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Letter to the FBI to Start an Investigation Against Trump

Updated on January 5, 2021
Letter to the FBI
Letter to the FBI

Letter to the FBI

U.S. President Donald Trump could get into legal trouble for telling a Georgian election official to vary the election results. Meanwhile, two of the country's lawmakers have written to the FBI to require action against Trump.

Two Democrats in Congress, Ted Liu, and Kathleen Rice wrote a letter to FBI Director Chris Ore on Jan. 4 calling for a criminal investigation into Trump.

There is no precedent within the history of the US for such an attempt. The president can take steps to pardon himself from federal crimes. However, no state law allows the president to be acquitted of his crimes.

Former NY Attorney General Prit Varara says federal and Georgia election laws make it a punishable offense to incite or encourage deliberate vote fraud.

Trump called Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rafensparger on January 2. The audio of their long phone conversation was first published by The Washington Post last Sunday, sparking an uproar across the US.

Newly-elected US President Joe Biden says he doesn't understand why Trump wants to stay president.

Former President Barack Obama has said that democracy is being threatened so as to remain in power. Without naming Trump, Obama tweeted that the very foundations of democracy within the U.S were under threat today. He called on the people to return forward to guard democracy.

Eleven influential senators, including Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, alongside other lawmakers, still attempt to cause trouble within the joint congressional session on Jan. 8.

Others, including Senator Cruz, have involved a commission to research whether the election was rigged. Until then, the results of the electoral vote should be postponed. They demanded that state legislators tend the responsibility to make a decision on the electoral vote if irregularities were found within the vote.

By January 8, Washington is showing signs of warming up. Trump is gathering his supporters from everywhere America in Washington DC. Other conservative Trump supporters, including Proud Boys, are preparing for a serious exercise.

The National Guard has been called in to affect any quiet violence in Washington DC. Enrique Terio, leader of the conservative organization Proud Boys, has been arrested.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauer said 340 members of the National Guard are called in to regulate possible violence by Trump supporters within the capital on January 8.

At a press conference on Monday, the city's mayor, Muriel Baizer, called on citizens to remain home on January 8. He called on the people to avoid any quiet conflict. "Violence won't be tolerated within the city and that we won't be allowed to try to do anything to disrupt life," he said.

Such rallies were initially involved by pro-Trump conservative women. Trump himself has said such gatherings won't be peaceful.

The NY Times reported on January 4 that Proud Boys leader Enrique Terio had been arrested in Washington DC. He was charged during a December 12 property vandalism case in Washington DC.

Two high-powered firearms were found in Enrique Terrier's possession at the time of his arrest. Another separate allegation has been made within the name of Enrique Terrier.

Trump has been trying desperately at the eleventh hour to vary the result of the election. He continues to press for the resignation of senators from his party who won't raise objections to the January 8 election.

Joe Biden, who is predicted to be sworn in on January 20, is seemingly not reacting to Trump's reckless behavior.

But Biden said during a speech in Georgia last night that he didn't understand why Trump wanted to be president. As president, Biden said he was unwilling to try to do anything.


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