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Let's question the motives

Updated on August 6, 2016


A look at your current affairs, and 5 minutes in, is news of war or a terrorist group causing terror to innocent people. Most of these, if not all, are always linked to religion or rather, let me say done in the name of religion. But is it really the works of religious people or so called "religious extremists " or is there something or someone else out there whose responsible for all the terror?

Weapons and Ammunition

First focus of this article will be weapons and ammunition. After tons of research, i found out that the top 10 manufacturers and exporters of weapons are Western Elite Countries with a few exceptions like China, India and Israel. But then, why is it that war is always in Africa and the Middle East? Where do these so called terrorist groups get their weapons? Who funds them? How do they get their ammunition? It's pretty clear that someone benefits from all these wars. Who you may ask? The biggest manufacturers and exporters. These are the people who provide weapons and ammunition to rebel groups in developing countries and countries in the Middle East ( The groups we call terrorists.) . These corporates fund these groups, provide them with guns , ammunition and war vehicles. By doing so, the rebel group is left in debt towards the corporate. But the target is not the group, but rather the country's government. When a government gets attacked, it has to buy weapons and ammunition to fight back, thus creating more profits for the corporate. Sometimes even those in government have interests in the corporates and will therefore push for the purchase of weapons. So simply put, Western corporates and governments feed off war. BENEFIT NUMBER 1: PROFIT FROM SALE OF WEAPONS TO BOTH SIDES.

Foreign Aid

We've seen this too often everywhere. Where there's war, there's bound to be foreign aid. I won't talk about humanity foreign aid today(that's a topic for another day). Lets talk about war field aid today. For some this might be new but for others it won't. When there's war, governments turn to Western Powers for aiding, in the form of NATO and private special forces contractors who charge a lot of money to help countries come up with strategies to fight off rebels. In Lybia, these contractors worked against the governments, which is terrorism(Again, a topic for another day, detailing the double standard of the terrorism). So these special forces make a living from war if you look at it. With no war, they have no jobs and therefore no tax for their governments. But if there's war, they get a job. They charge governments a lot of money and very often when there's way, they are the first on scene offering their service, and taking the money back to their countries (stealing from poor countries). But what happens if a country refuses their services and for them there's a lot of money to be made? Pretty obvious. They offer their services to the rebels and when their strategies work against the government, the government has no choice but to hire these contractors and at that point, the contractors have the bargaining power and can now charge higher rates than first offered. Talk about hitting "two birds with one stone". BENEFIT NUMBER 2: PAYMENT OF PRIVATE CONTRACTORS

Post War Damage to Infrastructure

When the war is over, the country is left unstable and in ruins. See picture attached below for more evidence. All the bombing and shooting can take a country back to square one in terms of development. And because the country had been spending so much on the war, they are left with no money to fix their buildings and road which were damaged by the war. The people are left frustrated and expecting the government to come up with solutions or they will revolt, further causing more damage. But this time, Westerner are nowhere to be seen in the country, except of course if it has to do with the next point.........

Countries that are "Poor or Broke"

What happens when a coutnry has no means for paying the above? There's always the hero waiting to save them in the form of debt. Who? Western Countries and their various organisation. The westerners are giving them money to buy from them but then earning interest and debt power over these plagued countries. In the long run, these countries are left in huge debts which cannot be paid back by anything but natural resources. BENEFIT NUMBER 3: FREE NATURAL RESOURCES.


So in conclusion, it is only the Western corporates who fund these wars for the sake of profit. It is up to us the citizens to question the truth the media and govenrments have been reporting for the citizens. Why is it that they are always focused on the war all the time and always finding ways to brand these so called terrorist groups? Why is it that they don't focus more on finding out which corporates fund these wars and who in this war riddled countries has financial interests in these corporates that fund war? Is the media really looking out for your interests or the interests of those who hold stakes in them? Are you not being made to ignore the real problem? Treat the disease and not it's symptoms. PUT A STOP TO THESE CORRUPT WESTERN COUNTRIES AND CORPORATES WHO LEBEL US TERRORISTS YET BEING THE REAL TERRORISTS BUSY FUNDING WARS AND KILLING INNOCENT LIVES JUST FOR ANOTHER SHARE IN THE PROFITS. #WhoBenefitsFromTheWars? #WhoseTheRealEvil? Spread the truth. Do follow ups on where NATO, UN and AMERICA have treaded.


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