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Legal Immigrants Resent Illegal Immigrants

Updated on February 19, 2015

There are 12 million illegal residents in the USA and there are 4.5 million legal residents. The current US Senate and House are hashing over the details of the new immigration laws and criteria in this divisive legislation.

There is an insensitivity to the 4.5 million who have filed their paperwork, paid the fees, went to interviews, renewed visas to become a permanent resident. They do pay taxes and work. The legal residents have been dealing with immigration for years, some over 10 years, and now they feel the US focus is on the illegals nothing will be done to improve the legal residents ability to become permanent.

What is the new immigration bill going to do with the legal residents? Somewhere in the 1200 page Senate bill it must address those already here legally. There are only so many visas issued yearly to foreigners, which greatly outnumber them. This has created a HUGE backlog. This is significant for those applying based on family ties to US citizens and permanent residents. Immigrants coming from China, Mexico, India, and the Philippines, have to wait more than 10 years to get a visa AFTER approval in their home country. Yet, there are hundreds of thousands that live in the USA on temporary visas or work permits.

Those who are legal in the USA will have a great deal should the bill pass. All backlogs of legal applicants must be cleared within 10 years before any illegal immigrants can obtain a green card, a major step before US citizenship. If the bill is passed, those legally here and have been waiting for more than five years would get their visas immediately. There would be a formula as to who gets them first, giving priority to those who have waited the longest. So a person what as waited 17 years, would get a green card in months.

There are many well educated legal residents still in limbo. Some have engineering degrees and support their family working odd jobs, their kids are going to American schools or colleges, some have master degrees, yet are worried their temporary visa will expire before the bill passes. Then, they have to return to their home country and try again. After going through all the hoops and hassles of the immigration, some are wondering if it is worth the effort.

The new immigration bill has stalled. None of the recently approved elements by the U.S. Government fixes the existing visa system. Members of both the Senate and House also find many legal immigration issues and fixes as objectionable as illegal immigrants seeking citizenship. Republicans have already stated they will not vote on eliminating the green card backlog.

Solely focusing on the illegal immigration problem ignores those who are here legally and seeking permanent status even after 17 years of living here. It is a very complicated mess!


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      Maybe so, but to those who have been waiting 10+ years to be a perm resident, all the focus on the illegals do make them angry because of short-cuts for them while those doing it legally have to wait. Every case is different and delays can be caused by numerous things. They just do not want to be forgotten in the rush to fix immigration. i understand totally.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 4 years ago from variable

      As a legal immigrant (and since a citizen) I can confidently say it's not true in my case and not true with any of the legal immigrants whom I know (and there are a lot of them) we all came here looking for a better life, usually fleeing horrors back home (murderous dictatorship in my case) and we thus understand exactly what those poor folks are going through, they are desperate to make a better life for themselves and their children and get them out of situations of unimaginable horror, you have to be pretty heartless to resent someone in such a desperate situation that they would risk their lives, leave their country, friends and family and become second class members of another society just to escape it.