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Leonardo Di Caprio The Environmentalist

Updated on February 23, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio & Climate Change

As we know Leonardo Di Caprio is a A lister as far as hollywood is concerned, but he has proved himself as an evangelist in environmental causes. He supports many causes like Shark conservation, Tiger conservation, Oceans conservation, Climate change etc. His contribution to Climate Change has recently come into picture as he donates $15 million to global conservation efforts. He not only donates for the climate change cause but actively is involved in various activities related to climate change. He has divested from fossil fuels & is investing in clean renewable energy. He has in total made a grant of $30 million to the various causes his foundation supports. His foundation supports more than 65 organizations in the field of environmental conservation.

Sunita Narain & Leonardo DiCaprio

His initiatives have been focused towards environmental causes, one such initiative was he willing to go and visit the rural part of India. He was accompanied by one of the imminent environmentalist of India Sunita Narain & the team of Centre for Science & Environment India. He was taken to a remote village, where he saw the way the rural people of India cooked their food. He witnessed the way women use dried cow dung to cook food & which causes pollution as the cooking LPG gas is not used because its expensive. This initiative of his shows how willing he is to give his time & effort towards environment.

The way he has been active in propagating the concerns about various environmental causes is commendable enough. For sure his celebrity status helps bring more attention to these causes & brings more emphasis on the seriousness of these issues. Its important that more and more celebrities start being a part of activities, which work towards the benefits of mankind, wildlife, environment & this planet.

© 2016 Manjiri Borkar


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