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Let's Play Where's Congress

Updated on March 3, 2019

Stinky Prepares Breakfast

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, March 3, 2019. Our new friend, Stinky, is in the kitchen preparing Potato Pancakes for our enjoyment. I am at the bar mixing up a batch of Bloody Marys to add to the fun. Stinky is a stickler for detail. He was taught that there are three branches of government in our country. One of them seems to be AWOL and Stinky is disturbed by its absence. Please join Stinky and me this morning for breakfast and a chat. Come over as soon as you can. I'll leave the door open.


Is Anyone Home?

Thanks so much for joining POP and me this morning. When I was in school I was taught that there were three parts to the federal government. The Executive Branch is composed of the president and about 5,000,000 government workers. Payroll must be a nightmare! The Legislative Branch is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Payroll must be a huge waste of money. The third branch of government is the Judicial Branch composed of the Supreme Court and the lower courts. The Ninth District represents only the far left, and that hurts our nation. Our government was set up like this to prevent any individual or group from having too much power. Some of the people in the legislative branch must have missed the memo. The Judicial Branch should brush up on their responsibilities, as well.

The Legislative Branch is charged with making our laws. The Executive Branch carries out the laws and the Judicial Branch interprets the laws. The Legislative Branch has run amok since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. The Democrats and others who are referred to as RINO's have decided that their role is to run the duly elected president out of town. They have all morphed into private eyes who dream up investigation after investigation in the hope that something will emerge weighty enough to impeach President Trump. They were elected to represent the people. They are shirking that responsibility, and have decided that they will dig into every aspect of our president's life. Their focus is intense and their intent is treacherous.


Congress is Anxious for a Fight

Democrats in the House of Representatives are salivating. They won the House and are launching a planned attack against President Trump and those that support him. Democrats on every single committee in Congress have been prepping for this onslaught for a long time. We are now experiencing the fruits of their labor, and the results are ugly and disgusting. Congress will be wasting time and our money investigating the president and his ties to Russia. They are no longer interested in the findings of the Mueller probe. They fear that Mueller will come up empty. Never ones to be deterred by fact, they will carry on another hideous investigation. I fear the nation will crack under the strain. Two long hideous and expensive years wasted on the Mueller probe have produced nothing that relates to President Trump. Most of the American people don't care about Mueller's findings. Not only don't they care, but they don't trust the man or his staff. That lack of trust is well deserved. The Justice Department and the FBI have fallen from grace. It is going to take a miracle for them to regain the trust of this nation. The bad guys, for the most part, have gotten away with horrible crimes. Hillary Clinton is still free. James Comey is free. John Brennan is free.. Rosenstein is still employed and free. I could go on and on, but I trust you get the point. Mueller nabbed President Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen. The man is a liar and a fraud. That has been established. He has also been sentenced for his lies, but Congress is not satisfied. They have chosen to invite him to testify before them, so that he can lie again. All of this grandstanding on the part of Congress is a waste of time, and a colossal waste of money. How many times are we going to question and investigate people who have already been investigated? The truly guilty get away with everything, They are exonerated before they are investigated. They win and the American people lose. Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of that ugly scenario.


Turning Tables

Nancy Pelosi is jumping for joy. She wants to get her hands on the president's tax returns. That wasted effort should keep her busy for years. In the meantime, the nation's urgent business will be ignored.

While all the vengeful Democrats scurry around trying to unseat the president, President Trump is still accomplishing great things for our nation. I commend him for his tenacity and resolve to carry out his duties on behalf of the nation.

If turn around is fair play, I think it's time to shake things up. The Dems will never give up targeting President Trump. I think it's time we gave the Dems a taste of their own medicine. I think the Republicans should launch investigations against the Democrats. They will have a target rich environment. Imagine how exciting it will be to put Adam Schiff under a microscope. Corey Booker is the perfect person to investigate. Menendez is already a criminal who got away with his crime. Let's investigate him again. Let's not forget the newcomers. Investigating AOC would be great fun. Congress should look into her campaign violations. They might want to check out the money she paid her boyfriend. How about Rep. Omar. Her relationship with CAIR and Farrakhan are just the tip of the iceberg.

If Congress wants to play detective then, by all means, play. Let's stop pretending that those we elected are representing us. The truth is they represent only themselves. The truth is they are acting out all the ugliness inside of them. There is only one person in Washington who has our best interests at heart. That man is Donald J. Trump. Let's help him Make America Great Again.

Stinky's Song

Stink bugs are obnoxious

So are politicians

We need a good spray

To make them go away!


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