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The Aftermath of the Florida School Shooting States Away

Updated on March 8, 2018

After the Florida school shooting that lead to the death of 17 students, my high school, and most likely every other school in the country, went into a panic and began to do everything they could to best protect us, the students. Some of what they did was and are good ideas. Meanwhile, other tactics they tried did nothing other than put me and other students on edge.

The reason being, multiple students threatened or joked that they were going to shoot up the school. Teachers told us it was one student. News stations said three students. Student rumors said ten students. We did not know what to believe, other than the fact that it was a possibility that we were at risk.


The Morning

The first thing I noticed on the day that I showed up to school was the increased number of police cruisers in my school parking lot. Usually we only had one cruiser settled right outside of the main office, though this time there were about four more police cruisers than usual. Two on one side of the parking lot and two more on the other side.

Another thing I noticed was that the only entrance unlocked for us was the main office. When attempting to go through the gym entrance, other students and I arriving to school were almost not allowed into the building because we were to go through the main entrance. I later found out through other students that the bus students were left outside in the cold, waiting on someone with keys to let them in.

When I finally got into the school, something that put me on edge was how fear stricken teachers looked as they were told to gather and put all the students into, or just outside, of the cafeteria. One reason being that, students in my school, being the complete jerks that they are, were constantly pointing out how easy we could have been taken out, considering how we were all grouped together. The second reason, which personally was the biggest reason I was on edge, was that two of the cafeteria walls are nothing but connected windows, or as me and my friends called them "glass walls".


My classes

Not too much changed for our classes other than the aids not being allowed to work their usual position. This went only for office aids, library aids, and teacher aids.

The office aids could not work because of the fact that they worked the front office. This would not have really been a problem except for the fact that the walls of the office are mainly glass, just like the cafeteria. I could not work my library aid shift considering the library has the same problems as the office and the cafeteria, more glass walls than anything. In all honesty, I have no godly idea why the teacher aids were not allowed to work their shifts considering the fact that they would have simply stayed in the classrooms with their teacher. Other than the aids not being able to work their shifts, a few new rules were put into place, that even almost a month after Florida we still have in place.

The first rule was that only one student was allowed to leave the classroom at a time. The other rule we had in place, was that we could not leave the classroom during the first fifteen minutes of class or the last fifteen minutes of class. The last time we had this rule was last year, when it was put in place for the sake of cutting down on kids skipping class and school.



Only a few small differences were made at lunch.

The outside doors were locked and students were threatened with ISS (in school suspension) if they opened the doors. So, most students stayed inside, knowing that almost no teacher would bother to open the door for them until the end of lunch.

Other than that, all the gates that students would usually go through to head towards their off campus class, or attempt to sneak out for lunch, were closed off and being watched very carefully. I did not know how to feel when I found out that students had still managed to get past the people watching the gate without proof of an off campus ID.


A month later.

A little under a month later, we still have many rules in place since what happened.

  • Can not cover the windows on the doors.
  • Can not open the door for students, if you yourself are a student.
  • Can only enter from front doors. Back doors are for bus riders.
  • Can not barricade doors open or close.
  • We now follow the the "I Love U Guys" foundation guidelines.

Honestly these rules are for the best and I understand that but, it is quite upsetting that these rules were not put into place earlier considering the fact that shootings are sadly quite common.



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