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Leave your Morals and Beliefs at the door

Updated on October 22, 2008

Entry Fees are Stop Thinking and Believing before you VOTE

So, I'm sitting just outside the voting venue ( further referenced as VV), and there is a growing mound of stuff being dropped off as they are entering their local VV. I was quite amazed at the things that people would cast off just to place their vote this year. It's like they are willing to vote in the nude, casting off the very clothing that protects them, that symbolizes who they are, that keeps them warm and comfortable.

I'm having trouble with what people are willing to discard to make this vote happen. First, they have discarded experience. Someone with NO experience can talk his way into the lead and sway people into believing that HE, "the ONE", can make the BIG Difference. What does that sound like.... does Jim Jones come to mind? Then, let's just forget that this person is pro-abortion, and has no issues with flushing human life down the toilet. Then, just because he said it, people now believe that a government-run healthcare system would be a good thing. Perhaps they need to poll the people who have to actually deal with Medicare and Medicade...then you might get a clue at how poorly the government runs these programs. And having them run by democrats would only insure that you would pay more and get less. Then there's the willingness to chitchat with the enemy. Since when do we discuss how we will deal with the "enemy" in public. Oh, I forgot, that's what we did with the Democratically Run Vietnam war, where protests and senators got to decide how it would be run (or should I say LOST). Check out who was the President who got us into that war, and who, with embarrassment, got us out of that war. Do you even know? The Most Honored Kennedy got us into it, the semi-revered Johnson escalated the war, and Nixon had the displeasure of removing us from the conflict. Democrats want the government to run your lives. Do you realize that you are leaving your independence at the door of the voting booth? It's quite a price you are willing to pay because you are upset with the current situation, and it's easy to blame the current administration.

The "current admininstration" is a Democratically Controlled Congress", in case you have been asleep for the last two years. Wake up, before the results of following a vapor of hope (instead of solid experience) dissapates.


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