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Let's get mad about child predators

Updated on May 24, 2010

"I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" This powerful phrase was used in the popular 1976 movie, Network. The premise was that when people were tired of the status quo, if everyone got mad and yelled out this phrase, then that anger could bring about change.

I'm part of a fleeting group of people that still reads the daily newspaper (as well as the internet) and it boggles my mind each day I read the news. I've gotten to the point where I want to scream out and shout at the top of my lungs that I'm as mad as hell. My children are the most important beings in my life and though I'm a pacifist and advocate peace and love, I wouldn't have any issues or problems causing dealth to anyone who tried to harm my children. Any crime is unacceptable, but when the victims are helpless children, there is absolutely no excuse.

I understand the "due process" and that all citizens are entitled to their rights, but I believe that if a person is caught "in the act" of committing a crime and that it's caught on tape then that criminal should lose their rights as a citizen and not be entitled to a trial by jury. If a child is murdered the criminal should go from the holding cell straight to death row. Anything other than murder should result in life in prison, Child predators cannot be rehabilitated and having the highest forms of punishment would be a deterrent.

What incited my rage, was a recent crime that happened in a nearby town and happens in many towns way too often. Two seperate abductions of two different youngs girls walking home from school occurred within a few days of each other. They were both abducted and sexually assulted by the same man who was previously convicted of four other sex offenses involving 7-8 year old girls in another state! While reading this, there was a section in the story titled, "What Parents Can Do" which consisted of different tips including, "Do not allow children to walk or ride a bike to school without an adult" and "Teach your children to yell and run to the nearest business, school or other visible place if they are approached by a stranger."

Although those are good tips, I was mad as hell that those tips were needed. Why should we, the majority of law-abiding citizens have to teach our children to yell and run to the nearest safe place? Why should we have to tell our children about "Stranger Danger" and instill fear in their little lives? Why should we as parents live in fear that our child may not come home if they go outside to play with a friend?

Why? Because our legal system in the United States is not working and countless children and their families have to suffer before we start to get serious with these offenders! The first step to change the status quo would be to put pressure on lawmakers to give tougher penalties to offenders of crimes against children. One strike and you're out...not three strikes!

The next steps would be for everyone to take the time to get to know their neighbors who live around them. Look online at sex offender databases where you can type in any zip code and state and pull up a registry of convicted sex offenders complete with pictures and addresses of the criminal. A popular website to research is You will probably be suprised at how many offenders you'll find living close to you. With that useful information, neighborhoods should form groups similar to neighborhood crime watches but take it a step further and have neighborhood volunteers with clear background checks patrolling our streets when the children are outside playing and/or walking home from school. When you're out walking the dog or jogging, make a point to pay more attention to what's going on in your neighborhood and respond if you see something out of the ordinary. Respond by either handling it yourself or calling the police if you don't feel comfortable, just get involved.

Every child deserves to grow up without fear. Every child who walks to school or plays outside should be allowed to do so without being scared of each passing vehicle or person that walks by. Every parent should be free of fear to just let their kids be kids and explore. A child should be able to play outside with their friends and only worry about what time they have to come home for dinner. This is the type of world that I imagine and believe is possible if we all work together for the same cause...the children.

Are you mad as hell yet?


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    • profile image

      Lost 5 years ago

      What to do when your disabled child was molested years back and now a teen and confused about his gender along with mental issues.and having a toddler around not trusting what he is capable of I am very stressed with worry

    • profile image

      cheryl cumberford 5 years ago

      Hit post by accident before correcting or ending my letter. That is son and daughter my ex-

      son inlaw raped! It has been a slow and painful road to recovery. Your left shattered and forever heart broken! Their are no words to express our feelings about our ex-son inlaw. I pray he burns in hell.Child molestors aren't fit to live in the human race. Let's establish some laws that punish them and not protect them. This sick cycle will never end until they realize they will be held accountable for their sick, twisted, perverted, deviate assualts, on our children!

    • profile image

      cheryl cumberford 5 years ago

      United we stand! It is going to take our judicial system to focus on what a main priority is,as they make way through their morning agenda topics to be discussed and conquered! Ha! How about are children! Our future! Sexual assualt on our children has become an epidemic! It is a national crisis! Wake the hell up America and demand justice for our children! Prosecute these sick perverted monstors! They leave behind a trail of shattered lifes! They not only rape the bodies of these innocent children,but they rape their heart and spirit as well. I blame our judicial system on gross negilence when it comes to constituting the laws that protect these perverts! Where are the children's rights as they are being assualted behind closed doors by these criminals. To make it worse,a large percentage of them are family or friends of the family. They come from all social and economical back grounds.I have been seeking justice for my two grandchildren who were assualted by the one person they thought loved them and most important would protect them. Their father,and six.other adults! My daughter won full physical and legal custody of the children. Just like the famous O.J. case.She won the civil but not the criminal! Fighting the criminal is a nightmare! It went to the prosecution and she said I know he is guilty but without pictures and video's the trial will never go all the way! So he is free. He hides out in churches and works behind,what else,but the camera's! He tapes Christian people's testimonies on what God has done in their lifes.They are clueless as to the fact their is a monstor taping them that raped his own don and daughter and allowed other adults to do it as well as they made child porn! This has been a gel

    • profile image

      cynjo59 7 years ago

      My oldest daughter married a guy who turned out to be a sex offender. He molested two of our other daughters and spent two years in prison, plus a third on parole. When his parole ended he was free to live his life with only two restrictions: no firearms and if he were to move, he has to report to the sheriff. That's it. He's free to go to schools, park, carnivals, etc...So, yes, you bet I'm mad! I think it's high time we did something about this.

    • 4tsom10 profile image

      4tsom10 7 years ago from Texas

      Thanks for the support, oliversmum. It's sad that we have to watch our kids like a hawk. we all should be able to relax and not have worries about our little ones. It sounds like your grandchildren have a wonderful grandmother looking over them. :-)

    • oliversmum profile image

      oliversmum 7 years ago from australia

      Hi 4tsom10, I am with you 150% . As a grandmother of 2 beautiful children when we take them for an outing I am watching them like a hawk every minute. I would have no problem at all with the death penalty for this crime.

      Good hard hitting Hub! :):)

    • 4tsom10 profile image

      4tsom10 7 years ago from Texas

      Thanks for the comment, thevoice! I appreciate you reading my hub and feeling as I do!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      damn right its great great hub God speed thanks

    • 4tsom10 profile image

      4tsom10 7 years ago from Texas

      I'm glad you liked it. I hope for a time where we don't have to write anything about this and that all children are safe from harm.

    • Glenn Raymond profile image

      Glenn Raymond 7 years ago from Bailey, Colorado

      It is so upsetting to have this be a problem at all. I am with you 100 %. Thank you for writing this hub.