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Democratic Party Scares The Cr*p Out of Me

Updated on April 2, 2012

The democratic party is made up for mostly liberals. Everyday the mainstream media and the politicians themselves portray themselves as pro women pro poor, pro minority and for the freedoms of the people. The question is any of this actually true.

Party Views

The party is pro choice, anti death penalty, for "helping" the poor minorities and against war. It seems to me that some of these contradict each other. The party is adementits should be a women's choice t have an abortion or not, but why is this? The natural outcome of having sex is producing a child. It is just an outcome measure. They bring up what about rap cases, young kids, the poor. Have they looked at any statistics on this. Most individuals who have an abortion regret it later. There also is a morning after bill that gives all individuals the option to eliminate a potential child before the individual is living. Yet then they are anti death penalty. So we shouldn't kill a serial killer but we should kill an child. What if the killer is innocent is always there case. Well I hate to tell these individuals every baby is innocent

The party is for helping the poor. Again questionable at best. Providing unlimited services to a population doesn't;t help them improve there living situation it keeps them content. If you want to help the poor provide technical school, charter schools and ways for individuals to get out of poverty. Look at states who donate the most to charity the top ten is dominated by republican states.

Pro Women

Since Rick Santorum has become popular I have herd the liberal party is for women. ow is this exactly by being pro choice? I mean the one thing not crazy about Rick Santorum is his belief in family values. Society was built around this concept which is pro women.


You can be a liberal id you believe in killing innocent children, free programs without anyway to pay and the elimination of family values. So please go ahead and continue to ruin or constitution what a shame.


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