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Let's Make A Deal$! (In Response To Haiti)

Updated on January 25, 2010

By: Toni Tucker

Earthquake in Haiti

Let's Make A Deal with Wayne Brady

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

Earthquake in Haiti

Let's Make a Deal!

Remember the older version of the fun TV show were the audience participants were all dressed in crazy costumes to win money? I was just a child when Monty Hall was the Host back in the 70's and loved to see people win and win big. Now, Wayne Brady is the Host of the high energy show taking it to a whole new level. The show is filled with expectations from audience members to win or at least to get money at the end for having a paper clip, or a stamp, or a tooth-pick in their purses or wallets.

Do you pick door #1, #2, or #3? There could be a super prize like a car, or patio furniture with a 62 inch flat screen TV and a barbecue to entertain in the sun at home, Or, it could be a boat, or an brand new kitchen, or a trip to Jamaica! Yeah, or take the cash, Cha-Ching - $$$'s - which could be in the thousands. The choice is all up to the selected person to decide.

What should I do, or we do, if you're chosen as a couple. Making a deal, could it be a great one or a Zonk! Everyone loves to make a deal, even as one well known Religious leader so tactlessly stated. The Haitian people got together back in 1791 during the Haitian revolt against the French, and said, "Let's make a deal with the devil!"

Deal with the devil? That's right, you are all probably aware by now, that, Pat Robinson, Christian broadcaster of the 700 Club said the people of Haiti made a deal with Satan and got a Zonk instead of a prize which led to the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. In the midst of him raising funds for the suffering country he thrust that little jagger out of his mouth and said the earthquake was a consequence of a pact Haitian leaders made with Satan 200 years ago.

"They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever, and they got together and swore a pact to the devil," said Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). "They said, 'We will serve you if you will get us free from the French.' True story. Pat's timing could not have been worse. While the world was being inundated with dreadful images of people suffering and countless bodies lining the streets in 90 degree weather, this is what he had to bring up?

In a statement posted on the CBN Web site, spokesman Chris Roslan said Robertson's comments stem from the story of a 1791 slave rebellion led by Boukman Dutty at Bois Caïman. According to the story of the "Boukman Contract," Boukman led the slaves in a Voodoo ritual, where they sacrificed a pig and drank its blood to form a pact with the devil. They allegedly agreed to serve the spirits of the island for 200 years in exchange for freedom from the French. After 13 years of conflict, the slaves won their independence.

"And so the devil said, 'OK, it's a deal.' And they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another."

Robertson said the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, is "prosperous, healthy, full of resorts, etc.," while Haiti is "in desperate poverty."

"They need to have and we need to pray for them a great turning to God and out of this tragedy I'm optimistic something good may come," he continued. "But right now we're helping the suffering people, and the suffering is unimaginable."

Robertson's comments have been widely circulated on the Internet and became a trending topic on Twitter. Not in a good way either.

This was a Zonk behind all three doors in the scheme of things, it angered the unsaved, seemed to create divisiveness amongst Christians, and made it look like, if the Haitians had not made a deal with the devil they would still be under French domination. If that's the case almost every community in America alone has made some deal with the devil. Wiccans, Satan Worshippers, and many other ungodly covens and covenants take place right here in our own neighborhoods. We'd better watch out for the big one in our nation, it's long overdue with all the deals with Satan made here. But, God is slow to anger, and merciful. And yes, there are repercussions for sin, but that puts the entire world in bad shape. Thank God for Jesus.

Radio Host Rush Limbaugh also said that someone else was getting a 'deal' out of the massive loss and human tragedy, just one day after Haiti's massive earthquake. Limbaugh commented that President Barack Obama would use the crisis to "burnish, shall we say, creditability with both the light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country." The controversial radio-show host made the comment on January 13, 2010, as humanitarian aide groups began arriving to help the country in the midst of possibly the worst natural disaster Haiti has faced. Obama has pledged some $100 million dollars from the United States.

Excuse me Rush, but in my immediate African American family alone, there are dark-skinned light-skinned, and brown-skinned people. So are we from different communities? Do you even remember the Cosby show?  What were you saying?  Oh, nothing, that's right, just blowing hot air as always Rushy.

Despite the rantings of these two media moguls, people of all Nations and of all colors have been pouring out their love, support and prayers to the people and nation of Haiti. And millions are donating money to many of the helping charities around the world. The love that has come forth has led many Doctors, nurses, and innumerable other volunteers to travel to Haiti and devote their time and expertise, despite the after-shocks and occasional skirmishes. Can you blame them? No food or water, shelter, or sanitary items like toilet paper, and other necessities, like electricity, a bed to sleep on, things most of us take for granted, they have to go without for God knows how long.

Let's make a deal to not get zonked and to choose the right curtain and to pick the right attitude when it comes to simple human suffering. Let's make a deal not to let men who otherwise have a responsibility to raise the consciousness of their viewers and listeners to make wise and heartfelt decisions in Haiti's more hightened time of crisis anger us. Let's make a deal that their ignorance and arrogance will not throw us off the path of winning by doing what the Bible says, to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Let's make a deal to pray for Pat Robinson and Rush Limbaugh and their dye-hard followers. Pat is a man of God, men of God do make mistakes. And that was a whopper!

Limbaugh, well Limbaugh, really needs deep cleaning in his soul. The Zonk is definitely on him. Pray it will be removed. Let's Make a Deal to just continue doing the right thing by giving when our brothers and sisters need it the most. Choose the right curtain. Door #1 donate and pray, door #2 volunteer your help, or door #3 Be selfish and get Zonked!

The people of Haiti need our Help!

Matthew 25:35, "For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in.."

These are just several solid places where you can choose to make your contributions.

Samaritan's Purse

The Red Cross


Operation USA


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    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Thanks for the post Chad! Keep reading my hubs. And God Bless you.

    • profile image

      Chad Stanner 8 years ago

      I think that Rush Lim is really off his rocker and that Pat Robinson is just old and out of touch with people not like him. I really enjoyed this article.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Thanks for your post SOBF. Will take a look at your hub on Haiti. Be blessed!

    • SOBF profile image

      SOBF 8 years ago from New York, NY

      I implore all of you to take a few minutes out of your day and read my hub. There is obviously a major lack of understanding of Haiti, Vodou (Not Voodoo) and the Roman Catholic principles of the people of Haiti.

      May God Bless You All...

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      JisBlessed thank you for your comment. I don't know what he was saying. It seems to me though, that satanic worship is widely practiced on every block in America's neighborhoods, so that couldn't have been it. Otherwise, we are toast! There are so very many Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ that I find that rationale from Pat, disconcerting. But, we must forgive and move on. Thanks again for your stopping by and come back and visit my stories. God bless you!

    • profile image

      Jisblessed 8 years ago

      This was very interesting and informative to me and the time to help is now. It could be us. I don't know the purpose for him mading that statement. I'm wondering if was to warn us and other nations about making pacts with the devil or serving the devil and the end result of it? Maybe He's hoping to turn others away from the practice of satanic worship by pointing to the desaster?

      I don't know but I do know that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just and will forgive us. My prayer is God forgive, heal and save.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Thank you itakins, I really appreciate your post. You are right too, too much time has been give to them, however, these issues should be addressed in a spiritual manner rather than the angry back-lash responses. They both were knee-jerk reactions to a massive issue of humanity. Thanks for your comments again.

    • itakins profile image

      itakins 8 years ago from Irl

      I think most people would appreciate that Pat Robinson;s comment was ,at the least,off the wall-and very shortsighted.

      However,I can't help thinking that the amount of air time and page space it has been given is too much.

      The devil is a great con artist,and I've no doubt he is happy to distract many people in this way,so as to keep their minds off the real issues-the suffering people of Haiti.

      This is an excelllent hub-and my comment is not a reflection on it -more a reflection on the morons who create distraction.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Hi RevLady, thanks for your comments as always.

      In answer to your question.

      Yes, we respond by doing what's right and what God would expect of us as Christians. No matter what our economic whoa's might be, we are still financially better off than our sisters and brothers in Haiti and others suffering around the world. We help as best we can as individuals, and as a Nation. Until next time...

    • RevLady profile image

      RevLady 8 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      A nice hub that stirs thoughts.

      As Christians, I see no point is trying to second guess God. The question put before us is how do we respond to hurting humanity?

      Forever His,

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Hello Lady_E, thanks for your post, and yes, Pat was way off in his timing with his hair-raising statement recently. The children are suffering and they need our help. The Bible does speak of the "Sins of the Fathers being revisited on their children" Jeremiah 11:10 (New International Version) "They have returned to the sins of their forefathers, who refused to listen to my words. They have followed other gods to serve them. Both the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken the covenant I made with their forefathers." There are reprecussions for sin and God is slow to wrath. This might have been one of the references, howbeit, untimely, that Pat Robinson was referring to. I am not making any excuses for him, I'm just trying to understand what he might have been basing his theology on. Off or scriptual is debatable. I just think his statement was uncouthed and horribly insensitive.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 8 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting Hub. It wasn't nice of Pat to make those comments. I don't know much about Haiti but even if they "made a deal with the Devil". Now is not the time to point fingers. There are a lot of innocent children involved.

      What happened in Haiti could have happened to any country, at any time. We should help support them back on their feet. I have noted on one of my other websites that I am available to help any charity organisations in London, who are supporting Haiti.

      2 Million Homeless......

      Thanks for the Hub.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      allergy1, thanks for your second comment and your honesty. Conviction in our hearts and spirit comes from God. Even if you give just $5, God will multiply it and he also blesses us back in some way for our obedience.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Unchained Grace, you brought up an important point. There are thousands of homeless veterans in our nation. These are men and women who fought for this Country and for a myriad of reasons are homeless. Yes, that is of course, a great need in America and they need our help and prayers as well.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Jim, it is just the spirit of the Lord that guides Christians, if we allow him to guide us and we follow. As for the Jesus connection, we have a mandate to help whomever is suffering in someway. If it's helping the suffering here in American and abroad! Matthew 25:35 reads, "For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in..." This is what Christ requires of us as a "Christian Nation." Remember, natural disasters can happen here and will happen again, more than likely. Wouldn't you want some other Country to step-in and help find you under rubble and to minister to your needs? Also, not every neighbor on your block is Godly, are they? Humility is not only a good thing, but a God thing.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      TJ, thank you for your post and for your encouragment! I know you have a personal connection with Haiti and all of the beautiful people who live there. Keep praying.

    • allergy1 profile image

      allergy1 8 years ago from United Arab Emirates

      Nice Hub, me may be selfish, but i will be helping others.

    • Unchained Grace profile image

      Unchained Grace 8 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Jim, care to enter a number as to how many homeless veterans we have in this country?

    • profile image

      jim 8 years ago

      I feel that its wise, to know, that one(nation)country, cannot help others first, if they are failing at helping themselves first. Donate to an Un-Godly country and its people, before donating to those suffereing in Detroit, La, Ca, Ny, and on and on and on in this country, Americans ought to Help Americans First and formorest with those dollars in my subjective bias view!



    • TJBaruch profile image

      TJBaruch 8 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Very well said! Excellent! Thank you for your thoughtful response.

    • Heavensgates profile image

      Heavensgates 8 years ago

      Thank you Unchained for your testimony! I am glad you chose door #1! May Our Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your ministry. You are reaching many and will continue too prosper in all that you do.

    • Unchained Grace profile image

      Unchained Grace 8 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Heavensgates, when I was a homeless veteran I made a deal, sort of. Actually, it was the acceptance of a vision. My choice was Door #1. Jesus. Wanna know what I won?

      Deliverance. In all aspects of my life.

      What did I have to give up? Everything. Actually, what I had nobody would want anyway. Bad attitude. Bitterness. Bad temper. Partially paralyzed right side. Not too much to bargain with, really.

      Monty Hall wouldn't have given me much for any of it. Guess what, though?

      Jesus took it all off my hands and gave to me a vision to reach out to other homeless veterans and today, as founder of Unchained Grace Ministries, we work with Holy Truth Temple of Deliverance on Holy Truth Veterans Housing Program.

      My point?

      Jesus took what junk I had and gave to me the unreal prize of salvation, deliverance and an opportunity to seek Him. Personally, I think I did pretty good on that deal.


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