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Media Coverage and Terrorism

Updated on August 30, 2016

How the Media Report Or Omit Terrorist Acts is Dangerous to Western Civilization

The media and terrorists have a love/hate relationship. The media is supposed to report the news as it happens. And the terrorists need the media to help spread their message and show the world the destruction that they've caused. An example of this is the Iranian hostage crises of 1979. They terrorists demanded the attention of various new stations as they took American hostages which of course lead people to ask "why are they doing this?" Well they had an aggressive distaste for western influences in their territory as do every other terrorist organization. But is it important for the media to cover this? The answer is yes!

Let me explain. Although there is the freedom of speech and the associated benefits of it. Media sources who claim to have "up to date" or "unbiased" information have a responsibility to spread the news no matter how bad it might be. Anything other than that should be considered journalism malpractice. Terrorism is no frivolous political matter that we hear politicians talking about nonchalantly , and western civilizations need to have a deeper understanding just how aggressive its getting towards the west. CNN reported on a study about a month ago that an Islamic terror attack happens every 84 hours in Europe or North America. But that information wasn't disseminated well enough with mainstream media outlets. Don't you think something like that is worth knowing? Or how about the fact that they recently uncovered mass graves of thousands of victims when an ISIS held city was liberated in Syria? Islamists are modern day Nazi's.

John Kerry recently said that the media should limit how much they report on terrorism because it only spurs on their actions. But John Kerry of all people should know that would only exacerbate terrorism as they would seek greater terrorist attacks, or keep the populace in a state of ignorance. But of course, Kerry works for Barrack Obama who famously said that ISIS was contained right before the Paris terror attacks. The current administration lives in a bubble of denial when it comes to terrorism, and its only resulted the loss of innocent lives. You would think they would get smarter about it, and not try to hide their failures by asking the media to stop doing their jobs.

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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Once again, Kerry is the master of the misspoken word. But we're getting 2 different messages from the Feds: Homeland Security constantly tells us to "be aware of your surroundings and alert us to anything suspicious;" but if the media does not report terror attacks, then how do we know what to be preparing for?

      I get what Kerry is trying to say. But that's not possible in this social media age. The cat is out of the bag. We have to deal with it. I think most citizens in a free society can disseminate information properly.



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