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Let the Trampling of Rights Begin

Updated on April 20, 2010

A gift with consequences

Sounds kind of dire when I say that now that health care has been passed, your freedoms and rights can begin to be trampled. Almost sounds loony. Sadly it is not. Let me explain.

First Comes the Gift

On March 21, 2010, the United States House of Representatives passed a historic piece of legislation to reform health care. In short most every person will now have health insurance in the US. Shortly thereafter it became law when the president signed the bill into law. This gift, given at the expense of the taxpayer is given to everyone in the US.

Nobody will be allowed to not have insurance when the bill is in full effect.

  • If you don't have it you will pay a tax and it will be given to you.
  • If you can't afford it someone else will pay a tax and it will be given to you.
  • If you have it, you will pay a tax and told how much coverage you can have.
  • If you want more than what is "given" to you, you will pay a tax (in addition to the extra fees you are paying )for having more than everyone else.

In short everyone is going to get health insurance.

Health Care Bill

Consequences of This "Gift"

There are a number of obvious consequences and they are too long to mention. The subtle one and the one I fear the most is the trampling of freedoms. How you say can this happen? Now that we all have health care, it will enter most every legislative conversation we here in the US have.

Here are a couple of examples,

Example 1. Right now everyone is free to go sky diving or scuba diving or ride motorcycles without a helmet on your private property. There is some danger in these activities but you are free to do them because you accept the risk. Problem is, now the government has a say in your life because they are giving you your health care. Can't you see some government type tell you that you are taking risks like that and getting hurt would put a burden on the system and it would not be fair to others who don't do that. You either have to refrain from such activities or pay for extra insurance to cover you in case you want to participate in these dangerous activities.

Example 2. Smokers beware. Fat people beware. Drinkers beware. All these activities though taxed are legal and you are free to participate. Some are subject to 'sin' taxes but when you pay the tax you are free to participate. Imagine now some government type saying that you are making bad choices and these choices mean you are more likely to have health problems. If you continue to smoke, weigh more than XYZ lbs or drink more than 1 drink a day, you will have to quit doing that or pay a fee because we now have a stake in your health.

Example 3. Let's go off the reservation now. Someone does a study to show that owning a gun increases your likelihood to be involved in a gun related accidental shooting. This means guns have a negative impact on people's health. If you want to have or own a gun, you need to pay extra fees or taxes so we can pay for the extra burden on the system. Of course this only applies to law abiding citizens but that is another story.

You can see the pattern. Someone does a study. Shows that a behavior can impact your health...(and what behavior does not at some level impact your health at some level?). The government or whatever non-elected body in charge of risk assessment says that has an impact on your health. We are giving you your health care. We have the right to tell you not to do that or tax you more to pay for the extra risk.

With this tool in mind, I'm guess someone could figure out ways to impact just about every freedom we have. Health care now gets inserted into every debate we have. From complex social issues like abortion and euthanasia where now it makes financial sense because it is one less person to cover, to everyday things like going to concerts where it is now bad because it can harm your ears.

The fact that the government is going to be giving us our health care means they can tell us what we can and can not do to 'earn' our portion.


This is yet one more reason this legislation needs to be dismantled before it comes into full effect. It will take time and will power but it needs to happen.


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    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @forlanda - Yes, that fight is gearing up....

    • forlanda profile image

      Juancho Forlanda 6 years ago from US of A

      Come election time, we just need to make sure we all vote for someone who believes in more personal freedom and responsibility, not more government.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @forlanda - Thanks. I am humbled by some of the comments I received on this hub. Many of the people who dropped by to and left a comment offered even more examples. It has now been a over a year and people like this legislation less and less. I hope 2012 is the year it goes bye bye.

    • forlanda profile image

      Juancho Forlanda 6 years ago from US of A

      I really like your writing style. It flows and is easy to understand. I like how you explain exactly what is wrong with universal health care, and its unintended consequence--the trampling of our freedom. If only our politicians had the same skills. Thank you for a great and awesome hub.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @outdoorsguy - Thanks for stopping by. In answer to your question, what do we do? We work very hard to throw the bums out. Make sure there is a price to pay. Then work to repeal the whole thing. If we can repeal the 18th amendment, we elect people who will rewrite these laws.

    • outdoorsguy profile image

      outdoorsguy 7 years ago from Tenn

      "Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery." --Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774

      In America we have developed the notion that Laws are Divine and immutable, and to question and disobey is to shake the natural world.

      The hill passes what it wants with out regard to the people. depending on the polls, up to 70 percent of people are against the health care law, and yet it passed. they use the threat of Force and incarceration to keep the people in line. this isnt just Obama and his cult of personality, or any one president, its the insidious rot thats filled congress for years. They see themselves as King makers and the elite of America. its time we ended that attitude as well.

      So what do we do. Honest question.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA


      Love your slogan. Keep up the fight.

    • Joni Douglas profile image

      Joni Douglas 7 years ago

      "Studies show that......" These three little words will become terrifying! Great Hub!

      The tentacles of this legislation will be more far reaching than any of realize. Even as they passed it, they knew that folks wouldn't like it so they implanted safe-guards against repeal.

      Remember in November!

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Thanks James. This whole thing scares me but look out. Here comes Cap and Trade followed by amnesty for illegals. November can't come fast enough.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      Fantastic analysis! I agree with you 100%. Thank you for shedding your wisdom with all of the world.

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Sheila, Terrific point. Every time we think we know something...turns out we don't know the whole story. Making policy based on partial knowledge is dangerous. Welcome to the Nanny States of America.

      TinaMarie - You and me both!

    • TinaMarieTad profile image

      TinaMarieTad 7 years ago from Michigan

      Wow, Tom...great article. It is horrible what this President and his administration are doing to American's and America as a whole. It is scary times. I can't wait to show my disapproval at the voting booth!

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 7 years ago

      And then there are the ever-changing opinions. Eggs are bad/eggs are OK. Butter is bad/butter is OK. Coffee is bad/coffee is OK. And how about the politician now wanting the fast food places to stop giving toys with the children's meals because they encourage kids to want to go there. No, Mom can't decide, because Mom is stupid!

    • Tom T profile image

      Tom T 7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Dallas1930 - I have yet to figure out why anyone who loves freedom would have voted for this guy. Got to keep working to stop this guy and his party from taking away our rights.

      Great American - Yes I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. We can not under estimate the imaginations of liberals to create issues and problems for those who oppose them. I can imagine a scenario where they will figure out how being a conservative or going to church might be unhealthy. The hub was meant to demonstrate the playbook. Knowledge is power. Never let your guard down and keep telling the truth.

      Angela- Great hearing from you again. Yes you are right. This is just the first step and we can't let them succeed.

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 7 years ago from Central Texas

      You're right on and only hope those folks who disapprove of this healthcare mess don't forget it but keep fighting it. Just because it passed doesn't mean we have to accept it -- the majority of Americans didn't like it before it passed and we don't have to lay down and play dead now! Good Hub and thanks! Best, Sis

    • greatAmerican profile image

      greatAmerican 7 years ago

      Tom Number one you barely scratched the surface.

      Airline travel is dangerous people get killed in planes.

      Driving cars definitely is dangerous, on top of that burning gas in cars pollutes the air We could go on and on,, but it

      might just be easier to go back to the horse and buggy,, that would also be a plus since that mode of transportation might be so slow, someone in need of medical care could die just getting help.. Jobs bill,, wow those fast food joints

      that employ millions of folks will be out of business if we have to abide by Our Health czar ban on fatty foods.

      Damn, if everyone is so healthy we won't even need this Health care, but I bet the tax and cost would still increase week after week,,,,etc.. More jobs lost Doctors, Nurses, Hospital personnel.. We all can sit around all day long and sing 'I'd like to teach the world to sing....'

      ObamaNation,,, hip hip hooray!! Oh Transform me Please!

    • dallas1930 profile image

      dallas1930 7 years ago from maine

      very good explaination...also i just found out obamas real name is barry ..i knew he didnt have a US birth what is wrong with the people who voted him in? are they happy now?and then what about amesty?this country is heading down along road to real reform.we need the rally the country has every seen in along long time and we need now!! keep up the good work..God Bless!