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Lester Holt Screws Up Debate Favoring Hillary Clinton. But There's a Bright Side...

Updated on September 27, 2016

Trump Had Missed Opportunities

By now, millions of Americans have talked about the Presidential debate last night. They could be debating among themselves over who has the better "temperament" for the presidency, or who has the strongest policies and demeanor. But, one thing that is starting to be universally agreed upon is that Lester Holt hijacked what was supposed to be a neutral debate and chose to favor Hillary Clinton to appease the elitist mainstream media.

Some people are looking back on last nights debate and are openly saying that Donald Trump won. Others, would disagree and say Hillary won. But, another thing is for sure is that Hillary Clinton made it very well known that she was the establishment politician. The very type of person that most people hate. This was Trumps first one on one debate with someone who is very skilled in debating and has debated some of the most powerful politicians in America for years. The very fact that he wasn't a pushover like a lot of leftists expected, might have given him the victory.

It's worth saying that Donald Trump still has some work to do. There were a lot of missed opportunities that Trump had where he could have easily crushed Hillary Clinton. He could have dug more into the email scandal,the Benghazi scandal, and the legitimacy of the Clinton Foundation donations from Sharia oppressive nations. But even with this in mind, one cannot ignore the moderators part in the debate.


How Come Benghazi Wasn't Mentioned?

With a Benghazi survivor present in the room, one would think it makes sense to talk about this disastrous event. Considering, its also one of the crowning failures of Hillary Clintons time as Secretary of State. Too many people died as a result of her lackadaisical response to the growing threats in the North African region, specifically in Libya. There were a multitude of 600 requests to beef up security at the Benghazi embassy that were left ignored. As a result of this, people died including Embassador Chris Stevens. This should immediately be brought up whenever foreign policy is the topic of discussion with Clinton.

Hillary Clinton also lied about a YouTube video being the trigger for the protests in Libya. When it was pretty clear that was not the case. She lied right to the face of a grieving mother who was suffering the loss of her son, but other politicians were allowed to know the truth as well as her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Lester Holt Refused to Effectively Fact Check Hillary Clinton

Some leftists might say that Lester Holt interrupted Hillary Clinton too many times, and may even claim that he's a sexist along with Donald Trump. But, he was anything but tough on Clinton. He was willing to "fact check" Donald Trump 5 times and didn't fact check Clinton, despite that she lied to Americans...again.

One that comes to mind is her stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.(TPP) Clinton claimed that she never said that TPP was the "Gold Standard" of trade agreements. Trump was right in that she did actually claim that it was a wonderful trade agreement. She said this in 2012 in Australia. And since 2012 she's been openly praising the disastrous deal.

Holt Questioned Trump About His Taxes, But Nothing About The Clinton Foundation or her Email Scandal

To be fair, it was a reasonable question to ask Trump about his tax returns. Trump responded that he released a lot of his financial information online for everyone to see which is fantastic. But, somehow the debate moderator forgot to ask about some of the questionable donations The Clinton Foundation received from Middle Eastern nations that openly abuse women and give the death penalty for Islamic apostasy. Some of those nations even sponsor terrorism. What do they expect in return?

As a Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton should have been taken to task regarding this major hypocrisy. She claims to be a champion for civil rights but accepts money from nations that are aggressively against ANY kind of civil rights in their own nations.

Hillary Clinton's email scandal was brought up briefly by Trump, but was not pounded home like it needed to be. The moderator completely disregarded asking any questions about this giant scandal that will likely dog Clinton for the rest of her life. If Hillary doesn't understand basic operational security as Secretary of State, how could she possibly be President? She gambled with American security for her convenience on private servers. Without Justice Department corruption she likely couldn't pass a normal background check to be a janitor at the State Department,

The Bright Side...

The bright side is that MOST Americans don't trust what they hear on the mainstream media. According to Pew Research only 22% of Americans trust what they hear on the news. American's are tired of being told what they should do by elitist celebrities in corny commercials. They're tired of being called deplorable by politicians who don't understand them. And they're tired of leftist encroachment that impedes on rights like freedom of speech, arms and privacy. Hillary Clinton is the physical manifestation of what Americans hate in their political system.

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    • aasl profile imageAUTHOR

      The General Conservative 

      2 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thank you. I think you're right. There is that fear from celebrities or public figures that they'll be devoured by the extreme left.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      2 years ago

      Well done as usual. I like your take that there is a bright side. Sad though it is that the bright side is so dismal in nature, not what the founders foresaw the media's place to be. Holt has earned his place as court jester in Queen Hillary's court. Apparently he was scared to death of being treated by the left like they treated Jimmy Fallon, livid over Jimmy Fallon's Trump interview so he danced, like the clown he is, to their tune.


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