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Legal to Commit Homicide While Pregnant in NH

Updated on June 24, 2017
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Kayla is a wife and a mother of three. She enjoys sarcasm, lacks a certain filter, and has no problem calling things out as she sees them.

Senate Bill 66

The original bill is meant to cover fetal homicide, but due to the wording women are legally allowed to commit homicide while pregnant if they live in New Hampshire. Originally the bill holds a person responsible in the death of a fetus over 20 weeks by declaring the fetus a person. The only exceptions being the mother who may want or need an abortion and the doctor performing it.

Regardless of which side you are on in the debate, you have to laugh at the irony. Let's not only legalize pregnancy abortions, but let's go a step farther and just let these pregnant women kill anyone they want. Now, as a mother of 3 children myself, this could have been an issue in my pregnancy days. Not that I was a total nut job, but I was a bit hormonal.

One situation comes to mind twelve years after my last pregnancy. That wretched woman at Dunkin Donuts that wound up giving me a chocolate frosted donut when I clearly ordered a boston cream. My day was already going terrible, I was exhausted running around with 2 toddlers and no sleep. That would have probably done it for me. Spinning off into a hormonal and homicidal frenzy over a boston cream donut, or lack thereof, seems like a pretty good reason to me. Of course, in hindsight I see that it wasn't really that big of a deal, but I am slightly less hormonal at this stage of my life.

Senate Resolution 66

The previously drafted Senate Bill 66 included unclear vague wording that could have been interpreted to allow women to commit homicide against anyone. The correct version of the bill would, for example, hold a person liable for homicide in the death of a fetus if it was killed in an attack of the pregnant woman. It is meant to protect a pregnant woman from violence. The very same wording would also allow for a woman to commit homicide and physician-assisted suicides. What they intended to say was a woman and her doctor would not be held liable for the death of a fetus in regards to medical procedures

So far there are no reports of crazy pregnant women going on homicidal rampages in the great state of New Hampshire. Although the 'Live Free or Die' state still has time before the new resolution is signed into effect.

Lawmakers have acknowledged the loop-hole and have made statements regarding the correction. As of June 22, lawmakers have voted to close the loop-hole by updating the text. The new bill is currently sitting on the desk of Gov. Chris Sununu waiting to be signed.

© 2017 Kayla Hebert


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      pregnant 9 months ago

      wish I knew

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      vFitzgerald 9 months ago

      Wow... interesting. Love that you're writing! More..,,

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      Concerned Reader... 9 months ago

      Glad you pick up on this. It's good to see people are watching out for "loop-holes", how things are interperated is in portant.