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Leftists Can't Understand Why Trump is Still So Close In The Race and Closing In

Updated on September 22, 2016

For awhile now Donald Trump has been very competitive with Hillary Clinton who the mainstream media assumes is going to win the White House. She has spent millions upon millions of dollars in advertisements looking to bury Trump and yet she still can't sustain a comfortable lead on him anymore. She even has Barrack Obama and Joe Biden campaigning for her and its still not doing anything. This race was supposed to be over a long time ago with her leading 20 plus points. But a recent Rasmussen Poll (9/21/16) has Trump winning the popular vote by 5 points. Leftists are pulling their going "How is this possible!! These polls offend me!!"

Trump Winning in Recent Rasmussen Poll
Trump Winning in Recent Rasmussen Poll

Hillary Clinton said that her supporters are wondering why isn't she winning by a large margin. Its certainly not because Donald Trump is the greatest presidential candidate in the world. He has his faults. But rather its because Clinton is horribly disqualified. She's constantly lied to the American people. She even lied to a grieving mothers face who was suffering the loss of her son from Clinton's Benghazi failures at the hands of Islamic Terrorists. (Not a video like Clinton originally claimed it to be) Hillary Clinton represents everything that everyone hates about politicians. Wealthy, entitled, power hungry, and yes even corrupt.

She has some bad policy ideas too. For example Hillary Clinton has made it pretty clear that she's against the 2nd amendment. She's proposed a 25% sales tax on firearms and the increase of license fees for firearm stores. She's even said that a mandatory gun buy back program was worth considering. Naturally this doesn't sit well with people who believe in the inalienable right to self defense and those who are in situations where they genuinely need a firearm because the police are too reactionary.

Clinton is someone who claims to be a champion of diversity but that really means only if they think like her. During the Democratic debates everyone basically agreed with each other. It was four old white guys nodding their heads. It was boring and there was no intellectual diversity. That was until Bernie Sanders started actually competing with her, but that didn't turn out well for him. She didn't even beat Sanders fairly. The DNC and media was and still is pulling for her the entire way. It was actually rigged against every single candidate so that she would win.

Hillary won the DNC Primary Unfairly
Hillary won the DNC Primary Unfairly

The only real reason that anyone should be surprised is that she has any support at all. She's given no reason for anyone to support her. She has more baggage than the LAX Airport on Thanksgiving. Her unpopularity is in record breaking ratings and will likely never get better. None of her scandals will go away either. She will be dogged on every single lie she's said, potentially under oath too. Hillary Clinton isn't out of the woods for lying to a congressional committee which is currently being investigated....among other investigations.

So that's why she isn't winning by 50 plus points, its because she's just a horrible candidate.

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    • aasl profile image

      The General Conservative 18 months ago from New Hampshire

      Thanks! I totally agree with you. It's good to see him make such an incredible comeback. He seems to be getting hot just at the right time like a team going into the playoffs.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 18 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      Great hub page(s) Christopher, tell it like it is. Recently Trump has not only surged in the polls but has become competitive in the electoral college where a month ago he was considered to be way behind. The way it stands now if Trump upsets Clinton in Colorado, it puts him at 274 electoral votes to her 264. The big story is Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina switching to toss-ups. After months of stasis, 12 states — 12 states! — moved over further to the right, including two outright flips: Ohio and Iowa went from leaning Democrat to leaning Republican.

      Considering all the money spent on Hillary, her recognition, her woman card, the fact that Hillary was picked to beat Trump in a landslide at the beginning for Trump to be narrowing the gap to be so close while she is on the down and he is improving tells the story.

      She couldn't win the nomination without cheating Bernie she won;t win the presidency without cheating either. Hillary and the Democrats have based their campaign on demonizing Donald, calling him dangerous, unpredictable, racist, Islamophobic, demagogic, sexist, lacking in temperament and judgment, bombastic, jingoistic and a litany of other names. His supporters belong in a "basket of deplorables." In the upcoming debate all Trump needs to do is to lay out positive proposals and avoid ratifying Hillary's accusations. Donald's constructive programs on taxes, national security, immigration, the economy, and child care form a basis for projecting a national image that will simply sweep aside Hillary's campaign.

      It is the beginning of the end for Hillary, if not it will be the beginning of the end of the America patriots cherish. NOT going to happen!