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Let's Beat it Lord!!

Updated on September 17, 2012

Let's Beat it Lord!!

As I was listening to the Podcast of Pastor Rico Ricafort of Every nation Ministries Churches or popularly known as "Victory Christian Fellowship in the Philippines or VCF for brevity , I felt greatly amazed, encouraged & blessed how God is restoring and making the Philippines to be one of the Richest Countries in the world and to think not so long ago, we were marked in a top magazine as "the one of the poorest nation and the most top 10 corrupt countries in the world.

Yet evil will always never triumphs over goodness according to the word of God in the bible as God is behind the Philippines because it has been prophesied long time ago that the Philippines is the launching path for "Christian Evangelical & Pentecostal Missionaries to the ends of the earth.

Take note: " Where God is, there is prosperity according to the book of Jeremiah 29:11.

United Nation awarded $26 Trillion Dollars for the Philippine. Wow! This is the evidence of God's word in the Bible where God keeps on saying many times but people are not claiming it nor believe in it at all.

It happens before when the book of Nehemiah, where Prophet Nehemiah cried down in tears claiming the promise of God to restore his nation and for short, God answered his prayers.

Proverbs 22:4 provides anyone who fears God and humbles himself will have HONOR, WEALTH AND LONG LIFE"..

To my curiosity, I Google about Benharn Rise whether it was really true what Pastor Rico was saying as it is easy to talk yet I discovered it is very true and was even aired by INQUIRER NEWS ONLINE.

The Philippines is a very rich nation today. Please read my website at for further elaboration

Benham Rise is now owned by the people of the Republic of the Philippines.

The United Nations has agreed and awarded the Philippines’ claim to Benham Rise as it's own property undersea landmass which is located in the Pacific Ocean.

One great thing every Filipinos must understand is, the land which was awarded by the Unted nation to the Philippines is very potentially rich in mineral and natural gas deposits.

“Filipinos must take pride that they are now very rich and one day, they will become the First world country in the globe. The land is very rich in minerals and gas deposits and most of all it is very large as it contains 13-million-hectare area off the coast of Aurora province.

This news came when the United Nation council sent a letter to the Philippine's Department of Environment and National Resources.

Very Magnificent God! Thank you Lord for restoring the nation as no man can do it except you alone! Praise you Lord!


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