadry, that is so true, the anxiety. I cannot reverse mine though, it just keeps spiraling! The social anxiety has improved, it's more danger anxiety/phobias now. Long bridges, interstate, deep water, out-of-control fire, robbery, etc. I love seeing others who relate, it's so hard to find. Feel alone a lot! People think I over analyze way too much; maybe that's not the issue. Maybe they just don't analyze enough? lol

    • alexadry profile image

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 

      5 years ago from USA

      This was an awesome read that got my votes up as interesting and useful. Since a child, my teacher called me "space cadet". I am also prone to terrible bouts of paralyzing anxiety that started taking place in my teens. Doing much better lately though through dietary changes and keeping myself productive. Pessimism is my second name, I always question "what if...what if" and imagine every potential bad outcome. I'm far from being a genius though, have a hard time concentrating because my little internal voice has always something to say! Thanks for the great read!

    • angryelf profile image


      5 years ago from Tennessee

      This article is INCREDIBLE and SCARY; as I can more than relate to it! It is me to a T, I'm riddled with anxiety, depression, and compulsiveness... I feel the need to be perfect, a true desire to, and it hinders success because I DON'T REACH! I procrastinate; I often pull back in fear. I wonder about life so much; how people can be satisfied by so little. I loveeee thinking outside of the box and challenging things; I love to take the lead when I've got a great handle. I overanalyze, I think too much, I wonder too much, I talk too much... But I suffer from depression because of all that thinking and perhaps an imbalance. I suffer from anxiety because I consider EVERY possible negative outcome in a situation, I suffer from ADHD and do BEST when I have a demanding task I can focus on - and multitask. I truly do take criticism to heart, even when it's something small. Perhaps forgetting a small step in a task. Even if it was otherwise excellent, that is still FAILURE in my eyes. It gets me down, makes me feel afraid to push for success, because I want to be perfect before I push for it. You, Lady Deonne, have utterly astounded me. For the first time EVER, I feel like someone not only understand my mentality, but just WROTE me lol. You are... simply... wow! EPIC HUB, WOULD VOTE UP A BILLION TIMES IF POSSIBLE :)

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      5 years ago from Singapore

      I connect with this, Lady Deonne, having ADHD too. True, those who create & have ADHD tend to want to bulk authority & rules....well said! Thanks for sharing!

    • ladydeonne profile imageAUTHOR

      Deonne Anderson 

      5 years ago from Florence, SC

      billy buc,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on this hub. You are a very creative and gifted writer. You are very sensitive. You are a leader. You think outside the box. According to the theory, writers are DaVincis. Seems that you have several key traits that can be attributed to the DRD4 gene. Because you are not ADHD, you may very well not be a DaVinci. Take the test when I publish my next hub.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Very interesting stuff. It doesn't apply to me but still, I found it fascinating.


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