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Left Has No Shame

Updated on July 12, 2012

Political Bias

Disgusting Liberal Actions

I've avoided writing a hub about the Tucson tragedy in which U.S. Rep.Garbrielle Giffords was mortally wounded and left six other people, including a nine year old girl, dead from Jared Lee Loughner;s handgun. I've just been too angry (beside the obvious reasons due to the tragedy of so many people being shot and killed ) for two different reasons. One, the bodies were probably still warm when left-wing bloggers, MSNBC news analysts, certain Democrats tried to make political points by accusing the Tea Party, conservative talk show hosts, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and, of course, Sarah Palin of being responsible for the tragedy due to their "vitriol and rhetoric." In fact, Daily Kos especially went after Sarah Palin due to the bullseye targets she had over Democrats who voted for the Health Care Bill last year. Odd thing about it, Daily Kos had a member say "She is dead to me" in response to Rep. Giffords voting against Nancy Pelosi as the Minority Leader in the House. That remark was very quickly deleted (after the Tucson shooting) by those hypocrites.

The second thing that made me angry was the way in which the news media was trying to make political points for their task masters in the Democratic Party. There is supposed to be some vestiges of impartiality in the major news outlets such as ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. All you heard about was this tragedy was due to the invective coming from the Tea Party types who dared to dissent from the carefree spending ways of the Democratic Party. Politicizing a tragedy in which six people are killed goes beyond the norm. This is far from being a political issue and the likes of Keith Olbermann of MSNBC should have respected that. I expected too much of even from the likes of him. He, of course, went after Sarah Palin over the bullseye targets. It is disgusting to me that we have people in this nation who are supposedly well educated, and yet, all they can think about is making a case against people exercising their First Amendment rights. I'm not sure how the left-wing media can ever recover from their actions immediately, and I do mean, IMMEDIATELY after this tragedy occurred. Any normal thinking human being should have first been appalled at what took place due to the actions of one sick individual named Jared Lee Loughner.

Is rhetoric too high in this country? Quite possibly, yes (although a new CBS poll disputes this). But, why wasn't this brought up before the Tucson shooting? People in the liberal media keep talking about right-wing rhetoric. How about the left-wing rhetoric? When asked in June of 2008 what he would do to counter Republican attacks, President Obama stated, "If they bring a Knife to the fight, we bring a gun." This coming (at the time) the Democratic Nominee for President. Speaking of which, remember how President Obama and the news media (which refused to print or say the name of the killer for the longest time) cautioned everyone should "Not jump to conclusions" after the Ft. Hood Massacre. Thirteen people were killed by Maj. Nidal Hasan in what I still believe qualifies as a terrorist attack. Where was the caution from the news media after the Tucson shooting? They threw caution to the wind gleefully as they went after Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. This is why I say the liberal news media will never recover from this. They have been exposed for exactly what they are now. This goes for certain Democratic Party members as well. Now, the sheriff in Tucson who is obligated to investigate this tragedy is agitating things even further by accusing Rush Limbaugh as being responsible for the Tucson shooting due to his "rhetoric." My question to Sheriff Clarence Dupnikis, "Sheriff, don't you have a job you need to be doing? Why are you in front of the TV cameras so much since the shooting ?" I wish someone would ask him that.

Now, we have Democratic Party members who are talking about curbs on free speech, specifically any speech which is in direct contrast to their agenda. The Fairness Doctrine (the most mislabeled act in history) is once again being raised by Democrats in an effort to shut down Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. Democrats are warning Republicans not to bring up the heated debate over health care as we saw last year. I'm curious if this same warning applies to the likes of Democrats and the left-wing media who derided Tea Party people as being "bigots, nazis, teabaggers" and other names not worth mentioning. These people exercised their First Amendment rights. For that they were cussed, threatened, physically attacked and ridiculed by the left-wing thugs. Now, after the tragedy in Tucson, they are ready to attack the conservatives over their rhetoric ??? Hypocrisy by any other name is still hypocrisy. Until unbiased news media (which, I admit, doesn't exist right now on either the left or right) take to task the dominant media liberal bias, then there will always be vociferous rhetoric on both sides of the aisle. Liberals, you can blame conservatives all you want. But, you need to do as Pogo did and see the real enemy .

Father of 9 year old killed in Tucson Tragedy


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  • Skarlet profile image


    6 years ago from California

    This is great. I love the cartoon:)

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Wayne, don't you find it sad the way the left-wingers gleefully attacked the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and conservatives within 15 minutes of the tragedy in Tucson? Have these socialists have no shame? I suppose not. Joseph Stalin murdered 40 million of his own people in his "state purges" to cleanse the nation of those who would circumvent socialist ideology. I'd like to believe the socialists here in the USA would never allow themselves to sink to that level. I want to believe that, I really do.

  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 

    7 years ago from Texas

    David, never discount the springboard value of this incident as the left's centerpiece on an attack on free speech. This is a group who actually believe that there is a conspiracy to keep them from getting their message out to the American people. They totally misunderstand what sells advertising in the American media. So, any opportunity to force equal time in every arena will be their desire and they will ride the back of the conservative talkers to get their time on air. Nancy Pelosi in her typical fashion of dumbass said it all when she referred to this tragic situation as an "accident". To me, an accident has an outcome with unintended consequences...I doubt this young man did not know what his intended consequences were when he headed to the site. For some reason there is a liberal need to to paint him as a victim of those who would offer opinions on the airwaves of America in a free speech environment...what a stretch! Thes sad side of this is that these same people are the ones that terrorists will shoot dead in the street as they beg for their lives thinking they can reason with irrational people. I agree with your view point! Keep on Hubbin'! WB

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Tony, I am almost immune to the bias of the MSM. That is something that I find disturbing. How many other people feel this is the new "normal?" All I ask is for the MSM to report the news. I don't give a damn about their biased opinion. Just report the news! Is that so hard to do?

  • tony0724 profile image


    7 years ago from san diego calif

    David I love that picture !And I just dropped by MSNBC and they are still taking shots at Palin. They and the NY Times and the LA Times are all disgusting. The good news is most of America is onto their lies. And the blind and hateful lib minority still chooses to follow their lies blindly.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Breakfastpop, the Left never lets a good mass murder go to waste. That is a sad thing to say. But, in their case, it is abundantly ture.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    7 years ago

    The left was just waiting for a tragedy of this proportion to use as an excuse to unleash blame and hatred. Shame on them. This tragedy is solely the responsibility of the shooter and to suggest otherwise is irresponsible and insane.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    eovery, that is a very good link! Thanks for that.

    Sheri, what is shameful to me is that most, if not all, these left wingers know this is the act of disturbed, mentally ill man. But, they took a tremendous hit in November 2 of last year. They are now trying to take the upper hand at the expense of six people murdered, including a 9 year old girl. I predict the Left will pay for this in the next election.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    vra, I have to agree with Dr. Savage. Liberalism must be a disease. How else can you explain trying to take advantage of mass murder as what happened in Tucson? I don't understand it.

    Old poolman, Dupnick is a disgrace to law enforcement officers everywhere. Instead of being sheriff, he is taking on the role of a left-wing activist. He has much to answer to when all is said and done here. He has hurt the DA's job in prosecuting this case with his remarks.

  • SheriSapp profile image


    7 years ago from West Virginia

    I just published a hub that echoes much of what you said here. I must admit, you were a bit nicer than I am, but we are making the same point. Unfortunately, in a free society, there will be a crazy who commits an act such as this, but that doesn't mean political discourse should be ceased. I just wish the left would play by the same rules they are desperate to impose upon the right!

  • eovery profile image


    7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

    Like they say, never miss a good tragedy, Nate Beeler had a good cartoon on it yesterday.

    Keep on hubbing!

  • profile image

    Old Poolman 

    7 years ago

    Great Hub, very well said. They obviously don't even know the meaning of the word shame. I hope this comes back to bite them on the butt big time. Sheriff Dupnick was questioned as to why he did not provide protection for a congresswoman holding a public event in a shopping mall. His answer? "He was not aware that it was being held." Say what? Besides the terrible tragedy that took place here in Tucson, we have to listen to dumbass remarks from some of our own local elected officials. I hope someone will pursue the issue as to why the Sheriff of Pima County was not aware of this well publicised local political event. Shame on him and all the rest of them.

  • vrajavala profile image


    7 years ago from Port St. Lucie

    Dr Michael Savage says that the loberalism Is a mental disease. Karl Marx let several of his own babies die from malnutrition; Stalin, Mao, were mass murderers.

    No one even watches MSNBC, CNN, etc. So, the question is why are they still on? They are the sick propaganda machine of the left.

    Sheriff Dupnik is covering up his own negligence in not dealing with several "crimes" that Loughner committed. Why was his possession of drugs excused with a mere $20 penalty? Why

    did Jared, the son of a County official, receive kid glove treatment, when the teachers and students at Pima CC expressed feared that he would start shooting? If, in fact, he us "BoyBlue" from the DailyKos rant, and had attempted suicide with self inflicted gun shot to his head, why was

    Possible to get a $500 Glock? Who gave Jared the money for that?

    Of Course, we know he absorbed the Obama/Aters/Klonsky curriculum at Mountain View H.S., so is that what the Sheriff is covering up?


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