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Lethal Force Martial Law: Albuquerque Police Brutality CIA at Play

Updated on May 19, 2014

CoIntelPro Hard at Work

Police state In Albuquerque New Mexico, where police use lethal force first and ask questions later.
Police state In Albuquerque New Mexico, where police use lethal force first and ask questions later. | Source

Many people by now have seen the video of an officer involved shooting that took place in Albuquerque NM, though it is the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) it looks to be more of a SWAT team then your everyday police officer shooting and killing James Boyd - an "illegal" camper in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains of Albuquerque New Mexico on March 16th 2014. News footage from KOB and KOAT of APD gathering evidence and the actual video of the APD having a SWAT team use lethal force to kill the "illegal" camper seem to contradict where the actual shooting took place "in" Albuquerque New Mexico, the protest that took place on March 30th 2014 turns violent so the news starts terming it as a riot, and you can smell fish in New Mexico's air.

A little Warehouse 13 humor
A little Warehouse 13 humor | Source

Contradicting Locations

This video being released of the APD using lethal force led police chief Gorden Eden Jr. to have to answer to mainstream press what his thoughts were on the matter of James Boyd being killed, in which APD chief stated that he saw that APD officers actions were justified to kill since James Boyd "made a threatening move towards the officers". However the video released by APD on March 21 (and as we all know 3 is for communication) shows that Boyd was simply going to walk down the mountain with the officers as the officers had agreed on with Boyd, then quickly the officers throw a flash bang grenade at Boyd telling him to get on the ground as he just finishes turning around from picking up his belongings. Then without even waiting for James Boyd to get on the ground the officers use lethal force, shooting an AR-15 or M-4 at Boyd four times then it gets worse from there. The officers excuse for using lethal force is that Boyd had knives and made a threatening move towards them.

APD Shoots Homeless Man - Warning: Graphic Content

This statement by police chief Gordon Eden passed the line for the people of New Mexico so they decided to hold a protest. Now the mainstream really doesn't show much of what happened but from what I've read and the video and images provided from the mainstream media proclaimed riot, it seems that agitation to have reason to implement martial law is the goal. There are rumors that the "riot" was organized by groups such as OWS, ANSWER, and the Party of Socialism and Liberation (all groups that are pro communism if you ask me) which could be true as the ANSWER group is attending the city council discussion on public safety, and if so then that along with the possible CIA funded CoIntelPro hacker group Anonymous calling for another protest further backs the assumption that implementation of martial law is the goal. What ever the case, there were real, caring people who protested on Saturday March 30th one of which who knew James Boyd gave a pretty good insight as to what was really happening at the protest. The main conclusion is that there were people at the protest trying to agitate and turn it violent in effort to further the martial law agenda for the New World Order or as it is known in Europe - Agenda 21.

Do you think CoIntelPro is behind the protest agetation?

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Evidence of CIA / CoIntelPro Involvement

  • Police gathering evidence at a different location then where the officer involved shooting took place.
  • Agitation at the protest.
  • DOJ investigating APD actions to determine whether they should take control of APD.
  • CoIntelPro / communist support groups voicing their oppinions at the city council discussion on public safety and calling for another protest.

My conclusion - the powers that be ruling elite will always try the slide of hand trick and use many different types cointelpro agents to accomplish their NWO Agenda 21, so stand up for your rights, don't allow the NWO to make martial law, where lethal force and police brutality are protocol into everyday life, take on self responsibility so that you can lead by example into a better future for everyone, and be careful as not all is what it it is said to be in this world.

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