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Lets Talk About the Revolution...

Updated on April 24, 2016

"Liberty is the soul's right to breathe, and, when it can not take a long breath, laws are girded too tight. Without liberty man is in a syncope" - Henry Ward Beecher, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit (1887)

I wish I could say I was so seasoned in the writings of American political and philosophical authors enough to tell you I discovered that quote reading through the marvelous works of Sir Beecher underneath a shade tree in Harvard Yard, but sadly this is not the case. Actually, I would even settle for reading Sir Beecher outside the Starbucks downtown Phoenix to add a hipster-esque ambiance to this article, but no. The truth is I stumbled upon it while swimming off into the oblivion otherwise known as YouTube on one of my "(Insert Movie Title) Best Scenes" escapades I do when I'm usually avoiding other important things. This movie happened to be Good Will Hunting, which is in my top 10 favorite movies so you can imagine the amount of time I have wasted watching Will Hunting and trying my best to convince myself that I, too, am a genius. If only that were true, I may have caught this quote thrown out in to the court room scene (as it is so aptly described in the YouTube title) on one of the first 15 occasions I watched, or maybe I would be at Harvard Law writing my Senior Thesis instead of the shitty tirade you're about to witness. But I'm not, so I'm not. No, I'm just a 25 year old registered Republican waiting to begin pre-law courses at Grand Canyon University, working as a handyman in the mean time, and I have to say....I'm pissed.

I'm pissed for a number of reasons, but I will spare you all the rant on why Prince was NOT that awesome and just cut straight to it. That quote means nothing anymore. Liberty has been redefined by the previous few generations and we have reached the point Benjamin Franklin was talking about when inquired upon regarding our form of government. "A republic, if you can keep it," he said, according to the notes of Dr. James McHenry. Well, we apparently could not keep it as we now hold a form of government that resembles more of a monarchy than anything else. Why a monarchy and not a dictatorship? The answer to that is quite simple, actually. Both rule from the top down by virtue of one persons voice and it is not the voice of the people. A dictatorship is taken by force, while a monarchy is handed over to the next leader by the person before. Before I go any further, as briefly as I can, allow me a moment to just graze the surface of the bullshit we are dealing with in this current election cycle.

On the left side of the political spectrum we have two choices. One is a socialist and I really don't need to say much more than that to prove to you that he is unworthy and incapable of leading this country anywhere other than Canada to buy pills. The other is so ridden with scandals in her almost 4 decades of political spotlight that I would need to open a public library just to name a few. The fact that these two people are even an option just goes to show how absolutely messed up these past generations have let America and our government and political process become. Which leads me to the right. Donald Trump...really? I mean, I won't lie, I voted for the guy in the Arizona Primary because I DO agree with a majority of what he stands for currently, but seriously!? THAT'S the best we could come up with? I mean, Ted Cruz is no saint. I don't trust anyone who touts their Evangelical beliefs as some kind of litmus test for integrity. Even as a Christian, I can admit I know more atheists with integrity than I do Christians and that again should speak to the exercise of incompetency you people have left behind for us in the younger generation. Speaking of incompetency, as good of a man as I believe John Kasich to be, the man is fooling himself and everyone else who votes for him if he thinks the establishment is going to hand over the nomination to him. And that right there is exactly the problem: the establishment handing over a nomination. So, you mean to tell me that, regardless of who THE PEOPLE say they want, some corporate elites can just pluck whomever they choose from a pool of potential and place them in the running against Clinton?

Trump vs. GOP
Trump vs. GOP | Source

So what does this have to do with liberty? If you have to ask that question, you are a significant part of the problem. You see, the breath is the voice to be heard and when the voice is silenced, we lose all sense of freedom and liberty. We allow a small group of people to decide what they feel is best for themselves and call it an action taken for the good of the American people. Well the American people are angry, and tired of being silence. Donald Trump is the match that will ignite the flame of revolution. I am not saying that he will lead us to victory in our quest to regain the liberty we were promised by our founding fathers, but the voice of the people are cheering his name, but it's more the idea behind Trump the people want than the man himself. The idea behind Trump is a voice telling everyone else to shut up and listen. It's a voice fighting the establishment on both sides of the political spectrum and speaking directly to the wants and needs of the American people. Democrat, Republican, it doesn't matter any more. The past generations have focused so intensely on the isle dividing the two that they forgot how to speak to the other side. Our current political state has become two sided. "You're either on my side, or you're wrong!" It's not about the people any more. The parties only care about issues affecting their own interests and forgot that there are millions of people waiting in line for a chance to speak. It's gotten so divided that now whenever someone comes along that threatens the fabric of said party, the party is ready to commit suicide. Now not only do we have Republicans and Democrats fighting, but we have each party fighting within itself over who's more representative of their party and who's not and while all this fighting is going on, criminals are walking away with our cash hanging out of their wallets, children are being taught to obey without question, and there's a big ass group of people accross the water plotting their next attack.

Trump and Clinton being the faces of this election cycle makes it all too obvious that half of the country is so fed up with corruption, greed, and dishonesty that they believe a loud mouth New York reality star would be a better fit for POTUS than ANY OTHER politician, while the other half has become so acustomed to corruption that even Clinton gets a pass. This is not our fault, this is your fault. You let this happen. You allowed true criminals to take the wheel drunk and cause such a mess that the new generation has become limp. Half of my generation is so disconnected that issues like trees and safe zones are common talking points and the real issues like freedom of speech and general liberties can slowly be taken away and you think no body notices.


Just in case you haven't been listening, the people are starting to pay attention. The people are speaking out. You have groups like Anonymous rising up from the interwebs and becoming a voice for the 99%. I throw my support here on the record for Anonymous. Though I may not agree with everything they have spoken for, the fact that someone is finally speaking for We The People and not We The Politician gives me hope for my generation. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Barrett Brown, Aaron Swartz. The federal government and mass media outlets have labeled these men as criminals, but I must contest that. Who is the criminal: the man fighting to share information with the governed people about what they're elected officials are really hiding, or the people attempting to censor the voice of the people and spinning stories for their own self interest?

The past generations have raised us to be silent - to sit back and watch quietly and to accept the things we see wrong with no question. We have been raised to fear protest. They took our education system and destroyed it in such a large magnitude that, currently the only thing we are learning in school is how to get an A. We learn nothing about what to expect in the real world unless we go and learn it for ourselves. Up until I finally just had to figure it out two weeks ago, I had no idea how to file taxes as a business owner. I did, however, know how to identify a parallelogram. Thank you, America, you've created the perfect idiot. What you have really done is showed us that if we want something, we have to take it.

So, we're taking it. We are taking back our voice, and we are taking back our liberty. I urge all reading this to find their voice and fight for it to be heard. No more welfare state. Let's raise our children to be dependent on themselves and their own hard work alone, and not dependence on government. No more censorship. If you find it, share it. If it can educate us, take it. If it can hep others, give it away. I'm not talking about money, I am talking about knowledge. It's up to us now to take back our Republic from the hands of the greedy and the corrupt that our past generations of so arrogantly given away in opposition to the other side. I stand more to the right on most issues this country faces such as the economy and immigration, but I don't buy in to the Republican belief that if Fox News says it, it must be true. All mainstream media outlets are in the pockets of the elite on either side of the spectrum and because of this, news media can be spun in the direction that best lines the pockets of interested parites. Past generations have allowed this to happen. The people YOU elected are the foundation the corrupt stand upon to hold us down and gag us out. You have successfuly paved the way for the loud few to drown out the majority, but we will no longer be the silent majority. This is why my generation hails men like Snowden and Assange to be heros of the day. We understand the security risks, we get the dangers these men pose. What we also see that you cannot see because you have been so trained to follow orders and never question the things you see, is freedom of speech. We see freedom of information. We see what one single voice can do, and the shit it can stir if it yells loud enough with conviction. We see a change that actually matters.

Slowly, but damn surely, generations passed have handed over the right and rule of the people to the hands of the governing few, the voice of one, the corrupt and disillusioned. They have turned our government into a monarchy and taken away the true voice of the people in exchange for personal gain. Sure, we may have a "republic" by definition because we do have elected officials in at least 2 of the 3 branches of government from local all the way up to the federal level of government. But who are we kidding, does your vote at the ballot box really matter anymore? The American (and sometimes other) dollar is what really matters when voting season approaches, and that could not be more evident with this current 2016 election race for number 45. We are taking back our republic. We are taking back our feedom. We are taking that long breath of liberty and fixing the nation that you fucked up. To quote Anonymous, "We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

Do you support the current state of the United States of America and think a Revolution is not needed?

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    • profile image

      Jerry Torok 

      2 years ago

      I raised you right! :)

      Nice work, Davey. Glad you are on MY SIDE!

      I agree with about 99.9% of what you said.

      Now about the Prince thing....... lol


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