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Letter To Obama: How To Encourage The Economy

Updated on August 27, 2012

State Of Emergency

My Shopping Story

Well as we in South Florida get ready for the first major tropical storm of the hurricane season with the approach of Isaac which has not been officially named a hurricane, but remains potentially a threat to Southern Florida and the Florida Keys. I found myself in the grocery store simply trying to get some much needed toiletries and such. Consequently, it occurred to me that the store was crowded and that the check out lines were at capacity. Thinking nothing of it as it was the weekend, I continued to shop for baby wipes and diapers, and to visit the deli section of the store for something to prepare for my meal for the evening. I thought to myself I should get some bottled water while I was at it, but upon reaching the beverage isle were water could be found. I instead found four completely empty selves down half the isle were bottled water should have been found or rather should I say was supposed to be found. But there was none insight, the store had sold out and I began to chuckle to myself that I for one wasn't taking the storm situation seriously enough...or not as seriously as everyone else seemed to be at the moment, (hey Obama are you taking note here).

Stimulating Economic Growth

Obviously every one else was and they were stocking up on supplies. Of course I had passing fantasies of people buying out the water from the store to sell to people in case the storm actually materialized and became a reality, hey I'm all for entrepreneurship and capitalism. But for myself I personally did not seem all that concerned that there was going to be a hurricane in the first place, although Governor Rick Scott invoked Florida's price gouging statue immediately after declaring a state of emergency for the possibility of Isaac becoming a hurricane that might make land fall in Florida (Hey Obama you still taking notes,huh!).

I have been in several hurricanes here in South Florida that were real ball busters, hurricanes Donna, Easy, King, Cleo, Isbell, and Betsy which hit the state of Florida as major hurricanes. But that was in the 1960's and 70's. I had been living elsewhere throughout the 80's, and 90's so I missed all the hubbub about storms like Andrew, Eloise, David, and Opal. Hurricane Donna was my biggest hurricane and in 1969 South Florida experienced some of the biggest tropical cyclones totaling eight in all that I lived through as a child. I personally would take a hurricane over an earthquake or tsunami any day, I lived through the October 17th 1989 Loma Prieta quake in San Francisco and the January 17th North Ridge quake in Southern California in1994. I don't want to do that ever again.

But I digress from my point, being that the threat of of an impending hurricane seems to have stimulated the economy in ways that President Obama and Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System haven't even begun to fathom.

Benefits of Declaring An Emergency

Grocery and pharmacy chain stores like Winn Dixie, Publix, Milams, Walgreens and CVS had obvious peak sales on the weekend of August 24 across the state, and I am sure gas stations and hardware stores like Poes, Ace and Home Depot had economic stimulation as well, as people stocked up on emergency supplies like batteries, flashlights, candles and such.

Consequently, many major outdoor tourist traps like CocoWalk in Coconut Grove probably suffered because of the two days of heavy rain and wind, while many motels and hotels probably experienced peak room service and occupancy so they faired as well as, the grocery, gas, and hardware merchants as a result of the impending possibility of a state of emergency. Dadeland Mall which is an indoor facility probably had record crowds and spending as well.

The bottom line is that declaring a state of emergency seems to stimulate the spending cycle of the local economy from anywhere to a couple of days to a week at a time in states that face the threat of hurricane season which begins in August and last till the end of October, early November. I am sure we will hear the good news soon from Mr. Bernanke that there was an increase in economic growth for the latter period of August and that the economic situations seems to be on the mend.

Useful Campaign Platform Topics

Now unemployment numbers will probably remain as they are, as there is still much to be done in the area of creating more jobs for americans, but the prospect isn't as likely as the economic spending that is possible for the remaining tropical storm and hurricane season, that should last till the end of the present election year in November. So my advise to president Obama and all the other politicians trying to get elected or re-elected in the senate and congress is to keep declaring state and national states of emergency, so that the economy will continue to appear to trend upward in spurts and jolts...that is as long as the weather continues to be obliging, it makes for good political campaign fodder.

Did I forget to mention that fast food chains were also experiencing economic stimulus as well, as families enjoy more time eating out in order to appease children who have had to stay indoors for extended periods of time during the rains and winds, of almost a hurricane Isaac which is looking to make landfall in Alabama and New Orleans instead of Florida before actually becoming a true hurricane.

Starbuck's seems to have enjoyed a boon in economic stimulus on Monday after the possibility of the storm occurring, which never happened, caused the store to closed early on Saturday and be closed all day Sunday. Folks obviously needed to address their caffein addictions and the need for free WiFi to complete work assignments that they couldn't accomplish at home for reasons varying from power outages or the excuse of I get more done at Starbuck's than at home. Do people not make coffee at home any more?

Obvious Conclusions Of Economic Strategy

So Mr. Obama are you getting the picture yet, scare the bejesus out people with an impending disaster by declaring a state of emergency, stimulates economic spending, entrepreneurism, and capitalism in imaginative ways that lead to potential economic growth for a small minority of Americans. In other words you can make yourself look good and make economic growth possible with the least amount of effort and get yourself re-elected.

Fairy Tale Ending

By the way, my grocery store adventure ended by me spotting two remaining bottles of, get this, "baby water" that were obviously overlooked by other shoppers, and for enquiring minds that need to know. Baby water is simply purified water that can be used for baby formula and such, although is contains added fluoride which is known to cause cancer and does not aid in strengthening teeth or protecting you from getting cavities as there is no medical proof of such. So why would you give it to infant children I will never understand.

And thats the way it is Monday August 27, 2012. McBigRub reporting, good evening and may the good news be yours.

State Of Emergency As An Economic Strategy

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