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Left-wing Hate

Updated on January 28, 2012

Never Ending Fight

Hatred Knows No Limits

How often do we hear about Right-wing hatred emanating from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and other right-wing luminaries? We hear it all the time thanks to the New York Times, MSNBC, Washington Post and all the rest of the MSM. It is something I've grown accustomed to over the years. But, whenever we hear about Left-wing hate, it is usually by accident. A prime example is the so-called "journalists" who belong to the listserv (I didn't even know they still had them) "Journolist." Journolist is comprised of the "unbiased , mainstream news media" in this country. If you believe that, I have some oily water I want to sell you in the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to Daily Caller, we can now confirm what we have always suspected; the MSM liberal bias.

There were threads in this listserv that the journalists were going to fight to kill stories about the racist Jeremiah Wright, the same pastor that Obama used as a spiritual mentor for 20 years. The same pastor who Obama said he never heard a word of racial bigotry emanate from his mouth. Yeah, that guy. There was discussion of Sarah Palin's Downs Syndrome child. I'm not going to repeat what was said about this innocent child. Remember, this is the compassionate Left I am talking about. There was even discussion that the federal government should censor Fox News, the poster child for hatred in the MSM. This is a scandal that the MSM buried very quickly. Nothing like having "your chickens come home to roost ." Then you have the public radio announcer wishing Rush Limbaugh would die a slow painful death from a heart attack. That was simply...disgusting.

Dennis Prager has an excellent opinion piece on the Left's hatred of the Right. Even with power in the legislature and executive offices, the Left is angry, swollen up with hate. For what reason? As Prager points out, the Left views the Right as "evil and without a conscience." As Prager further illustrates, it is almost impossible to have a civil discussion with the Left-wing. Take the example that Prager presents about Alan Grayson (D., Fla.); " I want to say a few words about what it means to be a Democrat. It’s very simple: We have a conscience. ” How can you have a debate with someone who attempts to force that kind of language into a debate? It is impossible. A Republican will say, how do we pay for HR XXX to help the children of Appalachia (just as an example)? You have Howard Dean say, "Democrats don’t believe kids ought to go to bed hungry at night. There is the beginning and end of the discussion with the Left. They don't want to discuss checks and balances. They want to inject their emotion into the issue. It reminds me of the old conservative joke: If you want to make a liberal angry, present him with facts. The upshot of that, of course, is that liberals debate from a position of emotion rather than facts. Facts are pesky things that the Left does not want to bring to the table. For that reason alone, they despise the Right when this is done. What human being would want a child to go hungry? The Democrats know this. But, they never let a good emotional argument go to waste in the political world.

It is a disturbing trend among those on the Left. Their hate has never surprised me. But, what I see more now than ever is the Left becoming the "Violent Left ." You can see sanitized versions of this Violent Lef t on MSNBC as they raise hell about SB1070 in Phoenix, New York and D.C. People like the thugs of SEIU attacking Tea Party people. Yes, the "violent, racist " Tea Party members that the unbiased MSM has warned us about. How dare those "teabaggers " hit the fists of the SEIU thugs with their chin?!?!? The Left's anger and hate is only going to increase after November. Most likely (and I know you don't like to see this, LRC), the Democrats will start losing their grip on power, the same power that has driven them insane over the past 18 months. If the Left is angry and hateful now, what will they be like when the House is controlled by Republicans? I suspect we'll see some kind of Jihad against the Right. It could be worse than we have ever seen in the past. It won't matter that the American people voted the Republicans in power. The American voters only count when they go insane (as in 2008) and vote Democrats into office. As we have learned from Obama, the ends justifies the means . Do whatever it takes to force our (Leftist) agenda.


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  • Skarlet profile image


    6 years ago from California

    Love this hub. I am also a former leftist, as I am European and many of those beliefs just come with the turf. Fortunately, after growing up and my last visit to Cuba in 1998, I am completely over it. I actually weeded out the propaganda and saw the reality. The left are 100% guilty of what they accuse the right of being. Its all part of the strategy, keep the majority irate over false accusations and they will never see the truth.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Thanks wba. As a former left-winger, I can identify with most of the invalid and ridiculous arguments the Left can supply. What I don't understand is the outright viciousness that is displayed by the left-wing today as opposed to the leftists in the 60s. Sure, there was violence in the 60s from the Lefties. The Left has a long and sordid history of violence. But, the left-wing rhetoric today is much worse in my opinion. Thanks for your comment!

  • profile image 

    7 years ago from upstate, NY

    WD- Terrific insights! Few realise the true nature of leftist socialism. Its oppressive and very undemocratic! The nature of the left is to seize power by whatever means necessary, it's no wonder the liberals lack civility.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    7 years ago from Mobile, AL

    James, appreciate the kind words!

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 

    7 years ago from Chicago

    Awesome article. I love it! You are absolutely correct about everything you wrote. Thank you!

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    demos, I have no doubt that you will hear "right-wing hate" occasionally on talk radio. Did I infer otherwise? No, I did not. There are stupid people on both sides of the spectrum. But, all we hear about is right-wing hate. This is especially true of the Tea Party. People continually make the charge they are filled with racists. Yet, we see nothing to backup that accusation by the left. Building a wall to stop the influx of illegals is considered hate in your estimation? Then I suppose you consider the Mexican government to be the same since they are doing the same on THEIR southern border.

    If you will look at my other hubs, you will see opposing views. It just seems to be the nature of the beat on these hubs that few people will give them. I Have no control over that. If people want to give an opposing view, I perfectly fine with that. But, if it turns into a personal attack, I'm not going to put up with that.

    I won't dispute you saying you are a moderate. But, the views you have expressed thus far are far from that of the moderate. Global Warming is the biggest scam of this century. That has already been proven last year with the emphasis to cook the books to make it appear there really is global warming. Does mankind contribute to global warming? I have no doubt of that. I do dispute the amount attributed by the huckster none as Al Gore.

  • demosthenes.locke profile image


    8 years ago

    so let me get this straight when i listen to conservative talk radio and they say (i'm paraphrasing here) deport all the mexicans build a wall and blow up all the hallucinating right?

    guess what, theres plenty of hate to go around and the GOP makes just as much money off corporate america as the dems do.

    why is it that noone ever posts an opposing view on these forums its just "yeah you did an amazing job, you should run for office you've changed my life forever"

    and before you go off on me about being a liberal let me clear something up I.AM.NOT. i'm very very moderate.

    fiscally conservative (unless it involves letting the millionares not pay taxes)

    i love the military (they just so happen to be my employer)

    however i do go with the 90% (give or take 5) of the scientific community that actually believes that 2500 years or so of people burning more and more stuff every year did something to this global ecosystem. i mean i know it doesn't make sense but their collective time in school is greater than the lifespans of my entire extended family so im inclined to give them the benefit of a doubt

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL


    Thanks for the comment. Actually, I agree and disagree with you. Hate by either faction should not matter in the 21st century. Unfortunately, the political reality in the USA is that hate (or possibly disagreements) is involved greatly in American political discourse.

  • H P Roychoudhury profile image

    H P Roychoudhury 

    8 years ago from Guwahati, India

    Hatred by the Left or by any body else does not carry substantial merit in the 21st century. People are matured enough to take the right democratic decision. As an Indian I appreciate the merit of the article.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL


    Pro(re)gressives, love using anecdotal evidence as a base for their arguments. Even when they try to use "facts," they are usually tainted for one reason or another. Never trust them when they present facts. Don't trust, verify...always. Manipulation is what the left is all about. Their supreme leader, Dear Leader, is probably the best at manipulating than I have ever seen.

  • KFlippin profile image


    8 years ago from Amazon

    You've done an excellent job addressing the mindset of the left wing liberal haters, their recourse back to tug the heart strings one-liners in any 'debate', and their behind the scenes sick envious attacks, sick attempts to manipulate the very people they claim to better serve than any other party or group in America, the world probably, their ego and their motives are so large.

    High five to a well written hub on a topic growing ever more important each day!

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    AR, this is my first encounter with Tea Party Crasher. His username says all I need to know about him and his ilk. These people are so damn mad these days! I can't imagine what they will be like in November. But, I'm looking forward to it in any case. If for no other reason, then to see how miserable they will become!

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 

    8 years ago from America

    Great job David! ever notice how tea party crasher, never has facts? he just rants a hateful opinion in every single comment he leaves, no matter where or what subject, He is walking dead and doesn't even know it. LOL, I can't wait till November!

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Tony, these leftists have called me every name in the book. On the internet and the real world, the name calling is their final protest as they succumb to their anger and hate. As of 7AM this post ranking has sunk from 50 to 48. I suspect that is some of the leftists downgrading the truth. The truth hurts sometimes. I know that for a fact. But, when they resort to name calling, you know they have been backed into a corner. Not all left leaning Democrats are like this, of course. LRC blogger is a prime example. I disagree with almost everything he supports. But, he can disagree without being disagreeable. While I don't support his political ideology, I do respect him.

    Sheila, the hateful Left is driving a lot of people out. That is what they want. If you don't support them, then they want you out of the way.

    breaffastpop, the Left run out of facts fairly quickly. Then their emotions take over. After that, the name calling begins. They are as predictable as any element in society.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    8 years ago

    When people on the left run out of facts they preach hatred and start name-calling. I'm sick of it.

  • sheila b. profile image

    sheila b. 

    8 years ago

    It is their hate that drove me out.

  • tony0724 profile image


    8 years ago from san diego calif

    David TPC is a prime example of the leftist thinking so I am glad his inane comments don't faze you. I am thought of as a homophobe racist Nazi who hates the planet and support the killing of baby seals and I laugh when they pull those cards because nothing could be further from the truth. And just today I was reading Politico and they were talking about how the charges against Rangel and Maxine Waters are clearly racism . I just laughed at that. And so did many who posted comments to the story. We have to realize that most of these people are being fed socialist propoganda at the University level so they don't know any better.

    But people here stateside are seeing through the phony attacks now as all of us want the truth ! And nobody is buying the overplayed racist card anymore.

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL


    You have to confront them with their hate. They always call us the Party of No, the Party of Hate, etc. they need to take a closer look in the mirror. They would discover the same thing the cartoon strip character "Pogo" discovered.

    eovery the one who has lined his pockets the most (other than Soros) is AlGore himself. He made up a scam, pushed it on his "useful idiots" and made off with millions of dollars on these "green technologies." Funny thing, it's reported now that AlGore sold off all his stock in those technologies. I wonder why.

  • eovery profile image


    8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

    David, you did an excellent job of summarizing up the hate. I think another point, that I am seeing from the left, that the conservatives, with their actions, are stepping on the liberals cash cows. They have been stealing billions from the tax payers. I feel the new taxes they impose will be used to line their own pockets. Al Gore, George Soros and even BO is working the Cap and Trade stuff, and the green crab to line their own pockets. Just look at the billions they are set up to receive when this legislature goes into effect. They are crooks and ripping us off.

    Keep on hubbing!

  • SheriSapp profile image


    8 years ago from West Virginia


    This is a great article. I have also noticed that any actual violence ALWAYS emanates from the left, remember the recent G20 summit when they destroyed part of the city?? You are stronger than I, because I don't even waste my time trying to speak civilly and factually with ANYONE from the left because as you said, they just ignore facts and operate on emotion, NEVER worrying about how to pay for their oh so altruistic saving of the universe!

  • Writer David profile imageAUTHOR

    Writer David 

    8 years ago from Mobile, AL

    vrajavala, universities have always been and always will be controlled by the Left. That is a given. Nothing that happens there surprises me any longer.


    You provide an excellent example of what I was talking about in regard to speaking entirely on emotion rather than facts. Amazing that you would be so "transparent." Tell you what...I'll keep drinking that "Tea" and you keep drinking that "hate" from SEIU, The New Black Panther Party, etc. Let's see how much hate you have bottle up inside you after November.

  • TeaPartyCrasher profile image


    8 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

    When someone calls for a revolution should they lose, a la Sharon Angle, or speak up against the Civil Rights Act, Rand Paul, get back to me.

    But you just keep drinking that Tea that the Corps provide you--OK.

  • vrajavala profile image


    8 years ago from Port St. Lucie

    Unfortunately, many of our major universities are controlled by left wing radicals. The FBI just opened the file on Howard Zinn. He was a card carrying member of the CPUSA.

    Why do we allow this?


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